Sew Reliable Iron Velocity V50 Review


Last month my Conair Craft Iron had to be retired.  I was quite fond of it as it was one of the few irons which had an auto shut-off override.  However, after a few short months, it started leaking on my beautiful silk shantung fabric.  It was time to shop for a new iron.

Off to the store I went where I found a mid-priced Rowenta iron.  Nice and heavy.  Brought it home, plugged it in, filled it with water and within minutes all the water started leaking out of the handle!  Not sure if I got a defective one or not.  How disappointing!  Right back to the store it went.

Then I remembered how Kathleen of Fashion-Incubator raved about her Reliable iron.  She even blogged about how to buy commercial pressing equipment here and here.  Now granted, her pressing set-up is something I drool over hope to have someday, but that someday is not just yet.  I needed a solid household iron that didn’t ruin my fabrics.


Off to the Reliable website I went in search of an iron.  I was debating between the Reliable Velocity V50 and the Digital Velocity V100 irons.  I Googled the irons to see reviews from consumers and came across Reliable’s Facebook Fan Page.  Reliable was having a contest to win a Velocity V50 iron!


To enter, you simply had to post a comment to finish the sentence, “Ironing…”  After deep thought, I posted, “Ironing takes the wrinkles out of my day!”  And guess what?  I WON!!!

My prize arrived a few days later and I immediately put it to the test.  What’s cool about it is it has two heating elements which give you continuous steam! And they are not kidding.  This baby steamed like no other household iron I’ve ever owned.  Holy Cannoli!  I felt like I won the lottery.


The Steam Ready feature allows you to iron continuously without the auto shut off feature.  This is a necessity for those who sew.


Now you’re thinking to yourself…this iron only has 7 steam holes, right?  Don’t be fooled into thinking the more steam holes the better.  Nope.  These 7 holes put out more steam in a concentrated area than those that have 3 times as many holes.  We’re talking some serious steam action here.


Being a Southpaw Left-Handed Diva, I was happy to see this iron has both Left and right hand steam activation buttons.  Smart thinking Mr. Reliable.


The V50 has 4 temperature settings.  All you do it push the center button to select a specific fabric setting.  It blinks while it heats up and then gives you a solid light when it has reached the desired temperature.


My freshly laundered Halloween placemats never look good enough to put on the table right out of the dryer.  Because they are made with thick cotton, the corners tend to curl up.


A quick pass and the use of the continuous steam feature were quite impressive.  Tada!  Watch out Martha!  Oh wait…Martha is still using that vintage Mangle ironing contraption.  LOL!  Maybe I should tell her about this awesome iron.  Nah…she can read about it in the September issue of Oprah’s “O” Magazine.  It made the “O List!”

I wonder if Jessica Jones (How About Orange) has one of these Velocity V50 irons.  She really should.


No matter how much I steamed my fabric, not a drop of water leaked.  Not one single drop!

There is only one thing I’d change about this iron…it should come in PINK to match my sewing room.  Only kidding.  Well, not really.  LOL



Disclaimer:  I won the Reliable V50 iron from entering a contest on Reliable’s Facebook Fan Page.  I was not asked to review or promote said prize.  My opinions and reviews are that of my own free will.



  1. I agree about the colour… I think pink would be a better colour… The orange wouldn’t match my sewing room…

  2. OMG, so glad I came upon this blog entry. I just purchased this iron through one of my online buying groups, I should have it next week. Thanks for the great detailed post.

  3. Rats. You stole my thunder. I was going to grab the photo and turn the orange to pink.

  4. Esther Grant says:

    Sold! Very helpful review, thanks so very much and congrats on the great win!

  5. Esther…several of my crafty friends have since purchased Reliable irons and are thrilled. You will be, too!

  6. Thank you so much for this review! I was looking for a new iron for quilting and sewing. My desire was one without an auto shut-off that has great steam. I was planning on buying a Rowenta – because I’ve always thought they were the top-of-the-line brand. I asked a handful of my quilting friends and they all reported how poorly the performed. Great… now what? I still need a new iron. I saw an ad for this iron in one of my quilting magazines and so I googled it. It sounds too good to be true. Your post (and the subsequent comments) gives me hope! Thank you all for taking the time to share your experiences. I am getting this iron.

