Quick Sewing Room Clean-Up


Don’t laugh…This is the current disaster in my sewing room.  I’ve completely neglected it over the last few months (yes, that’s my pink Christmas tree that I never got around to decorating).  But now with the new year, it’s time to get my act together.  You know your sewing room is in the same state of disorganization, so let’s get it cleaned up quickly.

A few years back, I wrote The ABCs of Spring Cleaning Your Sewing Room over on SewMamaSew.  There’s even a printable PDF for your convenience.  I know it isn’t Spring yet, but heck, you’ll be getting a jump start on it!


While going through the piles of crap on my cutting table, I found lots of treasures I had forgotten about.  Yes, the bags of fabric from Joann’s Black Friday Sale were yet to be unpacked.  It’s mostly more flannel that I don’t need.  I know…don’t judge me.


I did find all the goodies I purchased during a recent NYC shopping adventure with my dear friend, Sara Norris.  Sara and I met online about 7 years ago while sewing children’s custom boutique clothing.  When she told me she was coming to New York City for a few days, I just knew I had to show her my fabric playground (aka NYC’s Garment District).


Sara and I had a ball while her husband, Mike, waited patiently as we went treasure hunting.  Our first stop was Pacific Trimming—an old favorite of mine for rhinestone buttons and buckles.


We discovered a trim shop, Hai’s Trimmings Inc.,  I had never visited before.  This place had more high-end trims than the other shops I usually go to.  I was even able to finally find 24 row rhinestone trim to recover my bathroom switch plate!  This place was AMAZING!


Sara surprised me with the cutest spool of velvet trim she found at Antropologie.  Love it!

Now it’s time to find a home in my sewing room for all these sewing things.  Hopefully, once I get my kid back to school tomorrow, I’ll get back in the groove!  Hoping to sew a lot more this year than last!



  1. Actually, your sewing room is in much better shape than mine, hee-hee! I procrastinating to clean mine, but it must be done. Thanks for the push!
    Here’s to a Happy New Year ans clean sewing rooms!

    Happy Sewing!

  2. LOL Alethia! Happy New Year!
    With friendship,

  3. Wow Lisa!! Your trims always make me drool, they’re amazing! I haven’t visited your blog in a while, love the new look! Happy 2012!


  4. Hey Kerrie!! Glad you stopped by! Wishing you a wonderful New Year!
    With friendship,

  5. I have a tiny nook of a sewing room . My kids are not allowed in – I don’t want my stacks to tip over! It is getting a major overhaul soon.

  6. I’ve been good at keeping my sewing room pretty much organized. I have a rule to put things away when I’m done. My bedroom is the same way. These are my only sanctuary where the kids and hubby don’t spread their messes.
    Now as for the downstairs-kids rooms,living room, dinning room, kitchen, 1st floor bathroom-
    well, it’s right now really trashed. Even though I clean it every weekend and during the week until about Wednesday or Thursday when I’m exhausted from work(long hours)and I don’t bother on those days.Well, if I start work early in the morning and don’t come home until 8 or 9 at night-of course I’m gonna say screw it.
    Yup, my Xmas tree is still up and the mess is hurting my eyes but I gave myself the day off. I’m exhausted to the point that I went to bed at 9:00 pm and didn’t get up until 9:00 am and took a 2 hour nap 4 hrs later. Sometimes you gotta give yourself a break.

    Love the trims you showed. I think thats is very nice to meet a fellow seamstress online and then meet in person and shop with them. Happy New Year to you and don’t fret about the sewing room.

  7. Wowsas, you are inspiring me to get my craft room in shape 🙂

  8. I came across your site by accident and am glad I did!!! You are such a hoot and I think alot like you. I have you bookmarked and pop in occassionally to check and see if there are any new updates.
    I am in the process of moving but will accept the sewing room cleanup challenge when I get to my new home. (I really need the help). I know the challenge is over but I am going to try it anyway.
    Thanks for the insights and sharing of feelings. It really has made my day and given me a smile.

  9. thanks Neysha!

  10. I really like the diamond buckles! We would love to have some of these at our store but I’m not sure who the right people are to buy them! Also, we are going to begin carrying thread! Any suggestions??

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