Christmas Crafting…The Sad Type

graveblanket 2 

While everyone is busy doing cute Christmas crafts, I’ve had something else on my mind.  In mid-October, I lost my beloved Mother-in-Law, Mary.  She was the Mother-in-Law every girl dreamed of having.  I don’t think I had an argument with her in 20 years.  It’s hard to imagine life without her now.


I spent her last few days caring for her at her home.  It was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.  If you’ve ever done in-home hospice care, you know what I mean.


My Father-in-Law had kidney stone surgery (he’s 90 years old) and the doctor wanted him to stay overnight at the hospital.  However, I begged the doctor to let me take care of him at home to be with his wife in her final hours.  Thankfully, I got him home just hours before my Mother-in-Law passed.  It was heartbreaking to watch him say goodbye after sharing 65 years of marriage with her.


In the meantime, my husband got kidney stones and gout–losing his mom was just too much for him.  And I ended up with pneumonia.  So as soon as my husband was well, I checked myself into the Critical Care Unit at our local hospital for a few days.  With the help of some IV steroids and antibiotics, I was back to normal in no time.


We had buried my Mother-in-Law at the cemetery up the street, so we can visit her gravesite often.  Whenever I have a few extra minutes, I go and see her.  It’s too soon to add her gravestone…but we can add flowers and such.


I went to purchase a grave blanket for her, but couldn’t bring myself to settle for standard plastic poinsettias and bright red florist bows—not to mention dropping $150 on them.  My Mother-in-Law was too special.  So I made my own 4 foot grave blanket using evergreens, berries, ornaments, pinecones and ribbons.  My Mother-in-Law would have loved it.  It’s classy like she was.




  1. Beautiful tribute to a lovely lady. You are probably the envy of many of your friends, having a MIL like Mary. Your grave blanket is beautiful Lisa, just like you 🙂 I just went and placed them on my Grandmom’s, my Mom’s and my daughters. Like Mary, they are all buried very close to our home and visiting is very easy. Merry Christmas to you and yours ❤

  2. Lisa, I’m so sorry. You and your family really went through a lot in the past few months. No matter if they are ill and elderly, you just can’t prepare yourself for losing them. You are such a rock for everyone. Hugs, Carol

  3. My condolences to you and your family. You are a wonderful daughter; taking time out to give the blanket a special touch because like you, she was special and has left you all with special memories. The memories will help you through this difficult time… big hugz

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Your grave blanket is beautiful. Having recently lost 3 family members and 1 friend I think I will use your lead and make a few. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Sorry for everyone’s loss…it’s always hard, but especially around the holidays. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

    With friendship,

  6. Is it possible you can post a tuitorial for making a grave blanket like you did? I lost my sister in late Oct. and we are going to make the cemetery run this Saturday morning. It’s over an hour away and our daughter is driving us. Time has crept up on us and I’m heading for Michael’s this morning when it opens up to see if they have something already made up that I can afford and looks nice. I love the tribute you made to your dear MIL. I had one of those MIL’s too but it’s 3 1/2 hr. drive to the in-laws gravesite in another state. We manage to get there once a year. My sister was so special to me and I think about her constantly every day and always will. If the cemetery was closer, I’d be like you, go often. She is buried with her husband in a Veteran’s Cem. so there are strict regulations about what can be placed on gravesites and what can’t..It’s wintertime here, so I need something artificial..

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