Yep!  But it wasn’t NY Presbyterian who called.  It was Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who called just minutes ago to tell us they have a perfect match for my daughter, Marielle!  Surgery is at 3AM!

Please continue to keep my Sunshine Girl in your prayers!

UPDATE:  Marielle was taken into the operating room around 6:30AM EST.  The surgery can take anywhere from 6 to 10 hours.  Will update as soon as I hear anything.  Thanks for your continued prayers and support!  P.S. – Happy Birthday to my sister, Delia and brother, Joe!  LC

EVENING UPDATE:  Oh–things could not be going better!  Marielle came through her kidney transplant and is doing GREAT.  Surgeons removed both of her diseased kidneys and gave her a healthy young kidney in their place.  Everyone is thrilled!  She woke up and the first thing she said was, “When school ends, I’d like my lobster tail.”  ROTFL…that’s my girl!

I can’t tell you all how you’ve carried me when I was scared and unsure.  I keep thinking that it’s all a dream.  It feels so surreal–to finally reach the other side and preapre to start our new life.  Thank you.

Things will be critical over the next few days as we see how she responds to her new kidney.  I’ve been through transplant before and remember all too well the ups and downs we’ll be through.  But that’s ok…we’ll stay strong and keep at it.

I’ll update everyone after a good night’s rest (I’ve only been up about 40 hours now).  LC





  1. Thank you Jesus amen

  2. OMG! Congratulations. My thoughts have been with you during the ups and downs, I hope all goes well 🙂 What a wonderful holiday surprise!!!

  3. Lisa, I’m almost in tears, I’m so happy for you! Thinking of you and Marielle. Wishing you all a safe trip to Philly!

  4. My prayers and good thoughts are coming your way,

  5. So happy for you all! I missed that her original transplant didn’t happen – so disappointing for you all. And what a price to pay for a kidney transplant – one of yours for someone elses. I had no idea.

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and hoping for the best for you all.

    Sincerely and with great hope and love,

  6. I’m praying for your daughter. I hope everything goes perfectly. Best of Luck. David

  7. OMG, LISA!!!!! You are SERIOUS!!!! GOD BLESS!!!!! OMG…I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!! PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING for MARIELLE!!!!!

    LOVE and HUGS!!!!!!


  8. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers are coming your way tonight. Get plenty of sleep…ha-ha like that’s going to happen. Good luck.

  9. That’s so wonderful! I hope the transplant is a fantastic success and your daughter has a smooth recovery. What a blessing.

  10. Best of luck to you and your daughter!

  11. W00t! I just started following you on twitter ( @thewebcoach ) and retweeted your miraculous news!

    Please tweet often, and I will pray often. I’ll try to start a twitter prayer chain.

    God is with you, dp

  12. I will keep your sunshine in my prayers!!!

  13. Praying!

  14. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, and the best thoughts and wishes for the surgery and recovery!

  15. Prayers are being said now!! God be with you guys.

  16. Lisa, I could not be happier that you have received your Christmas miracle! My thoughts and prayers are with you, Marielle and your family as Marielle goes through the next leg of her journey to a longer, healthier LIFE! Big Hugs and lots of kisses from Stacey, David and the girls XOXO

  17. I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!! Praise God!!!
    I am in TEARS!!!! Such joyous news!!! Stay strong Lisa, and Marielle, please know you’ve got my prayers, hopes, and wishes for a speedy recovery!


  18. Eileen M. Ostrowsky says:

    Prayers for Marielle the Sunshine Girl…of course!
    (from Wisconsin, USA)

  19. Praying!!!

  20. sending lots of prayers and well wishes it all goes smooth!

  21. Praying right now and spreading the word!!

  22. What wonderful news! I am already praying and will continue to pray… may you feel the presence of God and all of His ministering angels as we call on them to comfort and sustain your daughter and your family.

    By the way, I read about this on Twitter, courtesy of @poshmama. There’s a prayer chain going on right now. God bless.

  23. Big Prayers for a successful, well organized evening ahead.
    Peace and Ease.

    And, if you need anything I am in NYC, if I can help in some way.


  24. That RAWKS!!!! What a wonderful late Christmas/early New Year’s gift! I’m liftin’ you and your Sunshine Girl up in prayer. =o)

  25. OH LISA what wonderful news!!!!!! Prayers being sent up now for Marielle and your family!!!!!!!!!!
    xo, Wendy

  26. I am so happy for you and your daughter! I have been following your blog and hoping for good things to come. I will be praying for everything to go smoothly.

