Nothing like Free Listing on Ebay to get you moving…


Spend the entire morning creating my auctions for today….6 in total…woo hoo…


My little man wasn’t too cooperative last night, so my pics are not the greatest.  Guess next week I’ll be quite busy in the sewing room as all 6 boys’ sets end within hours of each other…luckily 2 of them are Ready to Ship!  Check out my ebay auctions.

Tonight I’m going to take out the new Joel Dewberry  and my new bolt of this great Kaufman boys’ tool fabric…press it, lay it out and cut some new boys’ shirts!  I can’t wait to match this tool fabric up with some yummy lime, orange, brown and/or turquoise denim!  That should keep me out of trouble…LOL!





  1. Hi Lisa, awesome shirts! Boys need cool shirts, and your designs are so terrific.

    BTW, Thanks for visiting my blog recently and leaving a comment….appreciate it!

    Pam, from ~Off The Cuff Style~

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