Sewing Mojo – Day 1 and Other Sewing Around the Web

DAY 1 


In an attempt to get my sewing mojo back, I chained myself to my sewing machine for 1 hour Monday morning. I am forcing myself to spend 1 hour each weekday in hopes of finishing up UFOs and creating new stuff.


First up, I finally finished my Godchild’s doll cradle bedding.  Umm…like this has been laying in my sewing room for months.  Made a fitted sheet, a baby doll quilt and a pillow.


I think I procrastinated as I have no idea how to quilt.  It’s just not my thing.  My dilemma was adding ruffles to a doll quilt.  Couldn’t figure out how to bind it with a ruffle.  So I just did the old sandwich method (the quilt back is not attached via quilting).


Next up, my BFF, Diana Bagels, asked me to make curtains for her soon-to-be remodeled Bagel store.  Simple enough you say?  Well, it required 20 yards of silk dupioni.  That’s a lot of fabric to deal with.  Seriously.  But the good news is I scored at Joann’s!  They were having a Red Tag Sale on their Home Decor fabrics.  I was able to get 54” decorator silk dupioni for a mere $4 a yard!

Being that the fabric was 54” long, I needed to piece together two different colors to get the required length for the windows.  Ugh.  But I did it.  Now I’m working on all the side seams.  That should keep me busy for a day or three.


Check these out:

OMG!  One of my Facebook friends turned me onto The Bitchy Stitcher blog.  Check it out!


Carla (aka The Scientific Seamstress) redid her Sewing Lab and created an awesome Period Table of Sewing Elements printable!  Thanks Carla!


Joanna from Fig Tree Quilts shares with us her easy Appliqué Starch Method on Sew Mama Sew.  How clever!


Check out Heather at Extra Frosting Please.  She created these neat wall print with free printables over on 30 Days of Handmade.

What’s going on in your sewing room these days?

With friendship,





  1. Hurray for your first day of your sewing mojo plan. It was a super productive day. Those projects that just sit there are hard to get back to, but when they are done it is such a great feeling. I love the one hour a day idea.
    The doll quilt and pillow is adorable. And it doesn’t matter that you didn’t know how to quilt, she will be thrilled because you made it just for her. Sometimes I think we are so fussy about our work that we lose sight of the end result. I know I do at least.
    Good luck with day 2 of sewing mojo.

  2. Love your doll bedding. I especially like the ruffle finish for it. The binding process it too complicated for me so I usually use blanket binding. Now thanks to you I have another option for my grandaughters and their doll quilts.

  3. My sewing room is currently under going a tidy up. With notions from 2 passed on grandmas, there’s a lot of crap to clear out! So much elastic that has lost its stretch, old old old threads, needles by the thousands. Rivets by the hundreds. Everything now has its place. Well slowly.

    I am LOVING the pink ipod dock, wonder if it’d work with iphones? I want, am going to have to see if I can find here in NZ. And I just have to tell you, being a pink girl, you’ll get a kick out of this! I made tandoori chicken marinade last night. It wasn’t red though, was just cream and boring. So I added red food coloring. WOOPS. I now have the most gorgeous colored pink marinade. If it wasn’t on a food item, it would look divine. But being tandoori chicken, it looks terrible. LOL


  1. […] So far, I’ve only completed two throw pillows (a ruffled one and a print one) and some doll bedding.  This week, I managed to cut, serge and sew all 14 sections of the fabric together for the […]

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