Baking Organization and Some Creativity



I really wanted to join A Bowl Full of Lemons’ 21 Day Challenge, but I’m such a slacker.  I’m only 3 weeks behind everyone else.  Really…I have an excuse.

Marielle was in the hospital for 5 days.  She had some type of virus or something.  Thankfully, she’s all better now.  So, this past weekend, I emptied out my Spice cabinet and baking cabinets…


Actually, I had the housekeeper empty them out, wash down the shelves and wipe down all my treasured Pink Tupperware.  Whatever.  I did, however, organize it all back into the cabinets.


Can we say Tupperwhore™?  Seriously.  It’s taken me 20 years to collect.  That’s a lot of Tupperware parties!  And this is only one-third of my pink Tupperware collection.  Yes, I know I have a sickness.


Organizing the main spice cabinet was easy with the Tupperware Spice Carousel and Modular Mates.


Then onto the upper Lazy Susan cabinet which holds bulk spices, bread crumbs and seasonings.


Finally, the lower Lazy Susan cabinet now holds all my baking ingredients.



I spent the month of January baking like June Cleaver.  I baked some Paula Deen cupcakes and some Ghiradelli Brownies.


I even found my candy thermometer…


so I make a batch of vanilla caramels for the first time ever.  Don’t make this recipe unless you have a full hour to stir it CONTINIOUSLY over the hot stove.


Talk about a project!  Just cutting the little wax paper squares is enough to send the most sane person over the edge.  Considering all those joints I rolled in High School, you’d think I’d be better at wrapping the homemade caramels. Regardless, they taste awesome!


And then I baked some more cupcakes…


and some more brownies.



My best buddy, Diana Bagels™, bought the fugliest baby carriage I’ve ever seen.  Diana’s sister picked it out—Diana has much better taste.  It’s vomit green, gray and black…and it’s for her sister’s new baby girl.  WTH?  She asked me to frou-frou it up with bows and tulle…and this my friends, is still way too ugly for a beautiful princess.  Just saying. (Don’t bother telling me you love the color and have the same one…it’s still ugly).



My older sister got me these adorable “DIVA” Sweethearts.  I thought she had them made especially for me.  No such luck…all my friends told me they are available at their local dollar stores across the U.S.


Speaking of special…every February I put out my creations to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  And every year, the same people are offered some of my “special” homemade chocolates.  Only one problem…they’re FAKE ceramic…you cannot remove them.  They fall for it every year.




  1. For someone who claims to never cook and always eats out, you sure have a lot of stuff! LOL

  2. Those vanilla caramels look delicious…did you use a recipe that you are willing to share?

  3. Carol…I’m preparing for the end of the earth…LOL

    Tracey…if you clink on the highlighted VANILLA CARAMELS in the post, it gives you this link:


    With friendship,

  4. Mrslawrence79 says:

    How to you spin the spice carousel in such a small space?

  5. The Tupperware Spice Carousels are square and fit perfectly. No problem spinning them.

  6. I have the same carousel and spice containers (blue and red seals) but it doesn’t spin in my cabinet (its about the same size as yours). So i just stack them on the first shelf (thank goodness they are modular). I was just wondering if I missed something. By the way, I think i beat you in terms of how many modular mates I own. Love love love them.

  7. I’m guessing your cabinet is NOT the same size or it would fit. And how dear you possess more Modular Mate containers than me? LOL

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