Sew Even More Baby Gifts

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Sew Mama Sew celebrates Day 18 – For Baby!  Lots of cute ideas for that special little one!


My Sewn Baby Gift Ideas and Tutorials Post


My Silk Baby Bottom Tutorial


Martha Stewart’s Trimming for Diapers and TShirts


Martha Stewart’s Basic Baby Kit

Hancock Fabrics’ On the Go Changing Station


How To Me’s Crib Dust Ruffle Tutorial

Newborn Sleeper

Touching Little Lives’ Newborn Sleeper

Preemie Sleeper

Touching Little Lives’ Preemie Footless Sleeper


Voor Nop’s Baby Patterns…tons of patterns! 



Care Wear’s Lorrabelle Gown


Simplicity’s Baby Wipes Case

Click here to view a larger image.

HGTV’s Lace Baby Items

How to Me’s Shopping Cart Cover


How To Me’s Toddler Bedding

DIY Network’s Baby TShirt Dress


Jan Andrea’s Shopping Cart Cover

Barbara’s Baby Bonnet


Jan Andrea’s Restaurant Highchair Cover


Jan Andrea’s Sheets that Stay Tucked In


Jan Andrea’s Baby Wipes Case


Jan Andrea’s Tie On Baby Seat


Creative Needle’s Baby Laundry Bag


Melissa aka Under Construction’s Reversible Baby Bib


Joann Fabrics’ Easy Clean Bib

Appliqued Baby Bib

Joann Fabrics’ Appliqued Baby Bibs


Ida’s Baby Sling


Jan Andrea’s Baby Hug Pillow

Diaper Stacker

Cheryl Fall for Creative Life’s Diaper Stacker



Sew Mama Sew – Day 1 – Aprons

Additional Apron Tutorials


Sew Mama Sew – Day 2 – Pincushions and Pins

Additional Pincushion Tutorials

For the Home

Sew Mama Sew – Day 3 – For the Home

Additional Sewing for the Home Tutorials

Lunch Bags

Sew Mama Sew – Day 4 – Lunch Bags

Additional Lunch Bag Tutorials

Tote Bags

Sew Mama Sew – Day 5 – Totes

Additional Tote Tutorials

Blankets for Baby

Sew Mama Sew – Day 6 – Blankets for Baby

Additional Baby Blanket Tutorials

For Your Purse or Pocket

Sew Mama Sew – Day 7 – For Your Purse or Pocket

Additional Tutorials


Sew Mama Sew – Day 8 – Whimsy

Additional Whimsy Tutorials

Fabric Ornaments

Sew Mama Sew – Day 9 – Fabric Ornaments

Additional Ornament Tutorials

Ties and Belts

Sew Mama Sew – Day 10 – Ties and Belts

Additional Ties and Belt Tutorials

Reading and Writing

Sew Mama Sew – Day 11 – Reading and Writing

Additional Reading and Writing Tutorials

For the Table

Sew Mama Sew – Day 12 – For the Table

Additional Tutorial for the Table


Sew Mama Sew – Day 13 – Placemats

Additional Placemat Tutorials

Kids’ Clothes

Sew Mama Sew – Day 14 – Dress the Kids

Additional Kids’ Clothes Tutorials

Booties, Slippers and Socks

Sew Mama Sew – Day 15 – Warm Those Toes

Additional Booties, Slippers and Socks Tutorials

Gifts for the Crafter

Sew Mama Sew – Day 16 – Gifts for the Crafter

Additional Gifts for the Crafter Tutorials


Sew Mama Sew – Day 17 – Purses

Additional Purse Tutorials


Want to see what everyone else did for Handmade Holidays?

Handmade Holiday PHOTOS on Flickr


Speaking of sewing for babies, today I MUST get those baby gifts done once and for all as I have several other sewing projects I need to get started.  Ironically after I made all the custom embroidery designs, I can’t transfer them to my embroidery card because I fried my computer (a new computer should be here in less than 10 days…woo hoo!)…therefore, I’ll have to get creative with fabric and embellishments.  But once Mr. Diva™ returns from Sunday Bowling, I’m on a mission:


I need to find either PINK or Zebra home dec fabric (I think it’s 40% off today plus a bonus coupon) to recover my daughter’s window seat cushion and some nice fabric to recover all the cushions in my Garden Room…wish me luck!



  1. I’m in north western NJ, near PA. 🙂
    We’ve got accumulation here this morning. And some of the local schools were canceled.
    Did you end up getting any snow?

    All these baby projects are great. My cousin-in-law is having a boy in February. I’ll have to keep some of these in mind. Particularly the baby wipe case. Cute.

  2. it is nice things for gifts.

  3. You have really got them all!!! Thanks for the complilation 🙂 You did a beautiful job.

  4. it is very nice things for gifts, many many thanks for you

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