Designing a Christening Gown, Finding a Treasure and Happy Birthday to ME!



I was so terrified honored when my dear friend, Diana (you know, the one who made all the delicious caramels apples for the big BBQ), asked me to create the perfect Christening gown for her new daughter, Sophia.

She decided on a simple an over-the-top ivory silk shantung gown with an underlay of vintage lace. 


Diana is even going to let me add a big vintage pink silk sash which will be tied into a big bow on the back of the dress and embellished with Swarovski crystals.  Luckily, I have one of those cool hot fix crystal tools from Hot Fix Suzy™!


As much as we both loved the alençon lace, it was too glitzy for the Christening gown we’ve envisioned.


We decided on the perfect lace which has a soft hand.


The abundant tulle underskirt layers will be trimmed with various vintage laces…some ivory and some pink!


But before I can start on the Christening Gown, I’ll need to tidy up my sewing room…ugh!  Prior to sewing any special occasion dress (especially whites), I always give my sewing room the Mr. Clean treatment.  DONE!

Seems I started 14 pair of lounge pants for my daughter, 7 onesies for above new baby and various other sewing projects.  Off they all go to the UFO (Un Finished Objects) pile…LOL!

Sophia’s Christening is June 28th…so I had better get moving!



Kathleen of Fashion-Incubator recently posted about a defunct company, East-West Musical Instruments Co., which created the most unique leather jackets.  These jackets are a work of art.


And wouldn’t you know, I’ve had this beautiful one they created back in the 70s.  It was given to me by my childhood housekeeper who received it from Edgar Winter.


I certainly made a fashion statement as a teenager as everyone went nuts when they saw this silver leather jacket.  I didn’t realize it was valuable.  Check this one out.  Elvis’ jacket went for over $30,000!  It is marked jacket #432, I believe!


I can’t imagine the hours of pattern making and sewing that went into creating this masterpiece.




Last week, I celebrated my 46th birthday (May 22nd) with a delicious Mocha Butter Cream cake (thanks to my sister, Linda).  I had cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days..haha!


And no…that’s not my front lawn above…although it is not below me to get one of those!  I did, however, display the obnoxious amount of fresh flowers Mr. Diva surprised me with in the front window.  It pisses off all the other housewives in the neighborhood.

Now to get to work…hope everyone is having a great week!

With friendship,




  1. happy 46th b’day 😎 and good luck with the christening gown. sunshine girl seems to be in good shape; keep it up.

  2. Happy birthday!! Always want you to know how much I use your blog as a reference! Big hugs for all you do!!!

  3. Proving yet again that you are the coolest Diva™ on the planet!

  4. I think Christening gowns are so much fun to put together! Happy Birthday!

  5. save that fancy sequined lace for the wedding dress for said baby-lol

  6. That will be one wonderful christening dress. 🙂

    Marielle looks beautiful and healthy. 😀

    Happy Birthday to you. I hope that this is the most wonderful year ever; you deserve it! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Cake should always be for breakfast. 🙂 Marielle looks great!!

  8. Incredible work. I’m sure the Christening gown will come out beautifully!

  9. Happy birthday Lisa, terribly late but still…

    I can´t wait to see the christening gown finished. Looks absolutely wonderful. You can´t get that kind of laces from Finland :/

    Marielle seems so healthy and well! So glad to see her in such a good shape.

  10. A christening gown with a pink silk sash and Swarovsky crystals sounds delightful. Can’t wait to see it!

    P.S. I like your UFO acronym. LOL!

  11. Any interest in selling that great east west jacket? If so, feel free to email me. Thanks!

  12. If you want to sell that east west jacket, please email me!

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