Vintage Lace Lust


When asked, “What would be the one thing you would grab if your house was burning down?”…most people would automatically say, “photographs.”  Not me.  Oh no.  I’ve made it clear to my family they are to take my two drawers of vintage lace and tatting.  Seriously.  (Not to worry, all important photographs are archived off-premises.)

Since I started sewing almost 10 years ago, I’ve amassed a nice “collection” of some of the yummiest lace—needlerun, Alencon, Bucks Point, Valenciennes, Point de Paris, etc. and vintage tatting.  I only use these on special occasions—when making a Christening Dress or something over the top.


But yesterday, I found Marielle checking out my lace stash as I was reorganizing my sewing studio.  She begged me to make her a lace headband to wear out at night.  So, being the wonderful mother I am, I whipped up a quick headband for her.


Simply measure a piece of lace to go around the head minus 5 or so inches.  Fold each end of the lace into a “V” (aka point).  Stitch to secure.  Then all you have to do is add some elastic to it.  Pretty simple, huh?


I’m in the middle of expanding my sewing studio.  I’ve been at it for almost a week now and probably have another 2 weeks or so until it’s useable.  I’ve managed to fold and put away all my fabric and trims.  That alone took 4 days! 

If I ever think about buying more flannel fabric at Joann’s Black Friday 99 cents sale, please smack me upside the head. I just realized I have more than 200 yards.


Yesterday, I moved my big filing cabinets.  Today I’ll be moving my black metal fabric storage cabinets to another area.  Thank goodness for those nifty furniture sliders.

Moving stuff around is not really the problem.  It’s trying to figure out how to supply electric and internet connections to my office area on the other side of the basement where there is none.  Wish me luck…I need it!



  1. Good luck with the space re-arrangement. I am doing the same thing on a much smaller scale (using my only spare bedroom which is only around 2.5 x 3.4 metres -so approx 8ft by 11ft). I’ve so much stuff piled in crates and boxes I keep tripping over my feet whenever I shift a piece around haha!

  2. Good luck Claire! I’m finding that I don’t really need everything I thought I did. I got rid of a lot of stuff. I mean, do I really need 200 yards of cheap flannel? LOL

  3. A basement sewing area must be a real challenge. I would feel so cramped if I had to move out of my current sewing room. Sometimes 15 x 30 seems crowded.
    My fabric stash surpasses yours but I KNOW I didn’t buy it all.
    It breeds when the lights go off at night! LOL
    Hey…been meaning to ask…whatever happened to the Downtown Joey thing.

  4. Hey Barbara…yes, an unfinished basement is a major challenge. To completely gut it would mean to remove EVERYTHING and rent a storage container…that’s more than I can handle. LOL at your breeding fabric! Downtown Joey is on hold until the government passes an amendment to the CPSIA. Apparently the committee is on vacation, so hopefully we’ll have some news by the end of July. Keeping fingers crossed!

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