Since it’s National Sewing Month, how about some FREE FABRIC?


September is National Sewing Month (you can follow along on Facebook)!  So I guess it’s time for me to get back to my favorite thing to do:  Sewing!

I’ve recently stopped working and just got the kids back to school, so I now have my days to enjoy sewing once again.  Yippee!


First things first.  After shrinking my beautiful white smocked shower curtain in the wash, I needed to find a replacement for my Tiffany inspired bathroom.

At HomeGoods, I found a black polyester/cotton waffle-weave shower curtain.  Although nice, it needs something to make it unique.  Searching through my trim stash, I came upon this beautiful sequin trim in Tiffany Blue (I know you’re thinking the trim looks silver, but it’s not in person).


Great.  But now I need to figure out how to attach the sequin trim to the shower curtain.  Do I sew it?  If so, what type of sewing machine needle, stitch type and thread do I use?  Glue it?  Would I use hot glue or another type of adhesive?  What about Res-Q Tape?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


FREE YARD OF FABRIC TO WHOEVER COMES UP WITH THE BEST SUGGESTION on how to attach the sequin trim!  POST YOUR SUGGESTIONS BELOW!  The Winner will receive a yard of either Quilter’s cotton or cotton knit in the color of their choice.  Contest ends tomorrow at 5pm EST.




  1. well personally I would just staple it….LOL BUT what about That Billy Mays MIGHTY MEND IT….yeah, thats what I would do (plus Im out of staples from hanging my living room drapes)

  2. Best way to sew it is with a REALLY sharp needle and normally it would be about a 1/4 inch from the last row of sequins….but you do not have that option sew I would sew through them (hence the really sharp needle) along the middle of the last rows on the edges. Not sure how strong the see through/invisible thread is?? but a matching thread should be okay….not like it is going to go through a tug-o-war or anything right???

    I know that you have a staple gun…hehehe….so if worse comes to worse I like Heidi’s idea too….

    I am not a fan of the glue….messy….and well…..messy…..

  3. I’m just a sewing novice, but I would sew it. Glue and hot, moist air don’t seem like a good mix. 🙂 I would use a thread matching curtain so it will be “invisible” to the person showering and use a small needle and short straight stitch. Can’t wait to see your finished product!!

    PS – Thanks for having such a great site. Thanks to you, my creativity is flowing!! 🙂

  4. I would use Velcro – sew the velcro soft side to the shower curtain and glue the velcro hook side to the trim. This way you can remove the trim and still wash the shower curtain. Use the same glue you use to attach rhinestones that can go through the wash to attach the trim.

    Sounds like a really pretty bathroom. Good luck

  5. Well…..I have never sewn sequin trim on with a sewing machine. I have always been afraid the sequins would damage my machine. Would hot glue melt the sequins? And would an iron on adhesive have the same problem?? Guess that leaves sewing it on by hand, the old tried and true way. Yep, that’s what I would do!

  6. I would either sew it on with a sharp (Microtex or Jeans) needle right along each edge (so as not to pierce the sequins) or I’d fuse it on with Steam A Seam.

  7. Liquid Stitch, Liquid Stitch

    I love this stuff.. I use it on all things sequins on my daughters pageant clothes.
    I have tried sewing sequins on but never fails I screw it up..LOL

  8. My past experience in working with any type of glue, with anything for the bathroom, YUCK. I would sew snaps on or sew Velcro circles or squares on. I have tried the Velcro sticky things on things in the bathroom and after a few weeks the glue quit working. Sewing it on is the way I would go and I would make it removable. Removable for 2 reasons: 1 to change for seasons & 2 for laundry purposes.

  9. Personally I would hand sew it on using a blind stitch. But that’s just me…

  10. I’m not in this for the contest, but I just want to second Gigi’s idea of sewing it on. Sew it right along the edge, – a “smidge” from the edge. Use a sharp No. 14 needle and if your presser foot doesn’t want to slide over the sequins, sew thru tissue paper. Use a slightly longer stitch too. Good luck girl!

  11. Are you planning to wash this in the washer and drip dry? Or sponge off? Here’s a thought…try Scotch brand 1/2″ wide window insulation tape…it is double stick, and holds well.

  12. Vicki Adcock Gore wrote:
    there’s always E6000 glue….that stuff will hold a Volkswagon on a string from 6′ in the air! LOL…but seriously, I think it would work, and you could still launder the curtain. Just spread it kind of thin.

  13. I would use the tape and then hand sew it on for security.

  14. Oh Lisa, that’s beautiful! I’d probably do what Michelle said and hand stitch it on, but the thought of doing both sides on all that length… ugh! Maybe a small machine stitch down both edges using a zipper foot and a regular #10 needle – and wear glasses if you have ’em – I know from personal experience what happens if you hit a bead with your needle, wth do they always fly directly at your eyeball!? LOL!
    Can’t wait to see the finished thing, so glad to see you blogging again!

  15. Hi Lisa,

    I would use clear or smoke monofilament thread, a ballpoint needle size 14. I would use a 3.5 -4 stitch length. If the trim is a bit stretchy I would try a glue stick to hold it in place while you sew. Iron on wonder under would be my first choice but it might be to hot for the sequins. There is no glue that would work because of the heat and stream. I might also try a Teflon foot.

  16. I’m with the velcro crowed. But I’d use the sticky back so no sewing is involved. You want to be able to safely remove your beautiful trim to wash the curtain.

    Then again there is that cool double stick (like white strapping) tape used for holding up temporary plastic storm window. Home Depot sells it in 2-3 widths. It’s a great weight and won’t fall of with bathroom humidity!

  17. I would hand stitch it on. Not sure how the machine is going to like the sequins and when the needle hits the sequin it will sew crooked. Sharp needle and double the thread. I would sew over the edge with a slip stitch. It may take longer but it will look nicer in the end.

  18. I would definitely sew it on… Hand stitch with a matching thread.

  19. COMMENTS CLOSED! Thanks Everyone!

  20. i missed it aww nuts!

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