Sewing Mojo Continues



Trying hard to keep the sewing momentum going!  So far, so good.

Tuesday I spent most of the morning in the sewing room trying to put a dent in the silk curtains.  Pressing up side hems and stitching them down.  Boring.  Yep…but it’s got to be done.  Sewing isn’t always glamorous.  LOL

I still need to I finish the top headers and will have to wait until the curtain rods are hung at the store to determine the exact length needed.  I put the silk curtains in the UFO pile.  They’ll just have to wait for another day the deadline.


On Wednesday, I decided I needed something fun to sew.  Those silk curtains were sucking the life out of me.  I purchased this cute Baby Ruffle Pants pattern by Bettsy Kingston.  I like that there was an additional additional technique on her website.  However, because I’m a genius, I decided on a completely different construction technique.


I first serged the pant leg openings, stitched on the elastic, flipped the pant leg seam in and stitched it down to the wrong side…all the time stretching the elastic while I sewed.  I thought it would be much easier to sew the elastic in the pants legs while flat.  Not easier…just faster.

I then made the ruffle strips (rolled hem edges) and gathered them to fit the pants.  It was then I realized the ruffles were not full enough.  That’s probably because I didn’t bother measuring exactly how long I would need them. Typical Diva disaster.


No big deal.  I’ll use the first ruffles to embellish a matching baby top or dress.  So on Thursday,  I made another bunch of ruffles on my sewing machine using my ruffler foot and made them extra long so I’d have plenty of ruffles to fit.


See…now that’s some ruffles!  I had to admire them all day Friday.


Then today, I once again, deviated from the instructions.  Instead of stitching the top ruffle first, I opted to start from the bottom ruffle and work my way up to the top ruffle.  The reason being, both long edges of the ruffles have rolled hems and it’s not necessary to attach right sides together, flip and topstitch.  If I was working with an unfinished edge, I would have followed the instructions.  Well, probably not, because I’m a rebel like that.

I was pleased with the way the ruffled bloomers came out.  Aren’t they stinkin’ cute?  My feeling is one can never overdo ruffles.


Now onto the next sewing adventure.  I really need to get serious here.  My daughter just handed me her lined sequined prom gown and requested that add a slit up the leg and hem it 4 inches.  That would be good and fine is I knew how to do it.  I am so going to have to wing this.  Anyone have ANY experience working with sequins and linings?  I’m desperate.  Oh and she needs it for Wednesday.  Yep.  That’s a mere 4 days from now.  HELP!!!


The Train to Crazy’s Children’s Summer Clothes Tutorial Roundup has tons of great links!  Check it out!


Look at this clever sewing invention…it’s a Seam Allowance Guide for your scissors!


Did you know about the Olfa Rotary Arm Guide for rotary cutting?  I must live under a rock.

With friendship,



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