Christmas 2008…Wishing For a Miracle

Somehow I forgot to post this the day after Christmas (guess I was just a tad distracted, you think?)

December 26, 2008

Christmas was so different this year.  I’m so glad it’s over.  Usually all the holiday ceramics I made years ago bring me joy.


I went through the motions.  Never finished shopping or decorating.  Didn’t really cared that my presents were without handmade bows and calligraphy gift tags.  Or that I didn’t buy all the gifts I had set out to purchase.


The tree had stood undecorated for two weeks until my daughter decorated it on Christmas Eve.


Christmas decorations were place randomly around the house hoping to add Christmas cheer.


My heart was breaking each and every minute of the day.


There were no gifts under the tree until Christmas morning, because I waited until last minute to wrap them.


All I would think about was if a Christmas Miracle (a new kidney) would come in time…


Would my prayers be answered before it was too late?


Although I did not feel hopeless, the reality of Marielle’s health became more than I could bear…


But I kept it to myself.  I didn’t want to make my loved ones worry anymore than they already were.


I forced myself to keep conversation light and smile so everyone would continue to think I was strong…


The stockings were hung haphazardly on the stairs…


Never did put a single Pink Christmas Light on the outside of the house.  I did, however, manage to put my 2 foot angels in the front window…


I did get Marielle an embroidered stocking to match her Pink and Zebra bedroom…


And she got my Pink Christmas Tree which was “supposed” to go in my Pink Sewing Room.  The things us mothers sacrifice for our children…LOL.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!  Perhaps next Christmas will be brighter for me.




  1. merry christmas at last!

  2. for all of you I mean.

  3. Lisa, I know that the holidays must have been extremely tough for you and your family this year, but I’m so glad that Marielle finally got her new kidney and is doing well. And even though I know that there will be some more challenges ahead, hopefully, 2009 will bring you good health and much more peace in your life.

    You are a very strong woman, but you are also human, so it’s ok to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and even sad. Give yourself permission to let it all out. You deserve a little down time yourself. 🙂

  4. i can’t imagine how hard this past Christmas was for you – but look at the INCREDIBLE Christmas gift you received!!
    i can’t wait to see pics of your Christmas celebration this year.

    i know you’re a Christian so don’t forget that fellowship is an important part of being a Christian. Don’t keep inside your feelings – share them, the good and the bad, with God and family members. Like previous poster said, you are a strong woman, but you’re still a woman and no one expects you to go through such a difficult time alone.

    sending your family kisses and prayers.

  5. I think you should all have a Christmas Do-Over! Deck the halls and celebrate – if anyone could pull off a second Christmas it’s you. 😀

    Next Christmas will be so much better, now you have TWO holidays with double celebrations. ❤

  6. Thank you for sharing your lovely home with us! You certainly had an enormous weight to bear this Christmas, so please don’t apologize for anything. Your priority was your daughter…not the presents or decorations. I hope you take time for yourself to recharge your batteries, so you can continue to be strong for Marielle as she gets better!

  7. I´m so relieved to read this post. I was so worried for you, because I know we mothers keep worries inside while the tough time lasts,and I was afraid you´d crash under your burden. Now take your time to heal yourself!


  8. hope you guys are doing well.

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