  27. SAYING PRAYERS LISA!!! This is such awesome news!

  28. You are in my prayers!

  29. Lisa
    We are praying for all to go well and Marielle to recoop super fast
    I love ya

  30. Oh Lisa, I am in tears. I am keeping everything in me crossed and holding my breath until we hear that Marielle is through it.

    Much love to you and your beautiful girl.

  31. That is amazing! Even though it is a few days past Christmas, at least you are getting what you wished for! Best of luck. Your family will be in my prayers.

  32. AMAZING AMAZING news Lisa!!! My continued prayers are with you ALL!!!!!!! Sending lots and lots of HUGS!!
    Jamie 🙂

  33. What wonderful news! Best of luck, Marielle–you’re in my prayers!

  34. Woooooooooooo

    Have a kidney party.

  35. I just saw the news posted on BDB and just want to say I am SO SO happy for you, and will be saying prayers that the surgery goes 100% smoothly with a super fast, 100% recovery!

  36. What FANTASTASTIC news!!!! Hope the surgery goes PERFECTLY and Marielle has an easy and quick recovery. Congrats ad Blessings to your whole family!!!!

  37. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am thrilled for you Lisa!


  38. I’m so happy for your daughter and your family. May her recovery be quick and complete.

  39. Stephanie Martinez says:

    Wonderful news!! Many thoughts & prayers for your family, especially Marielle!!

  40. Praying for your sweet daughter– congratulations!

  41. Thanks thanks thanks to the powers that be! I will keep Marielle in my prayers – my father had a kidney transplant and is going strong at 78 years of age – yes – 78 years of age! Chin up Marielle, we are rooting for you!

  42. Praying for your Sunshine Girl!! Such wonderful news!

  43. Thank the Good Lord. Now this is the perfect Christmas present. All my prayers for a quick and complete recovery.

  44. I am keeping you in my prayers…

  45. Congrats!! Many prayers for health!!

  46. great news and good luck – our crafty communities are thinking good thoughts for you and your family!

  47. Got chills reading this… so happy for you! I hope that Marielle’s surgery and recovery goes smoothly and that there are no more crises for a LONG, LONG time.

  48. I came here from a twitter friend (Sarahndipitea). Sending good vibes your way. As someone who will need a lung tx in the near future, a call for life is always amazing to me.

  49. Sending a bazillion prayers for you and your family.

  50. OMG, Lisa!!!!!!! WOW! I am so HAPPY and THRILLED at this news!!!! I am praying all goes well – and I will be waiting to hear any possible update.


  51. Praise God!!!! I am thrilled to hear this news. Will keep all of you in my prayers

  52. I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! HERE’S PRAYING THAT ALL GOES WELL!! ((Hugs)) to you and your beautiful family 🙂

  53. Ive been following your blog for awhile.Please know your family is in my heart and prayers. What wonderful wonderful news!

  54. Hallelujah!! Best news ever.

  55. i’m so glad to hear this. i pray everything goes well for you today!

  56. Yay!! Seattle is cheering for you guys!

  57. Oh I am SO happy for you guys! what a fabulous Christmas Present!! Please keep us updated on how everything goes!!


  58. Chills! Fingers crossed that this is the best belated Christmas gift ever!

  59. Oh my. Good, good, good luck! I hope it all goes smoothly and your daughter is healthy soon!

  60. thoughts and prayers

  61. Praying for her right now!

  62. Oh my!!!! Lisa I’m so excited. Sending love and many prayers for your Sunshine girl, she’s been watched over by God so closely. Hugs for you my dear friend, I’ll be thinking of you non-stop.

  63. yep def will be thinking of you all tomorrow…

  64. I’m so happy for you all! Sending positive thoughts your way.

  65. OMG that is fantastic news! Have been checking in regularly to see if there is news – how great! I will be thinking of you all and sending the very best of wishes your way.

  66. I have everything crossed for you guys that this is the one!! Such a rollercoaster ride you all been on ((((hugs)))).

  67. What a blessing!!!!! Congratulations and my prayers are with all of you!!!

  68. thought will be with you today. very best wishes from holland.

  69. Having had a husband with kidney failure I know what you are feeling. He never could get a kidney and died in 1999. I am sooooooooooo happy for you!!! Keep us all posted.

  70. what wonderful news you have all been in my thoughts so much. prayers and good wishes that you have your sunshine girl back home soon and this can all be a distant memory.
    Hugs from Oman,

  71. Oh LIsa, I’m so THRILLED for you. You are constantly in my prayers and thoughts!

    Jacq Attack

  72. Thank God they found a kidney! Prayer works. I was so happy to see your news on twitter. Still praying for you and your sunshine girl!

