NYC Garment District: Fabric Shopping with Friends


For the last 6 years, on the Monday after the big BBQ, Myrinda (aka Lady M™) and I go on our annual adventure to the NYC Garment District.

This year we brought our crazy Canadian friend, Servane, and her adorable children along.


Made a stop at my favorite trim shop, Pacific Trimming, on West 38th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues).  There, I found beautiful velvet ribbon, unique elastics, diva rhinestone crown brooches, fancy rhinestone buttons and sparkly rhinestone buckles.


Even found some Tiffany Blue and Hot Pink Silk Shantung…oh, how delicious!  Nothing beat Shantung.  It’s a smoother Silk Dupioni—and it sews up so much nicer than the cheaper Dupioni.

Also saw some interesting glittery crinoline fabric and stretchy knit lace that I needed to add to my stash.

Nothing beats fabric shopping with friends!  Nothing.





  1. Oh, I so envy your trip to the Garment District. I want to go to the one in New York to buy fabric & ribbon.

    I just need to find someone to drive me from CT because I am just too chicken to drive in NY myself.

  2. don’t drive. Take a subway or a bus! You’ll have a ball!

    With friendship,

  3. Just got back from my first ever trip to NYC and went to Mood Fabrics! I was so amazed at the selection and will definately plan on visiting this trim store next time I go! Love reading your blog 🙂

  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for fabric stores in NYC that carries a large selection of children’s prints for curtains, bedding, etc.?

  5. Hey Pamela! I know I’ve searched high and low for good cotton children’s prints with no luck in NYC. I usually buy all my children’s prints from one of the major quilting cotton manufacturers such as Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman or AH Henry fabrics. HTH

  6. Thanks for your experiences. I highly recommend to anyone who is fortunate enough to travel to Portland, Oregon, to take a trip to Cannon Beach and visit Center Diamond. They have an amazing selection of cottons for quilting and other projects. They are also online at

  7. Pamela…I’m hoping to visit Oregon one day. Actually, I want to retire there, but Mr. Diva won’t go for it. Thanks for the info!

    With friendship,

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