Sewing Tutorials I Must Try

As soon as I get a few spare minutes, I’m dying to try these sewing tutorials!ruffledcamerastrap

Ruffled Camera Strap from Crap I Made


Jazzy Ironing Board Cover from Sew4Home


Collapsible Storage Baskets


This is by far, the easiest tutorial I’ve seen for making Pettiskirts.

Happy Sewing!




  1. I definitely want to try that pettiskirt tute too. But tulle and I do not get along well, so I am gonna have to psyche myself out first. But I know my girls would love it. So….after you finish all those lovely pompoms, make a pettiskirt and post about it. Then I will have no excuse but to do one and be just like you dear Domestic Diva.

  2. I make myself a new ironboard cover this past spring…I absolutely love it and it was so easy to do. I will never buy another. I have some left over fabric,cotton twill, I will be making a ‘saddle bag’ sort of thing for the end, for sewing notions, pincushion, pocket for measures, snippers, markers and pencils and whatever I need when I am at the ironing board. My board has an iron holder attached at the end which leaves the whole board for fabric and pressing.
    The cover was so easy, just laid out the board on the fabric and left enough for an elastic casing. I also got cotton warm and natural sort of padding and doubled it for the padding!

    London, Ontario, Canada

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