HEAT SWAP from the Best in the West!


Received a big box from Lady M™ (aka Myrinda) containing our latest SWAP of the Girls Night In Club.  WOW!  I got some GREAT stuff!  This time we hat to spell the word, “HEAT!”


H is for HANDMADE secret stash (black silk dupioni zippered case).


E is for EDIBLE–delicious Salted Caramel Sticks from Have It Sweet confections.


And Lady M™ added a little tag requesting I share it with Marielle.  Fat chance.  Sorry Myrinda!


A is for AROMA…my absolute favorite scented candle – Trapp’s Fresh Cut Tuberose!!!  Funny thing is Lady M™ posted on Facebook requesting help in finding Trapp candles.  I suggested she get them online where I buy my candles, but Myrinda insisted she needed them right away.  LOL…now I understand why!  She totally tricked me!  I had no idea it was for ME!


Would you believe her husband, Chops, found this for me?  Love that man!  I wasn’t sure if it was A for Aroma or E for Edible, because it’s both!  LOL!


T is for THRIFTED…OMG!  I love this wire dress form!!!  Lady M™ knows how much I LOVE dress forms!!!  PERFECT!

A big, big THANK YOU to my West Coast Counterpart!  Myrinda is just one of those people who really gets me.  You’re awesome Lady M™!


Easter Basket Sewing Tutorials and a Sweet SWAP


With Easter just one short week away, I thought I’d share some Easter Basket sewing tutorials found around the web:

J. Caroline Creative’s Easter Basket Tutorial

Dabbled’s How to Make a Fabric Basket

Retro Mama’s Fabric Easter Eggs

Embroidery Library’s Fabric Easter Basket Tutorial

Cranston Village’s Easter Bunny & Chick Baskets

Speaking of Easter Baskets…I received an awesome Easter SWAP from Heather of Little E Designs!


OMG!  I love the zebra basket!


Filled with all my favorite sweets…DOTS, Milk Duds, Yellow Bunnies PEEPS, caramel eggs and lots more!


Heather even made me an adorable bookmark!  Thanks Heather!



Valentine’s Day SWAP from My Favorite Craft Addict


Received a HUGE box yesterday from one of our newest members of our little secret society, Mary the Craft Addict!  So glad we let Mary come sit with us at the cool table…LOL!


Pure Valentine’s Day bliss!  Mary’s mission was to spell out the word HUGS!  However, each letter needed to meet a certain criteria (see below).


H is for HANDMADE tulle corsage heart.


U is for candle to USE.


G is for GOODIES to eat….mini moon pies!


S is for SOMETHING NEW to make me smile all day long.

Doesn’t Mary rock?  Thanks so much Mary!  You’re the best!

Mary was the lucky recipient of The Magic Box giveaway I had last year.  She and I became quick friends!  Over the last year, she and I have shared many phone calls–I can’t tell you how she cheered me on through the launch of Downtown Joey and my daughter’s transplant.  She is simply amazing.

Oh and it gets better!  Mary (of Georgia) is supposed to be up in my neck of the woods this weekend (Staten Island, NY).  Hopefully we can have bunch together on Sunday!

In the meantime, I need to find a gown for a formal affair on Friday night at the Rainbow Room in NYC and somehow sew/embroider a zillion baby gifts for my dear friend’s baby shower on Sunday afternoon.  Did I mention the kids are home due to snow/ice?


HOT Holiday SWAP


There’s a bunch of us girls who last year formed a book club, Girls Night In.  Except, we soon discovered we really didn’t read much.  Instead, we had more fun doing SWAPS.

For this year’s Holiday SWAP, the mission was to spell out the word HOT.  The SWAP needed to have 3 things in it:

  • H – Handmade Item
  • O – Ornament
  • T – Thrift Item

Some time ago, I nicknamed AmyApplique Amy™ (even though some of her friends call her Alphabet Amy…LOL).  Amy is the Queen of Applique.  Her business, Tote and Tee, has a neat selection of custom initial tees, totes and other goodies.  I was thrilled to receive my SWAP from her!

First up, a handmade item with my initial!





Next, a hot pink DIVA ornament!  Yes, I do already have one, but I have another place for it!


Lastly, Amy found the coolest sewing thimble at a thrift store.  At first you might think this is just a thimble.


But think again.  It’s a large Shot Glass!  ROTFL!


Thank you Amy!  What a bunch of great surprises!  And yes, I’ve already eaten the chocolate and caramel you included in the box!


Sew Sweet

My Sunshine Girl 


We’re back from the hospital…but for how long is anyone’s guess.  Marielle was hospitalized due to high blood pressure which we’ve now gotten under control.  The Sunshine Girl is resting after getting a second hole in her ears pierced…teens, ugh!  Now does this look like a teen who’s desperately waiting for a kidney transplant?  Looks can be deceiving.


She received a surprise from Lady M™…a zebra (Marielle’s favorite) which Princess Aurora™ named Sunny (after Marielle, The Sunshine Girl).  And I got a DOTS snack container!  A big HUG to the Dixon Girls!


And the Winner is…


Linda of Ribbon Rock Star through a link from The Girl Indie Blog!  She wins the Diva BBQ Candy Stash!  Way to go!

More Swapping

Mary (aka 2*Sweet*Boys) received the LEAF SWAP I sent her last week.  Here’s what she posted:

Oh my goodness…I got the most wonderful, HEAVIEST box from Lisa!  Thank you thank you Lisa…you amaze me!

Everything was in this cheetah print box…which could not BE more perfect for me!!! I have many plans for this box ;)

Instead of bubbles or peanuts for packaging…Lisa used CANDY! Yes…my kids are in HEAVEN!

Gavin picking out his first handful…

L is for Liquid Lunch…a yummy Merlot

E is for Extra Shoe…this is the cutest thing! Already have a place for it!

