Tribeca Film Festival


Think you’ve seen it all in New York?  Think Again.  My nephew just arrived home from the Navy after an 8-month deployment, so we spend Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival to see the screening of Cropsey.


There was a street fair with everything from Italian sausage to funnel cakes.


We went for a quick bite at The Smith on 3rd Avenue.  Instead of having my regular favorite, I opted for a more health conscious organic roasted chicken.  Pretty good.


For anyone who knows me, eating healthy is something I NEVER do.  I’m all about high fat foods and extra toppings.  Bathe me in butter and I’m good to go, KWIM?  But I’m making an attempt–working out with my personal trainer at least twice a week and not eating Wise Cheese Doodles every night.

The good news is I’ve lost at least 8 pounds and I haven’t had to give up my Vanilla Creamer!


While I had my nephew and his girlfriend hold my spot in line (I was third…WOO HOO), I ran over to Stogo to get some healthy organic ice cream.  So many awesome flavors…I had some coconut vanilla bean ice cream with hot caramel.  YUMMY!


So, about the movie…OMG!  It was AWESOME!


Check out the Cropsey Movie Trailer!  The Cropsey Legend began many years ago in Upstate New York.  Basically, it’s a name we give a bogeyman.  For many years, Staten Islanders had their own “Cropsey,”  Andre Rand, who was convicted of murdering a local child.  Police believe he is responsible for other unsolved missing children cases in Staten Island.


At the end of the movie, the directors did a Question and Answer session with the audience.  Talk about cool!  Even the detectives and psychiatrist were in the audience to answer questions!  Double cool!

Now I need to get back to my sewing room.  Because of all the interior painting we are doing, I know find I need lots of new window treatments to match.  Fun, fun, fun…LOL!




  1. just sew adorable says:

    I just wanted to say I found this blog Friday evening when I decided to redo my sewing room, and started looking for help, your sewing room challenge came up.I love what you did but, started reading your blog I was hooked I read the entire thing. Just finished it this morning and was a little disappointed that you have not updated. I think I will be having blog with drawl but maybe now I will start on my sewing room.
    Thanks for a great read.

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