  73. Wonderful news! Sending prayers!

    Warmest wishes,

  74. Praise the Lord!!!!!

  75. I’m thinking of you and sending your family good wishes from the UK.

  76. What an amazing blessing!! Thank God for this miracle, hope all goes well. Continued prayers headed your way. Hugs!!!

  77. Such great news. Prayers here and sending lots of great white loving light.


    [ Pamela ]

    p.s. how can we help? is there anything you need?

  78. OHHHHH! I have chills.

    I read your post about it falling through before and my heart hurt.

    Definitely thinking of you and sending lots of positive energy.

  79. Wonderful news! Sending many prayers your way!

  80. Prayers, prayers, prayers. It’s an “almost” Christmas miracle.

  81. I’m sure many prayers have already been answered in the arrival of the kidney…now we’ll pray for speedy recovery and great healthy life ever after.

    God Bless.

  82. Oh Lisa!!!! Fantastic News!! I will continue to keep your Sunshine Girl, and all of you in my prayers!!


  83. what amazing..exciting news. I am going to be praying all day.

    I am so happy for you all. I have chills.

  84. This is so wonderful! I have been saying prayers for Marielle and I hope the surgery is a success! Our God is an Awesome God!

  85. I saw Stacey’s announcement of this on Facebook and actually shrieked while sitting here at my computer!!! Praise PRAISE GOD!!
    Oh my gosh, what an amazing and wonderful and completely unexpected twist, and after I said I was so mad at Philly! 😀

    (And, my son, reading over my shoulder, looked at the picture on the blog and commented “Hey, that looks like chinese food.” LOL!)

    Oh, just SO happy for you guys!! Praying for the BEST transplant they’ve ever done!

  86. wooohooooo!!!!!!

    That is just amazing…..crossing fingers and praying for Marielle…..I will be thinking of her and you all day…..

    lotsa love….


  87. OH BIG Hugs ! Prayers for you and What a wonderful way to go into the New year!

  88. Send prayers up from middle TN…love you girls!

  89. This really just made my day. I’ll be here refreshing for updates!!

  90. Praying all is going well. I can’t wait to hear the news about the surgery and how Marielle is doing.

  91. Oh that’s wonderful news! I am so happy for Marielle and your family. I will continue to pray that the surgery goes well.

  92. Oh thank you God! Wow, amazing. I’m so relieved.

  93. Brigette, Bratley Boutique says:

    I am so glad to hear this news! I’ll be praying all day that everything goes well without any problems.

  94. Finally, see the prayers have been heard. Angels still linger within us and they will lead your daughter towards the victory of life.

    God bless….

  95. Whoo-hooo! This is the best news EVER!!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!

  96. Sweet Sunshine Boutique says:

    Oh my goodness! All of the prayers have been answered! I could not be more happy for Lisa & Marielle & their family!!! Yay!! What a wonderful day!!!!! Lot’s of prayers continue for a successful surgery & recovery!!


  97. Prayers going out to Marielle and your family! I have tears right now thinking about everything you all have gone through this year. Pleae know, we are all praying for a successful transplant! XOXO Beth

  98. my thoughts and prayers are with you all.. hugs to Marielle for this wonderful news!

  99. My prayers are with you all. So anxious for an update.

  100. Continued prayers for your daughter. I check your site daily, praying for this news!

  101. What a wonderful Christmas present for all of you!!

    Sending prayers to Marielle for a sucessful surgery and thoughts and prayers to your entire famlily!!


  102. I’ve been following your blog and I am soo happy for you guys! Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. And I will continue to pray but now for a speedy, healthy recovery. I was ready to sign up and get tested and remembered I only have one kidney but if I had two Marielle could have the other 😉
    Happy New Year!

  103. Brazilians praying 😀

  104. omg I´m so happy for you!!!

  105. Oh Lisa
    I am so happy for you and Marielle and will pray everything works out this time and you all have the best xmas gift ever.

    I will keep prayers going all day and will constantly be thinking of your beautiful girl , she is strong like her momma..



  106. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I will continue to pray for her.

  107. Manny, many blessings to you and your daughter…..I will light a candle for you. You are in my prayers.


  108. What awesome news! Praying for a good recovery!

  109. Sunshine Girl has another birthday day to celebrate- God bless you, Marielle- you are very brave and just know that you have an enlarged “family” of people around the world just really excited for you. As a retired Operating Room nurse, have been present in many kidney transplants- I’m so glad a special kidney was found for a special girl like you. Much love and prayers.


