Sew Wonderful Gifts for the Crafter

Edited:  Be sure to check out a Month of Christmas Holiday Gifts To Sew: Aprons, Bags, Ornaments and More for a complete list of all Handmade Holidays’ TUTORIALS.

Sew Mama Sew

Those crafty girls over at Sew Mama Sew are at it again with their Handmade Holidays!  Today is Day 16 – Gifts for the Crafter.

I wondering if I should attempt to make some sewing machine and serger covers…ummm, I’d have to make 6 for my regular machines…not to mention the industrial sewing machines…LOL.  Nah, then I’d have to embroider each machine’s name (you do name your machine like me, right?)…and I still haven’t named two of my sergers.  I’ll add this project onto my To Do List in Two Lifetimes.  Sounds like a plan!

Additional Tutorials for Your Favorite Crafter


Julie Ree’s Patchwork Sewing Machine Cover


The Small Object’s Sewing Machine Cover

BERNINA Machine Cozy

Bernina’s Sewing Machine Cozy Cover


Husqvarna Viking’s Sewing Machine Cover


Martha Stewart’s Tea Towel Sewing Machine Cover

coverdone1’s Custom Sewing Machine and Serger Cover


Life with Monkey’s Sewing Machine Cozy

Sewing Machine Cover Main

Cranston Village’s Sewing Machine Cover


Marcus Fabrics’ Quilt Block Sewing Machine Cover


Bernina’s Vintage Sewing Machine Cover


Crafts of Chaddsford’s Easy Sewing Machine Cover

sewroom_acc_all’s Sewing Room Accessories


Get Creative’s Sewing Tool Organizer


The Purl Bee’s Ironing Board Recovery Project


Craft Log’s Ironing Board Cover


Bleu View’s Fabulous Ironing Board Cover on Instructables


Embroidery Garden’s Ironing Board Caddy








Eva Holen’s Ironing Pad Ensemble from the Warm Company


White’s Clover Iron Travel Bag


Embroidered Sewing Project Journal


Cathy Scott’s Sew Useful Hanging Organizer


Saleyla’s Custom Sewing Organizer on Instructables

a_notionette-closed-lg notionette-open-lg’s Notionette Carry All for Serger Accessories


CQ Magazine’s Custom Rotary Cutter Holder


Marilyn Fischer’s Rotary Cutter Bag

tag it

Customized Tape Measure on Whipup


The Small Object’s Fabric Covered Floss Winders


Sisson Family’s Embroidered Stabilizer Holder


Always Quilting’s Applique Block Carrier


CQ Magazine’s Beaded Button FOBs for Sewing Tools


CQ Magazine’s Embroidered Scissor Sheath

Hancock Fabric’s Scissor Holder


American and Efird’s Quilted Scissor Case

a_neck_ribbon_caddy’s Neck Ribbon Caddy


HGTV’s Flower Pincushion and Scissor Holder Chatelaine


Creative Needle Magazine’s Heart Needle Case


Martha Stewart’s Handy Pins


Marcus Fabrics’ Armchair Caddy with Pincushion

armchair’s Armchair Organizer with Pincushion


Creative Needle Magazine’s Custom Needle Case


Design Sponge’s Office Chair Upgrade

Ehow’s Office Chair Makeover

Homemade Holiday Recap


Sew Mama Sew – Day 1 – Aprons

Additional Apron Tutorials


Sew Mama Sew – Day 2 – Pincushions and Pins

Additional Pincushion Tutorials

For the Home

Sew Mama Sew – Day 3 – For the Home

Additional Sewing for the Home Tutorials

Lunch Bags

Sew Mama Sew – Day 4 – Lunch Bags

Additional Lunch Bag Tutorials

Tote Bags

Sew Mama Sew – Day 5 – Totes

Additional Tote Tutorials

Blankets for Baby

Sew Mama Sew – Day 6 – Blankets for Baby

Additional Baby Blanket Tutorials

For Your Purse or Pocket

Sew Mama Sew – Day 7 – For Your Purse or Pocket

Additional Tutorials


Sew Mama Sew – Day 8 – Whimsy

Additional Whimsy Tutorials

Fabric Ornaments

Sew Mama Sew – Day 9 – Fabric Ornaments

Additional Ornament Tutorials

Ties and Belts

Sew Mama Sew – Day 10 – Ties and Belts

Additional Ties and Belt Tutorials

Reading and Writing

Sew Mama Sew – Day 11 – Reading and Writing

Additional Reading and Writing Tutorials

For the Table

Sew Mama Sew – Day 12 – For the Table

Additional Tutorial for the Table


Sew Mama Sew – Day 13 – Placemats

Additional Placemat Tutorials

Kids’ Clothes

Sew Mama Sew – Day 14 – Dress the Kids

Additional Kids’ Clothes Tutorials

Booties, Slippers and Socks

Sew Mama Sew – Day 15 – Warm Those Toes

Additional Booties, Slippers and Socks Tutorials

Want to See What Everyone Else Did?

Handmade Holiday PHOTOS on Flickr

Thank God it’s FRIDAY


Woo Friggin Hoo!  Tonight is Girl Night Out!  We usually do Thursday night, but I had completely forgot about my son’s book report due today I was too tired.  So tonight we’ll be doing some fine dining and hopefully some holiday shopping, too!

Tomorrow I have to go to another stupid kiddie birthday party…and while I’m there it might be wise to book my own son’s upcoming birthday party before I completely forget and my son is traumatized because his mother neglected him.

And I REALLY need to get working on two sets of baby gifts.  Hopefully I’ll get some sewing time in this weekend!

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!



  1. Those are amazing!! All great ideas.

  2. Lisa, I am SO impressed with the way you’ve searched out and linked to so many additional tutorials! What a fantastic resource (and a great time-saver)!

  3. thanks girls! Glad I could help!

    With friendship,

  4. fantastic resource – All great ideas , I am SO impressed

    many many thinks Lisa

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