The Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER DIAMOND Sewing and Embroidery Machine is Unveiled….DROOL!


The Designer Diamond™ has just been unveiled by Husqvarna Viking.  If my currency conversion is correct, it should retail at approximately $7,000.00 USD.

Now anyone who knows me, knows I just love Diamonds…so I REALLY must stop myself from stumbling by my local Husqvarna store and putting one of these beauties in my trunk.  Really.

Truth be told…Mr. Diva™ would buy one of these for me in a heartbeat.  All I would have to do is look at him a certain way casually mention it.  But if I am honest with myself, I know I just don’t need it (I already have 6 Vikings).  I may WANT it…but the purchase of yet another Husqvarna sewing machine would be pure greed overkill.  I think my next sewing machine purchase will be an industrial coverstitch machine…yep.  However, I’m thinking it might be best to get the four Industrial straight stitch machines out of my garage and put them to use before I purchase another machine, KWIM?

Happy Sewing!




  1. seven grand?!?! seriously? it does look nice and knowing viking, it is awesome, but seven grand? even if the dealer has some “wiggle room,” waaaay out of my price range. these high end machines are lovely, but how many people are running with an extra seven grand to spend on a sewing machine?

  2. regardless of cost…. i’m drooling! don’t need one at all, but i’m a sucker for a beautiful sewing machine.

  3. Wowsa! It’s awfully pretty but $7K would buy me a better camera AND a couple of high-end lenses. But I may have to use this one for leverage when I try to convince Honey that I *need* and embroidery machine. LOL!

  4. My rising senior needs a car more than I need another machine. 🙂
    Why do they have to make these machines so enticing?

  5. MSRP is $9000 USD. Big pile of pennies! But it’s a really, really nice machine….so nice I am selling two gently used, fairly new TOL to get one! (I broke the news to DH today and justified by telling him that ultimately I was reducing the machine inventory by ONE so it was a very good thing to do. He walked away scratching his head but nodding in agreement….)

  6. You lucky duck Robin!!! Good for you! Let us know who wonderful it is.

    With friendship,

  7. I have a sewing machine addiction, always viewing a new machine empowers me but my new roof, and bathroom remodeling after a broken pipe has cured me?…………..

  8. Actually the new TOP OF THE LINE Husqvarna Viking Designer DIAMOND retails for $8999.00 (AND SO WORTH IT !!!)

    The previous TOL Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition still retails at $7999.00 (ALSO COMPLETELY WORTH EVERY PENNY)

    I would never sew on anything but a Husqvara Viking. The other brands don’t compare.

  9. Ack, 9 grand?

    Watched the demo online and sure, its utterly fantastic! I do hand embroidery and as much as I would love to have one (who wouldn’t)? That is a price tag I cannot justify right now.

    Hubby got me the 936 Husky Serger last year for my birthday and that wasn’t cheap. Have to admit though, that was my first Husky brand machine and will never buy any other brand (waiting impatiently for the Brother sewing machine to crash and fail so I can replace it with a Husky) 🙂

    I know they tote the Diamond as limited (not sure how limited it is) hoping that maybe in a couple of years the price might jog down a bit.

    Don’t even want to mention it to my hubby as I know him and he would go right out and get it for me (yes, I have that kind of husband)!

  10. Connie Chamberlain says:

    I don’t see where there any better than all the rest.

  11. I just spent 2 hours in a demo class on this machine and it is incredible!!!!!!!!! I really had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for this demo today. I have the HV Designer 1 and I resisted upgrading to the SE because I just wasn’t ready and I didn’t think there were that many improvements that made it worth changing machines. This new Designer Diamond just blows my mind.
    It sewed like a dream. It embroidered like a dream. It has over 1,000 built in stitches (including the little symbols for fabric care in line stitch). It has a GIGANTIC embroidery surface (360×350) and you don’t have to remove the embroidery arm for regular sewing. There are all kinds of adjustments that you can make to the embroidery design that used to have to be done on your computer before moving the design to the machine. I can’t possibly go into every detail of what this amazing machine can do.

    I didn’t come home with one is because 1. I was (still am) feeling sick 2. I couldn’t fit the boxes in my husbands car (which I was driving today) & 3. I want to see if my husband will buy it for me.


  12. I just picked my Diamond up on Tuesday (July 1st). Yes. I’m a bit embarrassed that I spent that much on a sewing machine, but I am BLOWN away by this machine. My favorite feature (design positioning) sounds trivial unless you’ve ever tried to piece together huge embroideries. (I design murals and such.) The Design Positioning feature saved me SO much time. Basically you load a design, click on any place on the design and the machine will move the hoop so that the needle hovers over that point on the hoop. Then you just push the arrow keys until the needle is hovering over the place in the hoop where you want that point to land. Than you can pick another point and rotate and manipulate it until you have your design lined up exactly where you want it. It took me about 30 seconds to completely line up a design which would have taken me about 20 minutes on my old machine. I am SO excited.

