Because I Don’t Have Enough On My Plate

Sometimes I wonder why I have to do everything in excess.  A perfect example:

While trying to come up with some decorating ideas for the upcoming BBQ, I came across Martha Stewart’s Tissue Pom Pom Tutorial.  Easy enough you say.  Correct.  Except I ordered a ream each of hot pink and lime green tissue paper.  Umm, that’s 960 sheets.  That means I can make 96 of these giant tissue pom poms!

7 tissue pom poms done…only 89 more to go.  If I’m to get them done by the BBQ (Saturday, August 7th), I’ll need to make at least 4 a day.  What the heck am I thinking?  LOL

Wish me luck, because I’m going to need it!

With friendship,




  1. Overachiever! LOL!

  2. hehe get floweing!!!!!!!!!How many did you get done over weekend,great job

  3. But of course….we would expect nothing less of you.
    Always bigger and better!LOL

  4. Lisa,
    When I made these I found it helpful to make them assembly line style. I accordion folded stacks and stacks of these suckers and set them aside. Then I tied them all. Then I clipped the ends. I did all the fluffing on site. Of course I made about a dozen of these individually before I realized it’d be easier to do it that way. Well, that and I didn’t have anywhere to put 40+ big pompoms in my house or car until I had to drive them an hour away for my SIL’s baby shower. 🙂 Good luck, Lisa. Wish I could help!

  5. I can not wait to see it all in person….they look lovely….

  6. Thanks for the tip Heather!

    I’m thinking I should have a pre-BBQ get-together for my girlfriends and make them help. Great idea? LOL

    With friendship,

  7. I am making this in the fall for a friend’s baby shower. 🙂 Any alterations to the MS directions I should consider?

  8. quixoticfreak says:

    Good luck!
    It looks very pretty and you are a very courageous woman!
    With lots of salutes and cheers!


  9. How fun!

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