Sew Small…Miniature Sewing Room


Last Summer when Servane came to the BBQ, she fell in love with my miniature sewing room.  So, since she has been working so hard on her children’s clothing line, I figured I’d surprise her with a miniature sewing room of her own.


I found most of the miniature sewing items on Ebay and my local Dollar Store.  I even found a camera on a tripod, a pink telephone and of course…


a bottle of beer…LOL!  Servane loves a good beer.


Don’t her great pictures make my miniature sewing room look pathetic?  Yep.  I really need to redecorate.  And maybe add a few bottles of wine.



  1. Ahhh… this is so adorable! Now if I only had room in my real [small] sewing room for a mini-one LOL :)!

  2. thanks! It’s so small you could fit it in a shoebox…LOL!

  3. Jane Doe aka Valerie says:

    oh I love it……
    my son created my dream miniature sewing room for me when he was 9, OMG that is over 20 yrs ago! I love it and it has a place of honour here in my sewing room. I like the idea of adding a bottle of wine or 2! have to go on a search! gggg

    Have fun at your BBQ…..what fun you have putting it all together to throw the best party EVER!! at least it sounds like it from what i have read! ha ha

  4. Hey Valerie!!! I’d love to see a pic of your mini sewing room!!!

    Thanks! The BBQ is always a BLAST, because I have the best friends who make it fun!

  5. Jane Doe aka Valerie says:

    sorry Lisa….i tried adding a picture here but then got busy with other things 8 months later and found this book marked with a note to Lisa and find out how to send her a picture of my miniature sewing room..
    I am off this week so am catching up on a few things! especially my brain……i know i left it in this ‘creative’ mess last summer when i was off! lol
    Let me know how to send you the pictures

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