Sew, The Little Diva Goes to College


This week Mr. Diva™ and I took a 7 hour car ride (separately, cause Mr. Diva doesn’t drive as well as me) to drop our daughter, Marielle, off at SUNY Canton.  The staff laughed as we unloaded her crap belongings onto the curb.  She had 2 full carloads of stuff.  And then she sent me to Walmart FOUR TIMES for more things.  And yes, Mr. Diva™ was carrying on about all the money I was spending.  But not to worry…I ignore him most times.  He was just standing there shaking his head and dying of embarrassment.

Originally Marielle was to scheduled to dorm with two girls…sharing 3 beds, 2 closets and 2 desks.  She was in tears.  Marielle has two custom closets at home crammed with all the latest fashions.  So what do I do?  I call the school dorm assignment person and tell them the truth—that my daughter is in tears and doesn’t want to go to college, because SHE HAS TO SHARE A CLOSET.  Seriously.  I asked the woman not to laugh, but she said she had the same problem with her own daughter the year before.  And then she fixed our “problem.”  Marielle was given a double room, however, her new roommate decided not to dorm at college this year.


We arrived to find a hideous medium blue painted room…ugh!  But not a problem…with the mass inventory of fabric in my stash, I fixed that!   I hung zebra and hot pink fabric as wallpaper, added curtains to the windows and closets, arranged her clothes on hot pink Huggable Hangers and coordinated EVERYTHING (cause I’m anal like that).

I even draped hot pink chiffon fabric across a long wood beam, but they made me take it down…something about it being a fire hazard.  Whatever.  Now I need to make her some pink and black vinyl embellishments with my Silhouette.  Beyond her name, what else should I make in vinyl for her?

I wish Marielle would take more pictures so you can all see the other half of her room.  But of course, she’s too busy at “frat parties” already.  Typical teenager.


Within the next few weeks the college will consolidate the room and she will get a new roommate.  Let’s hope the new roommate doesn’t show up with a purple comforter and ruin the whole color scheme.  Only kidding.  If she does, I’ll just buy her a new pink comforter for Christmas.  Brilliant?  Heck, in the worst case, I’ll just have to take down half the fabric from the new roommate’s side of the wall.  Crossing fingers.

By the way…at age 48, I finally got to sleep in a dorm room for the first time (as the hotels were sold old the second night).  That was an experience sharing a bathroom with 6 girls.

And for those who are curious, Marielle is studying Mortuary Science…yep, she wants to be a Mortician/Funeral Director.  I know…you are probably thinking that’s creepy.  But it’s the perfect job for her as she won’t have to be behind a desk all day.  Plus, she can do Grief Counseling and has just the right amount of empathy to help families through their darkest hours.



  1. I wish Marielle the very best and you certainly did her room right which I knew you would! LOVE IT!

  2. awwww I hope Marielle knows how lucky she is to have a mom like you Lisa! And Aurora is jealous that Marielle is hanging around dead people, lol!

  3. Thanks Debbie!

  4. LOL Myrinda…I love Princess Aurora!!!

  5. Lisa, Yeah for Marielle!! The room looks fabulous as I knew it would. All of our best to Marielle as she pursues her dreams.

  6. Thanks Kiva! Hope all is well!

  7. Wow what an interesting looking course. It’s always kind of intrigued me, so interesting to have a short read of what is actually involved in working in that industry. She’s a wonderful girl, both funeral directors I dealt with a couple of years ago (2 different family members, so 2 different companies) were just fantastic, helpful, and man it helped them having a sense of humor too.

  8. The room looks great!!!!! You say you slept in a dorm room…uhhh, where did Mr. Diva sleep? LOL!

  9. thanks! Yes, Mortuary Science is a very interesting field. I’m glad she’ll be able to earn real good money, so I won’t have to subsidize her forever and can spend more money on fabric…LOL!

  10. Thanks Lynn! Mr. Diva went home on the second day. The first night we all stayed at the hotel. I sayed the third day.

  11. I can’t believe that Marielle is starting college! Wasn’t she just 15 years old a few minutes ago?! LOL The room looks great, and I’m sure that she will be an excellent student.

  12. I know Belinda! The last 3 years went pretty fast! Thanks for your well wishes!

  13. What a funny post!

  14. LOVE IT!!!!!

  15. How are you doing without her?

  16. Coolest course of study ever. Recession proof, and male dominated to boot. 🙂

  17. thanks Renee!

  18. JoLayna…I’m doing fine…so happy she is off to college and starting this new chapter of her life.

  19. Jen…I totally agree. Smart little Diva she is. LOL

  20. I must say, you are hilarious! I am enjoying reading about you and Mr.Diva, your family,a nd your sewing escapades!!

  21. Thanks Alethia! Love your sewing forum!

  22. I actually admire her for her career choice; among other things, it takes bravery. I once dated the son of a mortician, learned a lot of interesting things (and silly inside jokes -“dying industry” ha ha). They also make a lot more money than people would imagine. It is a tough job tho too. Had never thought much about it before.

  23. Hey Kathleen!!!
    I onced dated a mortician (in his late 20s)…the jokes were great! I especially like that Marielle will be able to earn a real good living and won’t bleed her parents of their last dollar…LOL!


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