Join Us for the 7th Annual NYC BBQ aka Diva-Q


It’s that time again…BBQ Time!!!  And you’re invited!  Every year we pick a new theme…you know, because theme parties are more fun.  We’ve done zebras, flamingos and a bunch of other things/colors.


This year’s theme is I LOVE NY!  It’s the perfect theme—tons of ideas floating around in my head.  Think NYC skyline, traffic lights, street signs, subway tokens and taxis.  The primary color scheme is, of course, pink, black, white and some silver.


Although there are lots of city themed display kits available, most of them are over $500—so that idea was a no go.  I’ll have to be creative and do it for a lot less.


I was going to buy the same huge skyscraper backdrop that I used for my Downtown Joey tradeshow display, but remembered what a pain in the arse it was to put together.  Not to mention it was $99 a 8’ x 12’ section.  Instead, I opted for several of the small skyline rolls which are 18” x 25 feet long for the BBQ and this cheaper backdrop.


Love these NYC street signs.  I can easily make them using my Silhouette SD electronic cutting machine.  I’ll just pick up some green poster board and make some white vinyl letters!


Love these subway signs, but they are only 11” x 17”.  Think I can make huge ones with my Silhouette?  I’m thinking at least 3’ x 5’.  Crazy?  Probably…LOL.


Definitely need to make one for Coney Island,


Little Italy,


and Yankee Stadium, of course!


Oooh…what about a taxi stand at the curb?


While I’m making all these signs, I might as well make some NYC park signs….I’m thinking Battery Park,


Central Park and even Bryant Park (for my designer friends)!

In addition to making lots of tissue paper pom poms, I’ll be making yards and yards of Ruffled Crepe Paper Streamers.  Let’s hope I get all of these things done in time!


Last time Julie was in NYC, I had her convinced I was going to purchase a Giant Statue of Liberty from a souvenir store.  She watched as I talked the merchant down from $7,000 to $5,000.  Mr. Diva would certainly kill me if I bought it!


For a moment, I considered this huge inflatable, but realized I just don’t have the room on the lawn for it.  Maybe at my next house…ha ha!

statue of liberty national monument, new york city 

I could, however, fit a Statue of Liberty cardboard stand-up like this.  Maybe Servane will bring one as it would be the perfect gift from someone French (hint, hint)!


I was going to spend $30 a piece for these cool traffic lights, but realized I’d need too many of them, so instead I found these ones without the lights for a few bucks.


I still have this neat NYC Sewer rug that I purchased for my Downtown Joey tradeshow display.  It will be perfect for the front stairs.


However, I found these cool cardboard manhole covers to use outside!


Oriental Trading had lots of great things including these NYC Beach Balls.  The kids will love these!


Found a few pricey Empire State Building centerpieces and other city skyline centerpieces, but realized they were definitely out of my budget.  However, I could easily make the glass ones myself using some vinyl with my Silhouette.


Or I can also make some of these.


Found this city building confetti, so I ordered a bunch of it for the tables…even though it will probably end up in everyone’s cocktails.


Look!  Chocolate NYC Subway Tokens!  Too bad, they’d melt or I’d definitely have to get some.  However, I’m on the prowl for some fake NYC subway tokens.  Any idea where I could find some?


How cool are these subway cocktail napkins?  Unfortunately, I need 600 napkins. At $3.60 for a pack of 24, I’d go broke quickly.  Same goes for the matching paper cups.  Ugh.



Wouldn’t these I Love NY aprons be perfect for Frank the BBQ Guy™ and staff?


Now you’re probably wondering what to wear, right?  Well, what about this cool MetroCard t-shirt?


and perhaps these fun Subway Flip Flops?  And don’t forgot some NYC jewelry!


Oooh look!  I found the perfect design for my nails!

If anyone has additional ideas on decorating for the NYC theme, please do share!  Hope to see you at the BBQ!

With friendship,




  1. This post just warms my heart and makes me sooo proud to be a native New Yorker! You have some amazing finds here. I’m sure your BBQ will look spectacular. 🙂

  2. thanks Kisha! There nothing like NY!

  3. LOVE it all….If I think of anything I will let you know….

  4. thanks Sara!

  5. I wonder if my kids will notice if I skip town and head to NYC for your event??;) Have FUN!!

  6. Amy…I sure they won’t even notice. But I can’t promise you’ll make it home by midnight…LOL!


  1. […] Next up…two matching pillow shams.  But that will have to wait until next week.  I have a big BBQ this coming […]

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