    It also stiched out about 200,000 stitches yesterday without ever breaking a thread or making an error. This is a TOTALLY new concept for me. It has a countdown timer that tells me how much longer it will take to stitch out a color (as well as stitch countdown for both the color and the total design.) So I got to the point yesterday where I trusted it enough to leave for the 30 minutes it would take to finish stitching out a color. AWESOME!

    I wasn’t sure I had done the right thing when I traded in for this machine, but now I couldn’t be happier!

  13. I ‘m dying to get this machine. I owne one already and I love the HV. But… still a little too high for me. I just have to waite for the price to drop some.

  14. You gals who HAVE the new Diamond are . . . geez, I don’t know, in sewing HEAVEN?! I would actually settle for the SE at this time; a couple on eBay for good prices because their owners stepped up to the Diamond. But . . . two kids in college; need I say more.

    Y’all enjoy yourselves, and I’ll keep using my little HV Rose and dream of bigger hoops!

  15. Could not stand my Vista Software from Microsoft so I bought a new Apple. It is awesome!!! But guess I have to sell all my Huskavarna sewing machines since they refuse to support Apple.

    Too bad, because the lines are wrapped around the mall to buy Apple. Once someone’s XP breaks and they have to go to Vista they soon get frustrated and go Apple. Guess Viking is not interested in the wave of the future – will they hang on to the Microsoft monopoly forever?

  16. I have heard some great things about the Designer Diamond. Unfortunately I cannot justify going out and buying one. I already have 2 Viking sewing machines & 2 Viking sergers. Twenty-two years ago I bought a 990. It is still sewing just like the day I got it. I have only had to replace the motherboard 1 time & that was 13 years ago. I recently had a minor problem with the feed dogs but the repair man was astonished at the age of the machine and that it still sewed so well. The 440 serger was free with the 990. (No dealers remember the Viking 440 serger & the stitch is different from other sergers. There is a chain stitch an 8th of an inch from the overlock stitch.)
    I also have a Designer 1 & got a Huskylock 905 serger free with it. I still do most of my sewing on my 990 & use the Designer 1 for embroidery & other projects such as quilting.
    I truthfully cannot justify buying the Designer Diamond but if I could I ‘d certainly do so. It would cut down on the many steps you have to go through with the Designer 1.

  17. I want to know how to buy this new machine and prehaps trade my quilting machine which has never been used because at the shop it will work and in my sewing room will not work

  18. I ordered my Diamond yesterday – yes, it is pricey, but after the demo, it was impossible to walk away without ordering one. Quite a few design upgrades have been made, and I couldn’t be more pleased!!

  19. I’d be interested to seeing a professional non-bias comparison between this new HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND
    and the Newest Brother/BabyLock: Quattro / Ellisimo (Since Brother makes both, they are the same machine, different names).

    I’m still researching for which one I want to purchase. Currently have a Brother Duetta™ 4500D

  20. I’ve reviewed all the advertising materials. Signed up to see demos of each of these products. I’m not a dealer nor affliated with either company and my sewing skills are novice at best, mostly do embroidery.

    Just on the review of the advertising materials here are my initial impressions:

    Diamond: Larger embroidery hoops, Appears to have more on-screen editing options, more included stiches, easier way to line up your embroidery for large projects, color block sort, compatible with existing hoops, resize with auto stich re-calculation.

    Quattro: Larger screen, video camera to magnify needle area, automatic threading of the needle, more USB connections 2.0 speeds, Fast image rendering, more included embroidery designs. Accessory box fits nicely within the arm area, includes sewing travel bag, soft cover when not traveling, accessory/hoop bag. (Diamond only includes the hoop bag). Includes Video Tutorials on the machine, print and stich feature.

    Again, first initial impressions after reviewing the online videos and documents. Diamond seems to have alot of practical features that could save time and frustration, not sure if image rendering is quicker though, no video references though (I’m a visual person). Quattro, I like the auto threading, having to change threads alot, this is a time saver, also the quick rendering time (I’m very impatient, so anything that speeds up design loading and editing is a winner).

    Still have to see the demos in person, hopefully by the end of the month.

    Questions I have:

    Diamond: does it have an automatic needle threading capability?

    For both machines: The auto cut on jump stiches, does that include in between letters as well?

  21. gwen gaston-kelley says:

    Please send a information about the Diamon and the price.

  22. Lisa, sell 3 of the industrial machines amd get the Diamond. I’m saving my pennies (and a BUNCH of dollars) so I can get mine. I currently have a Lily 555 that I’m not defintely going to keep it to use along with the Diamond. THEN I can think about getting a new HV serger….I guess I’m just greedy, I want the whole HV family in my sewing room.

  23. OOPS, retraction from previous statement…I WILL definitely keep my Lily 555 so I can use it beside the Diamond.

  24. I have priced this machine and they are wonderful..I just can’t seem to part with the 7 to 8 thousand it would take to purchase one. Although I am drooling over it and would just love to have one.. I guess in my dreams.

