HEAT SWAP from the Best in the West!


Received a big box from Lady M™ (aka Myrinda) containing our latest SWAP of the Girls Night In Club.  WOW!  I got some GREAT stuff!  This time we hat to spell the word, “HEAT!”


H is for HANDMADE secret stash (black silk dupioni zippered case).


E is for EDIBLE–delicious Salted Caramel Sticks from Have It Sweet confections.


And Lady M™ added a little tag requesting I share it with Marielle.  Fat chance.  Sorry Myrinda!


A is for AROMA…my absolute favorite scented candle – Trapp’s Fresh Cut Tuberose!!!  Funny thing is Lady M™ posted on Facebook requesting help in finding Trapp candles.  I suggested she get them online where I buy my candles, but Myrinda insisted she needed them right away.  LOL…now I understand why!  She totally tricked me!  I had no idea it was for ME!


Would you believe her husband, Chops, found this for me?  Love that man!  I wasn’t sure if it was A for Aroma or E for Edible, because it’s both!  LOL!


T is for THRIFTED…OMG!  I love this wire dress form!!!  Lady M™ knows how much I LOVE dress forms!!!  PERFECT!

A big, big THANK YOU to my West Coast Counterpart!  Myrinda is just one of those people who really gets me.  You’re awesome Lady M™!



  1. Oh wow!! I’m so loving that sweet dress form, and all your lovely surprises. Myrinda is GOOD!!!!!!!! 🙂

    How do I get involved in the swap club? Anyone want some things from Canada?? LOL!!

    Miss you Diva XO

  2. Thanks Daria! Yes, Myrinda is the BOMB! Our group is a small one by invitation only. But I will put your name up for suggestion, because you would be a terrific SWAP gal! Miss you lots, too!

  3. oh you’re very welcome my friend 🙂
    I’m actually embaressed to report how late I sent…I had 3 of 5 things, but didn’t want to use Chops’ as a fall back 😉 I STILL can’t believe how fast it got there! Would have even been there sooner but for that dangged candle 😉 LOLOLOLOL!
    I’m so happy you like your goodies

  4. Wow – what a nice group of friends you have! I’m always amazed and impressed at the little treats you receive. How Fun! Enjoy!! 😀

  5. Myrinda is a super swap partner! Love the haul!

  6. Drooling over those salted carmels and btw, I have spent my entire day on your blog (at work hee hee)

  7. they were soooo good! I’ve since made my own…even better…except they are a lot of work. I must have stirred the pot for at least an hour…ugh! And then it took me another hour to wrap the caramels.

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