Baby Blankets are SEW Easy to Make…

It’s Day 6 of Sew Mama Sew’s Handmade Holidays…and today’s mission is Blankets for Babies!  Perfect timing as I need to sew up two pink baby blankets…one for a new arrival and one for an upcoming shower.  I’ll be using Craft Apple’s Chenille Backed Baby Blanket Tutorial for both blankets.

The first one I’m making with have the baby girl’s name embroidered on it (Marisa).  I’ve already made the embroidery design file…just need to stitch it out on the fabric (definitely not going to attempt to embroidery on the chenille)…perhaps later if I finish Mr. Diva’s™ 50th Birthday Party Invitations…this lovely husband of mine decides he wants to have a big bash at a catering hall with 150 of his closest friends…lovely, just lovely.  I’ve booked it for December 1st even though his birthday is December 17th…figured I’d get it out of the way before all the other holiday celebrations…KWIM?

Anyway, for the second baby girl blanket, I’ll make another embroidered blanket with the her name as her mom has already picked out her name (Brielle).  Let’s cross our fingers the baby doesn’t turn out to be a boy unexpectedly…LOL.  We’re having a surprise online baby shower for Baby Brielle on November 15th, I think.  Guess I had better get in gear.

Additional Tutorials


Baby Duvet from Martha Stewart


Martha Stewart’s Microfleece Blankets


Hancock’s Baby Rick-a-Rack Quilt


Easy Peasie Flannel Baby Blanket w/ Mitered Corners from njhna7t on Craftster


Frayed Fleece Patchwork Baby Blanket from Ben Franklin Crafts


Baby Coverlet from Craftown


Baby Pinwheel Quilt from Lucy Fazely


Free Applique’s Baby Patchwork Quilt


Hancock’s Baby Blanket in a Pillow


Hancock’s Baby Fleecy Blanket’s Baby Receiving Blanket’s Baby Blanket ideas

Homemade Holiday Recap


Sew Mama Sew – Day 1 – Aprons

Additional Apron Tutorials


Sew Mama Sew – Day 2 – Pincushions and Pins

Additional Pincushion Tutorials

For the Home

Sew Mama Sew – Day 3 – For the Home

Additional Sewing for the Home Tutorials

Lunch Bags

Sew Mama Sew – Day 4 – Lunch Bags

Additional Lunch Bag Tutorials

Tote Bags

Sew Mama Sew – Day 5 – Totes

Additional Tote Tutorials

Want to See What Everyone Else Did?

Handmade Holiday PHOTOS on Flickr

Can’t wait to see what everyone creates!  Have a splendid day!



  1. THANKS for directing me to your organization posts. Great stuff there! And I love your embroidered bibs. Too cute!

  2. I follow the tutorial in youtube to make a blanket.It gives me some idea on how to sew.
    Good luck.


  1. […] Original post by thedomesticdiva […]

  2. […] found this pattern for crib bumpers that looks kind of easy, and some baby blanket patterns, I am thinking a bumper, blankets and little […]

  3. […] found this pattern for crib bumpers that looks kind of easy, and some baby blanket patterns, I am thinking a bumper, blankets and little […]

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