Add a Little Bling with the Silhouette SD Rhinestones and an AWESOME Deal!


I’ve been having so much fun with my Silhouette SD Electronic Cutting Machine!  Silhouette America recently sent me a Rhinestone Starter Kit to play around with.  OMG!  This was so fun and quite easy.


Just pick a Rhinestone design from those available on the included Rhinestone CD or on the Silhouette website.  I chose the DIVA design.  DO NOT RESIZE design.


Use the PINK cap and select Rhinestone Template Material (make sure it’s GREEN side up).  This sets your paper thickness 33.


Peel the template material off it’s backing and stick it to the Rhinestone Backing Board.


Drop a pile of rhinestones onto it and use the brush to fill in the holes.


If you need a little help getting the Rhinestones into the holes, Silhouette has come out with this AWESOME little “Pick Me Up” tool (included in Starter Kit or you can buy it separately).  Let me tell you…this thing is the neatest thing since Sliced Bread.  Seriously.  It has a tacky end that easily picks up the rhinestones, so you can place the where you want.  Beyond rhinestones, I can think of several other uses for this tool…like picking up and placing sequins and pearls on the baby garments I sew.


Next, press the Rhinestone Transfer Tape onto your Rhinestone design and peel it up carefully (transferring your rhinestones to the Transfer Tape).


Stick the Rhinestone Transfer Tape with your design onto your fabric or garment.  Note:  I’m a rebel, so I put it on a embossed paper hat box.  Hit it will the iron for 45 to 60 seconds.  Do the same on the opposite side of the fabric.


Peel away the Rhinestone Transfer Tape and POOF!  You’re a DIVA!  And now you have the BLING to prove it!

Silhouette has a great promotion this week to get you started making Rhinestone items with their Rhinestone Bundle…


This Rhinestone Bundle includes:

The Silhouette SD Electronic Cutting Machine

2 sheets of rhinestone template material

2 sheets of rhinestone transfer tape

2 rhinestone backing boards

1 rhinestone placement brush

1 CD of rhinestone images

1 pack of clear 10ss rhinestones

1 pack of clear 16ss rhinestones

1 pack of clear 20ss rhinestones

1 Pick-Me-Up tool

ALL FOR $229!  This is an incredible deal worth $125 in savings!  Use this link:  Rhinestone Bundle.  Add it to your cart and use code word “DIVA” to get this great $229 deal (instead of paying $350).  You might tell your husband that this would make a splendid Mother’s Day Gift!

Also, if you are lucking enough to already own a Silhouette SD electronic cutting machine, all rhinestone products are 30% OFF using code word “DIVA”!!!

This promotion will run from April 21st-April 26th.

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With friendship,





  1. This is so cute!! Nice job! I love your template and the PINK! So fun!

  2. That is so cute… I am so glad I found your blog…. cute cute cute!


  4. Claire…the DIVA design is 99 cents on the Silhouette website. It’s a rhinestone design which you use with the Silhouette SD Electronic Cutting machine. HTH

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