Peaceful Easter Sunday


Woke up Sunday morning to find the local ducks eating all my Koi fish food…and of course I spent the day chasing them out of my pond…LOL!

Easter dinner was filet mignon and rib-eye steaks on the BBQ.  Only my Dad for dinner.  Marielle wasn’t feeling well (doctors believe she is in kidney rejection–though I’m not so sure) and my MIL is in the hospital with a bad heart.  So we kept it simple this year.


Did you know that Peeps have only 32 calories and 0 grams of fat?!  Peeps are a sure sign of Spring…especially the yellow bunny Peeps.


Guess what Mr. Diva™ decided to do?  Have the entire interior of our 3,800 square foot house painted!  Usually we have a team of painters come in and get the house painted within a week.  This time we are using one guy to do the entire job.  It will probably take at least a month…ugh!  But hopefully it will be worth it.


First up is Marielle’s lavender room.  We’re painting the walls hot pink and the trim black to match all her hot pink and zebra theme.


Also, we are having her vintage-looking Vanilla bedroom set painted white so it pops!


While the Sunshine Girl’s room is being painted, she’s taken over my Master Suite.  It looks like a bomb went off in my room!  She has already filled 4 garment racks just with her clothes!  And that doesn’t include all her dresser drawers.


I decided to go a darker color (rusty brown) in the living room and will be painting the hallways chocolate brown throughout the house.


The kitchen will go from a warm peachy color to a cinnamon rust shade.


But my favorite so far is the 1st floor bathroom.  I’ve been dying to get rid of the lavender.

paintbath2048-50 tiffanybox

I’ve chosen the prettiest tiffany blue paint for the walls.  In addition to tiffany blue bathroom accessories, I’ll add black and white, too. 

Guess I’d better get started on some matching curtains for all my new paint colors!

Hope you had a great Easter!




  1. So, about that adoption of me you want to do….when can we get started on that? ❤

  2. Love the colors you’re using. And I hope the month of painting goes quickly!

    Keep me posted on your sunshine girl. Thinking of y’all, as always. xoxo

  3. Fabulous paint colors! I particularly love the blue in the bathroom.

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