  110. Wonderful news! I pray that everything goes well.

  111. I have goosebumps that won’t go away! I am ecstatic for you all. I will be hoping & praying that all goes well from here on out. BIG GIANT yellow zebra hugs for your sunshine girl & you too.

  112. Sending prayers for your family.

  113. Found out about your story through Twitter and have been retweeting for you. Praying for you, Marielle and all of your family. God is so good!

  114. Your family and your daughter’s health has been on my mind a lot over this past holiday week. I am relieved beyond words to hear that a kidney has been found. Will keep you all in my thoughts as I wait to see an update.

    Wishing you health and many blessings in the New Year.

  115. Thank God!! What wonderful news!! Sending lots of prayers…

  116. GOD is great!!!

  117. What wonderful news!!!

  118. I found your website after reading a post on Darwin exception.. and have been lurking in the background reading your blogs,hoping your daughter would get her kidney. All day I will be praying for her, the teamof Doctors and your whole family. Sunshine hurry and get better, your mommy needs to be able to stop worrying for a while!

  119. What awesome news! I hope the surgery went well for Marielle. I have been following your blog and was so happy to see this latest post. Best wishes 🙂

  120. Lisa,

    I have only just found your blog through Twitter.com. I pray that your daughter comes through surgery well. I pray peace for you and for your family, and wisdom for doctors.

    God bless,

  121. OMG LISA!!! I haven’t been on the computer in a few days, this was the FIRST thing I saw when I got online – what WONDERFUL news!!! I will be praying for you and Marielle and your entire family!!!! 🙂 What AMAZING news!!!!

    Heather =)

  122. I just found out about what has been going on with Marielle. I am so glad to see this good news!!!!!


  123. OMG Lisa, that is just amazing. I am sooooooooo happy for you all!!!

  124. Julie Francis in the UK says:

    Wonderful News!!!!!!! Sending you some more good wishes from the UK

  125. Prayers and good vibes from Colorado.

  126. What wonderful news! By now, I hope the surgery is over and she is on the road to recovery!!!

  127. I was so excited to read this the first time last night and then I got the chills tonight reading it for the second time. We are thinking of you and I am so happy that CHOP came through for you!!! We love them!!! Much love, HUGE hugs, and deep prayers! Heather & Family

  128. Good luck! You and your lovely daughter are in my thoughts and prayers.

  129. Your story is so touching. I wish your girl a successful surgery. And God’s blessings to your family.

  130. Lisa,

    Thank God!!! My hubby and I were just praying last night for you and the Sunshine Girl and to log on tonight and see this, that is awesome!!!!!! Praying that all goes well and prayers for the donor family as well.

    Peace and Blessings!!!!

  131. My Prayers are with you and your daughter. I can only imagine how frightening your situation is!

  132. What a blessing. I dont know your daughter but it brought tears to my eyes to read that she has a new kidney. We have a mutual friend on facebook. God Bless your family.

  133. Oh Lisa, I’m so thrilled for you both.. May the recovery be a swift one for miss M!!!

  134. Lots of love and prayers for Marielle and your entire family Lisa!

    Special thanks, thoughts and prayers for the donor family at this time too. . .


  135. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m so happy for you all. Give Marielle a hug for me.


  136. I thought about Marielle all day long…I am so glad to read your update. My thoughts are with her (and you!) and I am hoping for a speedy recovery. All the best from Montreal!

  137. What wonderful news!! I’m so happy that Marielle finally has a chance to feel better and go on with her life!

  138. Lisa
    I am cryin’ tears of JOY!
    Wishing Marielle a positive recovery. Baby Steps!
    Lisa, your heart must be flying! What a way for your Sunshine Girl to start her journey into 2009!
    Keeping Marielle and her family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Lisa you have done what any mom would do for her daughter! Your unconditional love and commitment to her shines through….the Sunshine Girl has a wonderfully bright Sunshine MOM!

  139. WHOOOO doing the happy dance. We will all continue to do heavy duty praying for everyone!!!!

  140. Lisa, I am so happy for you and all your family. I will be praying for everything to go well over the next weeks. Many many blessings to all of you!

