Sew Pretty Handmade Purses

Sew Mama Sew continues Handmade Holidays with Day 17 – Purses!

Additional Tutorials


Baby Lock’s Rolled Wave Clutch


U-Handblog’s Rather Sexy Wristlet


Craft Punk’s Book Purse on Craftster


Dena Fishbein’s Chinese Takeout Purse on HGTV

clutchpursecollection’s Clutch Purse


Qazicat’s Brocade Purse on Craftster


Ainadaliel’s Bowling Bag on Craftster


Laurasaurus’ Clutch Bag on Craftster


Leah’s Armband Purse on Craftster


Bliss by Heather’s Super Cute Wristlet


Mari’s Bias Tape Purse on The Purl Bee


U-Handblog’s Silk Pleated and Darted Purse


Lisa’s Hex Open Handbag on U-Handblog


Crafty Mama’s Diaper Purse

Now you girls, get over to your sewing machines.  Me, I have to go out to a kiddie birthday party.  Besides, I’m a Coach™ whore, so I don’t need a new purse.  Mr. Diva™ is enjoying a weekend in Atlantic City…lovely, just lovely.  But not to worry, I hit him up for guilt money lots of hugs and kisses before he left.  Plus I FINALLY got to drive over my rotten neighbor’s garbage can covers without him catching me…oh, the things that excite me.



  1. Now what if your neighbor reads your blogs? LOL BTW Love the links!!!

  2. Ooh my gosh, that book purse rocks – the eldest Princess would LOVE that!
    I’m so glad you blog, I don’t have to search the ‘net myself at all anymore, whenever I come here I get hooked up!
    (And I’m with you on the Coach thing too, so few understand the _love_ I have for my black patent Ergo! 🙂 )

  3. I love to sew .. please tell me how to sew evening clutches? .. 🙂

  4. I don’t make evening clutches, but I’m sure you can just Google “Evening bag sewing tutuorial.”

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