Sew Strapping

Sew Mama Sew’s Handmade Holiday starts our Saturday off with Day 10 – Ties and Belts!  Head on over there and get sewing!  Hmmm…being that I will have some nice button-down collared shirts in my upcoming wholesale boys’ clothing line, now I’m wondering if perhaps I should also add a few neckties…

Belts are a whole ‘nother subject…when someone says, “belt,” I immediately think of the threat of a Cat o’ Nine Tail.  Never was I the recipient of such a beating (nor did we own one).  However, as a child, my parents’ threats kept me in line (well, most of the time).

Additional Tie and Scarf Tutorials


Sam Hober’s Necktie Instructions


Ben Fold Seven’s Tie Tutorial


DIY’s Machine Sewn Scarf


DIY’s Woven Scarf


DIY’s Shaggy Scarf


Family Girl’s Scrap Scarf

Additional Belt Tutorials


J. Caroline Creative’s Grosgrain Ribbon Belt


Bellalugosi’s Quick Elastic Belt Idea on Craftzine


Benedikta’s Fabric Flower Belt on BurdaStyle


Craftlog’s Button Belt


Needlebook’s Ribbon Belt

And for the Indie crowd:


Industructables’ Seat Belt Belt

How to Make Belt Loops from

Back to the Sewing Room

Today I’m going to skip the idea of making any belts or ties as I have other requests from my unrelenting darling son…another Jedi cape–of course with hood and sleeves!  Oh, and I thought the Star Wars’ figurines were 5 inches…but no…they’re only 3 3/4 inches…ugh, ugh, ugh!!!  After that I plan to finish a waistband on a skirt and perhaps revisit the dreaded silk baby jacket.  And tonight I REALLY need to tidy up my sewing room–or else Clean Sweep will be making a visit!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Thanks for all the additional tutorials. This whole thing is such a great idea!


  1. […] Scroll down to the very end. If you’re interested in how to make neckties, here’s what she found. Neither method is the way I do it. I don’t, officially, know how to make them, just what […]

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