Sew Must Stop Procrastinating


You know how they say that the shoemaker’s children have no shoes?  Well, sadly my beautiful Godchild (and Niece), Josie, had moved into her new room several months ago, yet her rotten lazy Godmother had not sewn her custom bedding as promised.

Poor Josie had even parted with her beloved cradle in hopes I would also make her bedding for it.  Little did that child know that it’s been sitting in my sewing room collecting dust for months.  Bad Godmother.


On Sunday, I realized I couldn’t take the guilt anymore.  So into my sewing room I went.


And after several more days of procrastination, I finally finished the first pillow of many more to come.  How long do you think it will take me until I finish the next one?  Quiet.

Oh and I have to make a detachable ruffled bed skirt for her Full size bed (which will have to be make into a Twin size one later in the year).  And of course, the fabric I’m using is a one-way print…UGH.

Has anyone every made a removable dust ruffle?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated from the Peanut Gallery.



  1. put a fitted sheet on the box spring – draw a line along the top edge, take it off and baste the ruffle on with your machine – I can’t tell from your picture if you did this but it is often easier to do a lot of gathering by running a zigzag stitch over a length of peale cotton – and then pull it up

  2. Kath, that sounds like a brilliant method for ruffling. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa, the pillow is darling…don’t lose momentum now!

  3. Hi, You don’t know me but, I have stumbled upon your blog. I read about your daughter’s liver and kidney transplant. You are such a strong women. My six month old son has vesicoureteral reflux level five. My three year old daughter and him have a rare genetic syndrome called bardet-biedl syndrome. We are hoping he doesn’t get sick with a bladder infection which can leave even more renal scarring. They are talking about having his surgery after he’s one. We are giving him a low dose of antibiotic each day until his surgery. It is very scary.My daughter has had six surgeries already and he probably has many to come also. Your story was very touching. Thank you for sharing it.


  1. […] So far, I’ve only completed two throw pillows (a ruffled one and a print one) and some doll bedding.  This week, I managed to cut, serge and sew all 14 sections of the […]

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