Here Comes the Sun…


On Tuesday Marielle was transferred from our local ICU unit to NY Presbyterian’s ICU to battle an unexpected infection.  Doctors at our local hospital told us it was a life and death matter.  Talk about scary.  I was besides myself.  Thankfully after 4 days and lots of great care, Marielle beat the infection!

A big picture of a sun hung over my Sunshine Girl’s bed.  And the room was painted bright yellow—her favorite color (and my least favorite–which might have something to do with seeing the yellow jaundice in her eyes as an infant).

It was a difficult 4 days.  Difficult listening to the cry of another mother who’s child lost their battle.  Difficult to take the elevator ride down to the first floor with this mom, each of us knowing the other knew what happened and dealing with the silence.  I wanted so bad to wrap my arms around her and tell her anything that would ease her pain.  But there is nothing you can really say.  Nothing that would make sense.

One sees lots of things in a pediatric ICU.  Things I cannot tell you.  Things that would change you.  Things that would break your heart.  And I know all the while, my child is the lucky one today.  And she’s scared.  She’s old enough to know what is happening around her.  I wish I could shelter her from the fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead for her.


And I think of my old friend, Nobia, who’s son Cody is hospitalized in a Japanese ICU fighting for his life.  Sending lots of prayers for our Code Man.  Marielle is used to hospitals, but Cody is not.  I wish I could tell him not to be afraid.

Marielle’s kidney transplant has been rescheduled for January 2nd.  It will give her enough time to make sure she tests negative for infection 3 times before transplant (she’s already tested negative once).  So although the wait for her second chance at life will be a little longer, it will work out better for everyone involved.  Now if we can just keep her blood pressure under control until then…


On another note, before we left out local hospital, Marielle received hemodialysis as an inpatient.  The hemodialysis unit is PINK!  Not only are the walls pink, but the staff nurses wear pink scrubs! But I think what I liked best was Bob’s custom Nike sneakers which read “HEMOBOB” on the back of each sneaker!  Brave man to wear pink sneakers!


As a sewn product manufacturer, I think Nike’s customized NikeID sneakers are ingenious!  And at about $100 a pair, the price is right!

I’ll blog more tomorrow as I have a lot to say about the new CPSIA children’s products requirements….but until then, I’m calling it a night.  In the meantime, start reading all the information over at Fashion-Incubator.  They’ll be a quiz tomorrow.




  1. Oh my…that must have been scary, Lisa…I’m am soooo happy to hear that all is well now and that things are also going well for the transplant…I pray it all goes smoothly from here on out…

    Always lots of love, hugs and prayers!

  2. Love the pink sneaks! They are super cool. I’m so glad Marielle is home and I’m hoping her BP issues settle down. Jan. 2 won’t be here soon enough, I’m sure.

  3. I’m so glad things are looking better – I haven’t had much chance to comment lately, but I want you to know that I read your updates here and on the daily thread at FI forum – and you and your family are always in my thoughts. ♥

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I am so glad to hear that things are better and your daughter is once again fighting a winning battle . Shes a brave girl thats blessed to gave a mother like you 🙂

  5. pedi icu, a land no one parent should ever have to venture through. i know those halls, the way the air hangs thick with fear and a hope. the middle of the night in a pedi icu is the closest thing to hell on earth.

    keep fighting, you are almost there!

  6. I am glad your Sushine Girl has been able to fight through the infection (just two more “clean” tests). I join with you in looking forward to January 2nd.

    Thanks for reminding us to pray without ceasing for all the children and their parents who find themselves in emgency rooms, hospitals, clinics, etc.

  7. keep it up.

  8. Thinking of you both.

  9. LIsa, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through right now! Thank goodness that Marielle beat this infection, and hopefully, she will be in the best possible health for her transplant.

    I think of you both every day because I think you both have an incredible inner strength. Keep fighting and having faith that Marielle will have her new kidney soon.

  10. Hi Lisa…thanks for the update. I have been wondering how you 2 are doing. Hang in there…it’s going to be okay…I can feel it. Love ya girl! Lynn

  11. I have been in the ICU before as well, more than once, and everything you say is true. It changes you in so many different ways, hard to describe them all and most don’t really understand where your coming from. You really do just want to hold people in there…whether they belong to you or not..parents, kids, sometimes even the nurses. We will pray for your sunshine girl, every day, just as we pray for others. My son says it takes a true man to wear pink! Sending our love to you.

  12. Sending you my words of encouragment…

  13. Big hug (((Lisa))). I’m thinking of you and your family. Keep on the sunny side. 🙂

  14. So glad she is doing better. I hope the donor got their safely!

  15. Lisa,
    I read this blog every day to see how Marielle is doing. She’s got such spirit. I totally admire her. Keep up the good thoughts. You guys are truly inspiring.

  16. Big hugs Lisa! Give Marielle our love~ Hang in there sweetie!

  17. I think of you and Marielle often, especially when I think about what’s really important during the holiday season. as always, know that you have my prayers and compassion….

  18. I’m thinking about you and especially Marielle (of course), I pray and pray for you guys a lot.
    Drop a quick note on your blog to see how she’s doing when you can, please? I know you must have like 3,434,578,504 things you have to do before posting but we’d like to know how she’s doing if it’s not too much trouble.
    Thanks 🙂

  19. Hi Lisa,
    I’ve been following your story of hope and inspiration and want you to know that you and Marielle are in my thoughts and prayers. Your sweet sunshine is a fighter, and you are too. I think you are an amazing mother, business woman, designer, and can tell you are a good friend to so many. I admire you very much.


  20. Lisa. I am so touched that you mentioned my little Cody on your blog. He is improving, and hopefully coming home soon. You and your family our in my prayers. This past month has been terrifying for me, I can’t even wrap my mind around what you have gone through, and are going through.

    There is a Koi pond in the hospital, and every time I pass it (which is often, as the Codeman loves it), I think of you and only wish for the best for your family in the days, and years to come.


  1. […] I was over on Domestic Diva’s Disasters reading up on the latest on Marielle (she’s scheduled for a transplant!) and saw her mention NikeID sneakers. One of the hospital staff had a pair with […]

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