HOT Holiday SWAP


There’s a bunch of us girls who last year formed a book club, Girls Night In.  Except, we soon discovered we really didn’t read much.  Instead, we had more fun doing SWAPS.

For this year’s Holiday SWAP, the mission was to spell out the word HOT.  The SWAP needed to have 3 things in it:

  • H – Handmade Item
  • O – Ornament
  • T – Thrift Item

Some time ago, I nicknamed AmyApplique Amy™ (even though some of her friends call her Alphabet Amy…LOL).  Amy is the Queen of Applique.  Her business, Tote and Tee, has a neat selection of custom initial tees, totes and other goodies.  I was thrilled to receive my SWAP from her!

First up, a handmade item with my initial!





Next, a hot pink DIVA ornament!  Yes, I do already have one, but I have another place for it!


Lastly, Amy found the coolest sewing thimble at a thrift store.  At first you might think this is just a thimble.


But think again.  It’s a large Shot Glass!  ROTFL!


Thank you Amy!  What a bunch of great surprises!  And yes, I’ve already eaten the chocolate and caramel you included in the box!



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