  141. God bless you all!
    You are in my prayers.

  142. Praise the Lord!!!! Blessing to your family!!!!

  143. Praise the Lord!! I’m so glad that it went well!! Prayers continuing to come your way!

  144. Oh Lisa – that is fantastic news! I just read the surgery went well. Praying for a great recovery for Marielle!

  145. Diva, that is truly wonderful…I am so happy for you….:O)

  146. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST came accross your blog today just playing around looking at stuff!! you brought me to tears… my hubby then read this… brought tears to his eyes too!! I read what your sweetie wsent through as a baby too… you are both amazing… I totally feel like the Lord mist have HUGE plans for your girl!! I am rejoicing with you!!!! So nice to meet you!! =)
    Charity <

  147. Thank God for the new transplant. I’ve been following your story and I’ve been waiting for the day u write this 🙂 Happy for you

  148. I’m so happy to hear the great news! Here’s to a great recovery and a yummy lobster tail for her 🙂

  149. Oh Lisa! What a wonderful gift from the donor. Will be praying for your daughter’s quick recovery. God Bless!

  150. LISA!!! I’m crying tears of joy!!! I’m so relieved for all of you and I can only imagine how light your heart is feeling now! God is so good!

  151. May she have a happy, healthy and long life! I’m praying for you, and for the donor family as well. G-d bless you all!

  152. Tearfully typing this congratulations to you Lisa! I am so happy for your sweet Marielle. What a fabulous holiday blessing. Your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you dear and best wishes for a quick recovery for M—lobster awaits 🙂 Lots of love, Eva

  153. Aloha from Hawaii,

    We continue to pray here and are blessed to hear GOOD REPORTS. It is a Christmas miracle!


  154. Lisa,
    I am ecstatic for you all. I pray Marielle will recover quickly. What wonderful, wonderful news!

  155. keep it up, speedy recovery from holland.

  156. Oh Lisa, I was so happy to see the update. Your blog has been the only reason I’ve even checked the blogging world lately, anxiously awaiting news about Marielle. This is so fantastic.
    Love, Mary

  157. Just checked in for an update – brilliant news. May God watch over you all. HUGS

  158. Lisa~ as a mommy I am so happy for you that I’m crying with joy over this blessing you have been granted. For your Sunshine Girl I am grateful that she has been given this most precious gift of life again. Like everyone else, I am anxiously awaiting an update – but your family continues to be in my prayers and in my heart.

  159. I’m so happy for you. I hope she has a very quick recovery!

  160. yippeee!!!! I am soooo happy!

  161. I have been following your blog & your sunshine girl’s story. Sending my warmest thoughts & prayers down to Philly for a speedy recovery & the most positive outcome!
    ~*~ Blessings to all! ~*~

  162. Oh, Lisa! I am so thrilled for you all. I’m sitting at my desk, crying at the miracle of it all. You have been and will remain constantly in our thoughts.

  163. God Bless you all and the donor.

  164. Very wise to always have a positive outlook. It is always the best feeling in the world to know not only do you have all these physical friends-near and far to lean on…but you have Jesus….who loved you before you were in your mothers womb, and you daughter before she was in yours. He has plans for all of you….and to strengthen you….I have been through some great medical stuff-continuous…and I lean on Him. He saved me from so much-near death…and walked me through two brain surgeries…and now holds my daughters hand in having epilepsy as well…He does answer Prayers when directed to Him, knowing He will answer…He loves you both so much…I do….and I don’t even know you! May He keep blessing you both, and hold you in His arms….give her hugs from me and my daughter Tory!
    Heather Siebens

  165. You can’t imagine how thrilled I am about the news. I hope everything goes well. Happy New Life!

  166. Congratulations! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and continued success!

  167. AMEN! What an answer to prayers. Your strength has never ceased to amaze me.

  168. That is such wonderful news!!! I know when the time comes, she is going to really enjoy that lobster tail!

  169. So thankful that God has provided for your daughter.

  170. Dear Lisa,Our son Jacob, has received his new kidney in August of 2007, at the Transplant Center in Minneapolis, MN. He has gone through much. He did have plasmapherisis. He had both his kidneys taken out too. His blood pressure is doing so much better with his new kidney, about 120/80. Jacob had a disease called HUS when he was 5. He is now 21 and soon to be 22. Jake has a wonderful and positive attiitude, and we are so very proud of him for all he has had to endure. My prayer for Marielle and you and your family is God’s love, strengh, courage and faith in Him and to believe nothing is impossible for Him and He is the divine healer of all.

  171. I could absolutely not be happier! This couldn’t have happened to a better, more deserving family!
    I love you all!

  172. Lisa I have tears in my eyes, I am just soooo happy for your Sunshine Girl. God bless her and all of your family. My prayers will certainly be with all of you and just keep thinking positive.

  173. I am praying for you. -luiza

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