  7. I got one for Christmas. Not sure what I think about it yet. Does yours make a lot of noise?

  8. Hey Susan…it only makes a lot of noise if you don’t have water in it when using the steam function. Mine is still going strong…love it!
    With friendship,

  9. So – you’ve now had this iron for about a year and a half. Are you still happy with it? Does it still not leak? Does the “no auto-off” feature work as promised, so I don’t get frustrated while sewing? I’ve had it with expensive Rowentas. Evenutally, they all leak. My last one (13 months old – one month past the warranty) leaks water while it’s resting on it’s heel. Half the tank will leak out in 5 minutes. What a mess!! Thanks for any updates you can give.
    Ann Kelly, Elgin, IL

  10. Hey Ann…

    I still LOVE my iron! It is the best iron I’ve ever had! Several of my sewing friends have purchased both the one I had (orange) and the next level one. All are thrilled. No leaking. Lots of steam!

    With friendship,

  11. Thanks for your quick reply. There’s a new iron in my future very soon – hope to find a coupon or a sale to make it easier to buy a nice one like this. No more Rowentas for me.
    Best regards,

  12. Ann…I don’t ever think I’ve seen a sale, but they always offer free shipping.


    With friendship,

  13. Connie Klein says:

    I’ve had my Reliable about one week and love it—except that it repeatedly switches the temperature setting to MAX, when I want cotton. I’ve just talked to Luigi, the technical support person at Reliable, who says that I need to turn off the stem whenever I am not actively ironing. For instance, if I am flipping a shirt around on the ironing board, I should turn off the steam.

    Do you have this problem with the temperature changing on you? Do you turn off the steam when not actively ironing?

    Thanks for your help.


  14. I set my Reliable to the highest setting and only press the steam function when I’m actively pressing. I don’t keep the steam going when I am flipping the shirt. The temperature changes when it needs to reheat up to the higher setting.

  15. I got my iron, filled it with water, plugged in, set the temperature, then pressed the steel button… Lots of noise…but NO STEAM!!! What is wrong with it?

  16. Anna…you have to press either the button on the upper left or right of the handle. HTH.
    With friendship,

  17. I just have to say ‘thank you’ again for your review of the Reliable Iron. Because of that I purchased one something like a year ago. I LOVE THIS IRON! I have never been in love with an iron before but this one has all my affection! The spray feature is not a mist but more like droplets, so I don’t use it. Frankly, when I need fabric misted I usually need bigger coverage than any iron can deliver and I have my mister bottle hanging on my ironing board. So this feature isn’t a deal breaker for me. Everything else about it I love. It does use a lot of distilled water, but that’s like $.75 gal so I can handle that. Thanks again! ❤

  18. I have one of these irons and also love it. Sad to say my ironing board tipped over and my iron does leak now! Will have to replace it and I will, with the same iron although it looks like it will be orange instead of blue

  19. Do not waste your money on this iron. It spewed brown liquid, ruined my quilt. Sent it back to Reliable, They said I was not the only one with this problem. Sent it back to me. STILL spewed brown liquid.


  21. yes, you can easily shut the steam off.

  22. Sorry to hear you didn’t have any luck. Mine lasted until a few months ago when it fell off the ironing board and hit my cement basement floor. I order the next one up in the line..I think it’s the Velocity 200 or something (the blue one) and find it even better than the orange one. I’m in love with the Reliable brand. I’ve even bought a canister steamer and steamer mop. Great products.

  23. get the mid-level iron…the blue one. It actually starts to emit steam when you TOUCH IT! How cool is that? Love Reliable irons!

  24. I got the Reliable Velocity iron (a level up from this one), shortly after I posted here a in Mar. 2012. I also won mine through a Facebook contest!! Whoo hoo!! I’ve been using mine for 2.5 years now, and it never spits, never leaks, never spews gunk, as other irons I’ve had have done. My quilting friends LOVE my Reliable iron, too, when they come over for sew-ins. Finally – a product that lives up to its name!!

  25. I agree Ann!

  26. Would like price to buy iron

  27. unfortunately, this model was discontinued. Luckily, my iron is still going strong.

  28. Reliable has stated that they are coming out with new, similar models of irons sometime early this year (2016). I’d suggest watching their webpage or Facebook page to learn when they will be available. My Reliable Iron is 3-1/2 years old, and still as awesome as ever! If you think you can wait until Reliable’s new irons come out, then I’d suggest buying a cheap iron to hold you over until then.

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