James Bond 007 Birthday Party

Sometimes I get ahead of myself.  Case in point…Earlier last month, I threw my son his Birthday party even though he won’t turn 8-years-old until December 18th.

My reasoning was simple.  Last year, only 6 kids showed up for his party, because most were either away for the holidays or had prior commitments.  Jumping the gun this year paid off—22 of Joseph’s friends showed up for his James Bond 007 Birthday Party at The Children’s Workshop (aka Secret Service Headquarters…LOL).


I made cool James Bond party invitations instructing the attendees to RSVP or their message would self-destruct.  I enclosed the invitations in brown kraft manila envelopes addressed to each “Agent” and stamped “TOP SECRET” in red ink.


Since I have a laminating machine, I made personalized secret agent ID badges for each kid.


Then I needed to come up with some Bond games.  So I made some faux dynamite using paint rollers covered in tissue paper.  I spray painted them red, then added black electrical tape, gold metal bolts, some colored wires and even a timer.


And let me tell you, it’s so much more fun to play Pass the Dynamite than a boring Hot Potato.  The kids thought it was a BLAST!


Since I was feeling criminal, I also made a faux bomb.  Using a Styrofoam sphere and a 2-liter bottle cap, I spray painted them with black chalkboard paint (don’t use regular spray paint as it will disintegrate the Styrofoam…lesson learned).  Glued the bottle cap and a skein of red yarn to the sphere…and there you have Defuse the Bomb.  I cut the length of the yarn to about 50 feet and had the kids literally tangle themselves up with it.  The one who got the end of the “fuse” (aka yarn) won a prize.


I was tempted to leave the kids tied up in the fuse (aka yarn), but their parents were present (not that a few parents didn’t suggest I do so).


The kids drank fruit punch out of Martini glasses!  And no, I didn’t spike the punch.


You can’t have a James Bond party without a little illegal gambling.  So, of course, the kids played a little roulette!


Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, I opted for Get the Bull’s Eye on the Body.  I printed a free target at Target Printer and brought it to my local printer to enlarge on blueprint paper.  Originally, I had planned to use a plastic dart gun, but the darts wouldn’t stick to the target paper.  So we ended up using stickers with the kids’ names on them.


No Bond party would be complete without loot bags.  I found so many cool things–cell phone flashlights, poker chip playing cards, whoopee cushions, glow necklaces, ID badges, million dollar chocolates, money notepads, play money, regular playing cards, flashlight pens, spy sunglasses, disappearing ink, light-up dice bounce balls, bomb bags, sequined bow ties, and mini Magic 8 balls!


Several parents told me their kids said it was the best birthday party they had ever been to (which, of course, made me BEAM!)

And like my Socialite Sister™ said,Only you could make underage gambling and explosives fun!”

 Mission Accomplished!



  1. Lisa, you sure know how to throw a ROCKIN’ party, but I guess I already knew that, lol! I’m sure the kids will be talking about this party for a long time! I hope Joey has (and had!) a fabulous birthday!

  2. Oh it all turned out so great…What a fun theme.

  3. What a cool party! Looks like the little spies had a BLAST!

  4. Wow! What a party. I loved the picture of Joey and Eric. How did you get Joey to smile and not make one of his silly faces. Well, guess he was just that happy. Miss you sister. Lots of Love.

  5. Lisa you are terrific!!! What a talented, creative person you are…well I already knew that. 🙂 I’m sure the kids had a “blast”! Thanks for sharing pics. Lynn

  6. This has to be the coolest idea ever! We did “party like a rockstar, baby” for my sons #1 bday– With Backstage passes, band posters and the like BUT If you don’t mind I’m definitely going to borrow this one for when he gets a bit older..

    SO, so love it!!

  7. This is such an awesomed birthday party idea. congrats. It looks like the kiddos enjoyed it too. Props for the crafty mom…



  8. This is great, how do you come up with this stuff? I’m sure those kids will be back next year.

    So, what’s on the agenda for Marielle’s next b-day? Pole dancing? Only you could find a way to make that work.

  9. WOW! I am VERY IMPRESSED! What a great party. I understand why you have his party early. My bday is 12/20 and for the last 2 years I have been celebrating it during the first weekend of December. Much better turnout indeed!

  10. Hi, I was so pleased to find your site. I was looking for ideas for my son’s James Bond party. You’ve inspired alot of great ideas. May I ask where you found the items for the goody bags? I can come up with money,dice, candy. But not much luck in finding the other items. Also where did you get the info for the badges? What did the cake look like? I hope you don’t mind me asking these questions. Thanks so much, Sandy ssmurdon@aol.com

  11. Sandy…most of the goodies came from Century Novelities and Rhode Island Novelties. Just Google and you’ll find lots of stuff. I found the info for the badges on etsy and made my own using a color laser printer and a laminator (used the badge laminating sheets with clips sold at Staples). Honestly, I can’t remember the cake. The kids had such a great time. Good luck w/ your party!

  12. That looks amazing! I’m throwing a Bond party (for grown-ups) and love your ideas. Did you make most of that or find it online? If so, where should I look? Very cool and thanks for the help!

  13. i’ve been reading online about spy themed party, so far this is the best, thanks for sharing!

  14. Please tell me you have a file I could download of the spy ID card! It is the best one I’ve seen and I’m throwing a 007 party in a few weeks. I need one asap. Please help!

  15. Any other ideas for an alt pin-the-tail game? Afraid parents will recoil if I have the target practice. 🙂 Maybe pin scissors in the right spot on a bomb print out to diffuse it?


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