Sew Red

After my post, Sew You Need a Personal Shopper, last week with all the PINK goodies, Lynn asked for REDAnyone who knows me, knows I can’t stand RED.  There is absolutely no RED in my garden, wardrobe, home and even at Christmas time.

However, being the wonderful sewing friend I am, I’ve collected all the great RED sewing items on the web.  Enjoy!


Check out this adorable Vintage Red Child’s Sewing Machine!


Ooooh!  Here’s a Miniature Vintage Sewing Machine, too!


Heck, bet you don’t have a Miniature Sewing Machine LIGHTER!


Found this Vintage Red Spool Holder (even thought I think it’s really a poker chip holder).


What’s a sewing room without Vintage Red Scissors?


You could use this memory card case to store sewing machine and serger feet!


This Red Tupperware Case would always work!


Check out this awesome Red Metal Doll Accessories Trunk!  You could store your sewing notions and trims in it.


Or if you wanted something smaller, these Vintage Red Sewing Tins would be perfect.


How about this cute Red Velvet Cake Pincushion?


Or an adorable Red Velvet Tomato Pincushion?


Even better, a Red Velvet Shoe Pincushion with a secret storage compartment for thread.


Of course, you’ll need Red Pearl Pins for your pincushion


and Red Heart Pins for your bulletin board.


Although a Bingo Chip Collector would do the same as this Red Magic Pin Collector, this is made by Singer (so you’re supporting the sewing industry).


What’s a sewing room without a Red Sewing Tape Measure which reads, “LIVE LARGE!”


And you can jot down all your measurements or design a new quilt with this Red Quilt Happy Notebook!


This Red Train Case / Sewing Box could store all your hand sewing projects.


Even better, this Vintage Red Sewing Box would hold the mother load of sewing items.


Of course, you’ll need some Red Needle Grabbers for hand sewing.


What about a Vintage Red Record Box?  You could use it to store your sewing patterns!


Singer even makes a RED Dress Form!


Look at this luscious Red Silk Velvet Fabric


and this Red Silk Dupioni!  I could think of a hundred things to make with these fabrics!


You’ll also need some Red Velvet Gathered Trim,


Red Velvet Trim with Sequins


and some Red Gingham Elastic Trim, too!


If you’re a fabric hoarder, these Red Storage Crates would be perfect!


What sewing room is complete without a Red Crystal Chandelier?  You’re welcome!  LOL

Oh…came across a post about Things I’ve Learned From Sewing at 2:00 a.m. that I just have to share with all of you. Hilarious!



  1. #7 on the Sewing at 2am thing, is me down to a T! I’ve just finished a LBD, and had to re adjust the bust curve, sew a bit, try on, pin, take off and sew a bit more until it was right. I ended up sewing in a bra and knickers for most of it.

    #13-15 cracked me up!

  2. Me too on #7! That made my eyes water with laughter. 😀

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