  25. I am seriously thinking of trading my SE in for a Diamond as I too love to upgrade. What real improvemnts have been made. I do lots of art quilts. Won’t the arm of the embroidery section get in my way? I must say that I was impressed with the demo. However, I think that I will wait until the big Needlecraft Show comes to our area in the Fall and I get to compare all the new machines that are coming out in the Fall.
    What bugs have they discovered in the Diamond to date.?My dealer tells me that they already have made one update.
    Bernina is coming out with their machine too. I am a HV fan and have a Janome Platinum for classes & Retreats. It is light & a workhorse.

  26. I would sell my car to get this baby but like Lisa, getting yet another Husqvarna would be overkill for me as well. Hmmmm, maybe I’ll put a few sewing machines out to pasture soon. 😉

  27. I had the designer 1 but traded it in for the diamond–and there’s no comparison! The diamond stitches away for hours without breaking down as the other one did. My only complaint is that it was impossible for me to download the upgrades. I checked with three possible problems(security etc) and they said it was the software. Software said no–all this took 2 days! Finally my wonderful shop owner did the job in about 5 seconds. Anybody else have this problem?

  28. I had the upgrade problems with my SE so I probably will if I get the Diamond. Mt dealer is great that way too.
    Has anyone had a problem with the embridery arm getting in the way wen they sew? I have heard that having the unit attached really helps. Is this true? What extra features do you get from the SE to make it really worth while.

  29. Cheryl in Beautiful Bucks County says:

    I am picking up my Diamond tomorrow!!! Traded in my SE and got 3K for it on the deal !!! Couldn’t resist that deal
    Cannot WAIT to use this new machine.
    Look out all jackets, towels, sheets and fabrics………..I am on my way!

  30. I am helping my Mom find a good deal on the diamond or the Designer SE Limited Edition. Can naybody help me find a place to get a good deal, either online or for in store pickup?

    Thanks in advanced!

  31. bunnyll on Monday, October 13, 2008 at 8:44 pm posted something about MT dealers. Can anybody tell me about them?


  32. I have designer I and wont to up grade to designer SE on the diamond only the cost is holding me up does any one have used one in exc. condition for sale. at a reasonable price

  33. As a newby to embroidery I got the Diamond. I needed it like I need a hole in my head. But I do not regret the purchase, even with kids in college. I have been able to do pro like embroidery with NO EXPERIENCE what a deal. I also have a Quilt Designer II, I couldn’t part with it as a trade in.

  34. I would also like to find the cheapiest place to buy one, and find out how low you can get the payments. and what the down payment would have to be. I have always loved these machines.
    Thank you

  35. I have a new diamond machine and I can’t get the arm to move the hoop under the needle, any suggestions? Thanks

  36. After sewing on my designer I for years, I realize I love my old White industrial styled machine the best. Viking/Husqvarna assumes people should lay out money for a ‘top’ machine and then have to baby it like it was a porche or something, going in every x amount of hours. I’m too busy to be bothered and think this new thinking about sewing machines is a bunch of hog wash. Too indulgent

  37. Adrian…I sort of agree. The machines are certainly not made the way they used to be. And they are a bit delicate (Designer I). Although my lower priced Viking machines are workhorses (Rose, Iris). I don’t think I’l ever buy a more expensive machine than my Designer I. That about broke the bank…LOL! My next machine will be a new industrial Juki or an industrial coverstitch.

    With friendship,

  38. I bought my 1+ new. Does that tell you how long I’ve had it? Took it in for it’s yearly “tune-up and cleaning”. Never once had to take it in for any kind of repairs. I have made many, many clothes and quilts with this wonderful old machine. I would love to have the Diamond but sadly I’ll never be able to afford one. You gals who own more than one of the newer models are so lucky.

  39. Judith…obviously Husqvarna make a quality machine–seems you got your money’s worth! I bought my Designer 1+ after it had been on the market for a year or so…got it for a steal! I, too, won’t be getting a Diamond or the newest model…I can only dream! Happy Sewing! With friendship, Lisa

  40. Honestly, you could not give me another Designer Diamond with all the problems I’ve had. Viking no longer stands behind their product. I’m stuck with an expensive machine.

  41. That stinks, Judy! Honestly, I haven’t had any major problems with any of my machines (Designer1, Rose 605, Iris, 2 936 sergers and a 905 serger). I am about to set up my 4 industrial machines I bought 4 years ago…all 4 machines cost less than $200!!! My gripe with Viking is the amount of money I’ve spent on embroidery software only for them to ask big bucks for upgrades.

    With friendship,

  42. Viking, Pfaff and Singer are all made by the same company. It’s likely you could get a Singer XL-400 and have the same technology this Viking does. Of course the appearance of the machines would be much different. I love my Singer xl-400 embroidery machine. It has a 10.5″ 6.5″ hoop and does excellent embroidery stitches.

    A few years back I forked over $1200 for the Viking 936 5 thread Serger. I’m disgusted cause it always need repair, always needs to be taken apart and oiled even though it’s suppose to be oil free. My Singer Serger is more reliable. I used to be the elitist type having to buy the best, but what I found out is you can get the best and not always pay the most. Have fun ladies!

  43. Gary…I’ve had a lot of luck with Viking. I own 2 of the 936 sergers and they are still going strong many years later.

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