A is for All Kinds of Notepads…These are PERFECT! I LOVE them!!!

F is for Fabulous Frames…the most gorgeous red silk frame and Lisa remembered that I collect silver antique looking frames…LOVE them!

Lisa, my friend, thank you so much for everything! How you are able to do so much and stay so strong, I do not know. You truly amaze me!
Much love!


Did I mention Mary has a shoe fetish?  Yes, it’s true.  And yes, the glass slipper soap dispenser is tacky…that was the intent.  But for some reason, Mary loves it (that or she’s just being nice).

That’s Like Asking Michelangelo to Paint My Bedroom

Mr. Diva™ purchased 3 new pairs of jeans and had me pin up the hem last week.  Well, yesterday he found the jeans sitting in the front seat of my car (oh crap!).  Anyway, he asked why he’s spent over $20,000 on sewing equipment and his jeans are being sent out to the tailor.  So guess what I’m doing today and tomorrow?  Ugh!  Let’s hope I don’t screw them up!  Or worse…damage my precious sewing machines and/or sergers, KWIM?

HGTV Design Star and I Didn’t Know It

Months ago, I posted my daughter’s Pink Parisian Bathroom on HGTV’s Rate My Space web site.  Little did I know it was featured in April.  Guess that’s why I got over 28,000 hits!  LOL!  Thanks HGTV!  My Sewing Room only got 21,000 hits…oh well!


Sew…I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends


Heather aka little*e*designs managed to brighten my day big time!  We are both members of a Ladies’ Night In book club (we rarely read any books, cause swapping is so much more fun) and I was the lucky recipient of Heather’s goodies.  Yippee!!!


Heather thought of everything…look it’s me, Mr. Diva, The Sunshine Girl and my Little Jedi!  Except my family must have been hallucinating in this portrait, KWIM?  That or I was having a bad dream.

So, Heather spelled out the word LEAF using my favorite colors (for my sewing room)–pink and black.  She’s just so clever!


Pretty silk flowers and ribbon!


This is my absolute favorite.  I just love dress forms!


She even sent me a handmade polka dot apron.  I love me some polka dots!


Love my cool new luggage tag and even Diva tickets!


What a pretty pincushion!  It has a dress form charm hanging from it!  But check out my tiara pin!!!

Heather, you are the BOMB!!!  All these goodies have lifted my spirits more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for being such a special friend.

Now everyone, if you need hair goodies, go check out her web site!

With friendship,



RAIN SWAP Arrives!


Received my RAIN SWAP gift baskets from Jen of Little Red Wagon!


R is for READ…a great chick lit for the beach chair!


A is for A cup of jAvA…my favorite Starbuck’s coffee and a huge mug!


I for IRON…Jen knows how I love iron thingies!  Think I’ll hang them in my garden room!


N is for NUTRITION…yummy strawberry cereal bars!

Once again Jen has spoiled me rotten!  Thanks sweetie!  I love everything!


Yule Tide Christmas Holiday SWAP

Yippee!!!  I received the most AWESOME surprise from Chaleen aka *Poshibilites*!!!

FINALLY…I own some OILCLOTH just like Martha Stewart!  Red Gingham and Black Polka Dots…can’t wait to make some baby bibs with this lovely yardage!


Chaleen must really be paying attention…I only put store-bought PEARS on my Christmas tree…any other ornament is handmade by me.  How pretty are these?


oh and what’s a Diva Christmas without PINK LIGHTS?


And SWEET TREATS with vintage postage stamps (hmmm, I’m wondering if I’m allowed to eat them…they’re so stinkin’ cute)!


But the very best part of Chaleen’s surprise was the beautiful handmade FABRIC BASKET she made herself.  I absolutely LOVE Chaleen’s work…her creations are impeccable and so chic!


Thank you so much Chaleen…I love everything!  YOU ROCK!

Happy Holidays!


Breast Cancer Awareness SWAP


Oh my!!!  I received the most delightful surprise from Tiffany of My Only Princess.  She spoiled me rotten!

B is for BEAUTY


Super soft “Jammie” Socks, Bath & Body Work’s Velvet Tuberose Lotion (my favorite scent!!!), Pink Chapstick, a Pink Power Massager, Bigelow PINK Lip Tint (this is another favorite brand of mine!!!) and most importantly, an In Touch Breast Self-Exam Glove!

C is for COACH


Truly a Diva accessory….Metallic Pink Leather Heart and Pink Ribbon Coach Keychain.  Perfect timing…my Pink Poodle Coach keychain has seen better days!



A beautiful Pink Rhinestone Ribbon Mobile Phone Charm, Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Car Jars and a VERY useful iTunes Gift Card!

Thank you soooo much Tiff!!!  I love EVERYTHING!!!

Ironically, Tiff was the recipient of my SWAP gifts…LOL!


Here’s what I sent her:

B is for bath…a super soft hair turban and breath mints.

C is for cut…Kitchenaid scissors and a CD with car decal.

A is for awareness…a car magnet and bracelet set and a pen.


Can’t wait to shop for the next SWAP…this time it’s Christmas themed!

With friendship,



Think PINK…


Finally wrapped up my Breast Cancer Awareness SWAP gifts for my recipient.  I found the coolest pink mylar boxes, embroidered some fabric letters, tied a tulle bow and stuck on my magic Diva wands.  Can’t show you what’s inside just yet…it’s a surprise.  But let’s just say we had to spell out B C A…and all items have to benefit one of the many Breast Cancer foundations.  Hope my recipient likes it…


especially since my hands are now stained hot pink from the mylar tissue I used to stuff inside the boxes…ugh.  So much for that manicure I got the other day…LOL.

Flickr is so PINK this month

Came across some of the coolest PINK photos in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…










Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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