Sew, You Need a Personal Shopper?

Figured I’d be your personal shopper today for all your sewing needs and desires…LOL!  Came across some neat sewing stuff on Ebay and Etsy for all my sewing buddies.  Yes, I know everything is PINK…but I also know you love PINK, too! Enjoy!


This is one of the best Child’s Vintage Pink Sewing Machine I’ve ever seen on Ebay.  No wonder bidding is already over $300.  Still, it’s beautiful!


If the Singer machine is too pricey for your budget, what about this adorable Kay-ee Sew Master?


The heck with the kids…get yourself a pretty Pink Atlas Sewing Machine!


I am tempted to bid on this sweet Vintage Pink Leather Sewing Box, but I have to stop myself.  I think I have at least 3 of them.  Besides, you really need one.  I know…how nice of me?


Oh!  Pink Thread Snippers!  I’m liking these!


Perhaps you would prefer Hot PINK cushioned Thread Snips instead?


Heck, if you don’t sew, you could always use this pink sewing awl as a weapon.  Just saying.


How adorable are these Felt Rose Embellishments?  At this price, I wouldn’t even bother trying to make them, KWIM?


How delicious would this Vintage Pink Embroidered Collar be added to a cashmere sweater?


I have both the Original Chaco Liner and the Slim Chaco Liner, but not this Clover Pink Chaco Liner Pen.  Check out the design of the tip which lets you mark directly up against your ruler.  That’s definitely an improvement over the other two Chaco Liners.


Look!  A Limited Edition PINK Side Winder for bobbin winding!


What a cute PINK Sewing Kit to keep in the car for little emergencies.


Has anyone tried one of these Needle Threaders?  If so, did it work easily?


How stunning is this Pink Velvet Rhinestone Trim?  Don’t know what you’d add it to, but it is unique.


Forget that old ugly red tomato pin cushion.  Check of this yummy Pink Velvet Pin Cushion.


The Ott Lite now comes in PINK!  Oh my!  I already have two Ott Lites…hmmm, maybe I need a third one.  Oh and it’s HD…didn’t know HD (high definition) lighting even existed.  I really must get out more.


This Pink Rhinestone Beaded Trim is scrumptious!  Don’t you think?


Looking for unusual fabric?  Check out this  hand screen printed fabric from Flippafabric.  Too stinkin’ cute!


One can never have enough pin cushions.  Especially pretty handmade pin cushion like this.  It even comes with a few pins!


I’m loving this Poster!


The seller even has a Keep Calm and Sew On Poster which can be order in PINK (or any other color of your choice).


Need to spruce up a boring sewing room?  Perhaps a cool Dress form Wall Decal would do the trick.


I love vintage sewing finds.  How about a Vintage Hoop-La to make a bouffant skirt?


How adorable are these Hand painted Pin Boxes?


And for my church-going friends, I found this Sew Blessed Sign.


I think I might have this saying on one of my little sewing stickers.  But this is a vinyl Dressmaker Sign.  Put that on the door to your sewing room to scare away unwanted children visitors.

  With friendship,

Lisa needle



  1. Oh my, I think I need that pink leather sewing case. Only one thing would make it better…if it was red! 🙂 Thanks Diva for helping me with my shopping today. Can I expect this everyday?

  2. I have the hot pink cushioned thread snips already! They are fab, lifetime guarantee yada yada yada! But the bloody things are blunt already and I’ve barely used them. I’m disappointed, so think I might be taking them back.

  3. I have the pink thread snips too but I NEED that pink Featherwight! I mean, I REALLY NEED it. I already have one of the little toy Sew Master. And that pink sewing box, well I love it too.
    Fun finds Lisa!

  4. I have the pink Sidewinder. It’s perfect for winding bobbins for my embroidery machine, especially when it’s stitching out and I get the low bobbin alert.

  5. Lynn…I’l,l do RED sewing shopping for you in an upcoming post.

    Emma…that stinks! They look so neat.

    Sivje….I need that Pink Featherweight, too…did you bid on it for me?

    Waving to Mary!!!

  6. oh my goodness …. this might just have to be my shopping list for the next few months!

  7. I’ve used the Clover needle threader. My experience is that it works well, especially the larger the eye of the needle. However, I have difficulty with it threading my quilting needles (size 11 or 12 Roxanne needles)…which is why I bought it! I don’t need help with the larger-eyed-needles, KWIM?


  1. […] September 21, 2010 After my post, Sew You Need a Personal Shopper, last week with all the PINK goodies, Lynn asked for RED.  Anyone who knows me, knows I […]

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