Exhibiting at the ENK Children’s Club Clothing Trade Show – Downtown Joey Booth Display


As promised, here are some pictures of my first trade show booth displaying my new boys’ clothing line, Downtown Joey.  Can you tell I’ve never done this before?


Anyway, once the  blue paper and city skyline were up, the rest was a breeze.  I was glad I purchased an extra set of lights.  However, next time I will also get electricity (I couldn’t light up my traffic light).


My Downtown Joey vinyl banner was too large, so we folded it in thirds and hung in vertically.


I added a NYC Manhole Cover rug and a Dead End rug I picked up at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Next time I’ll add a One Way street sign and even a No Parking sign.


I had brought 4 mannequins with me, but only needed two.  When my line is bigger, I’ll be able to use all 4 of them.


Never did get my raglan t-shirts printed, so glossy color photos sufficed.


After the first day, I decided to add more to the right side of the display (but of course, I forgot to take the final pictures…LOL).  I added additional posters and another garment to the display to fill it up.


In hindsight, I will have 8 foot tall paper printed with a skyline to make set-up easier next time.  In addition, I will increase the size of my line.  Currently I have 8 woven (dress) shirts, 2 pants, 3 board shorts, 3 sweat jackets, 2 hats and 16 raglan t-shirts.  I think another 6 prints for the woven shirts would be a good idea and perhaps 2 more colors of pants.

I’ve been to almost every ENK Children’s Club trade show in the last 4 or 5 years.  This was definitely the slowest show I’ve attended.  More about that in my next post.

The ENK staff was awesome!  What a great bunch of people to work with.  They made such I had everything I needed.  I will definitely be displaying at their future children’s trade shows!

Time to make the donuts…




  1. I think your display looks great! 😀

    Now we all want to hear all about when your clothing line is going to be selling in stores. 😉 😀

  2. It turned out great Lisa! Don’t you just love watching your vision come to life? I love that!

  3. Oh wow..it looks awesome!!!! I am so proud of you!!

  4. Your display looks great. Did you design it yourself? I can help you acquire a printed skyline. Send me a email with your specs and I can send you some prices.

    Jason Bryant
    The Decal Factory – The best
    decals, signs, labels, posters, stickers and banners in the industry for
    business and hobby.

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  5. It looks PHENOMENAL woman, but I couldn’t expect anything less from THE DIVA!

  6. Wowsa! That looks awesome! And it’s so cool to get to see the things I made for you “in action.” LOL!

  7. I think you did an AWESOME job! I especially love the DeadEnd rug. I expect your line to be a huge success! Congratulations-you should be proud of yourself!

  8. YAY! All that hard work paid off. It looks great.

  9. Wow Lisa, it looks amazing! I am LOVING the colors in your line – I can’t wait to outfit my Downtown Corry!
    And we’re still keeping Marielle in our prayers – I’m looking forward to you guys coming to Philly for more than a day. 🙂

  10. Hello I was wondering if a person was allowed to make the designs featured on the month of christmas holiday gifts site and sell them at a craft fair or similar type event. I am unemployed so I’m looking for things I can do to bring in a little extra money since unemployment doesn’t pay very well and am having trouble finding simple pattern that I can make that I am allowed to use. Thanks!


  11. Lisa!!!! Oh my goodness!! Your booth looks awesome!! Congratulations to you!! You’ve worked so hard for this, wishing you tons of success girl!!

    Marielle will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

  12. It turned out great!!! i love the manhole cover rug. That is too cool!

  13. Lisa,

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Everything you ever do always turns out nothing less than….

    I can’t wait to hear the details of the show. Have you been back in touch with the Johnny guy from the Big Idea Show? Just curious if he was keeping tabs on you and Marielle.

    Hope all is going well…. Sending lots of hugs and loves down your way.

    Heather =)

  14. How exciting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you hadn’t told us it was your first show, I wouldn’t have known.

  15. Wow, Lisa! You did a rockin’ job! I would have never guessed that you were a first timer. Your booth looks awesome!
    Congratulations! No longer a trade show virgin!

  16. Hi Lisa:

    I wish I was at the show, I would have came over and introduced myself. Kim, Jen and Annie were there for Corky.

    Your booth looks great! I wish you all the success in the world.

    You were spot on with your observation that retailer traffic was off. It’s been a disturbing trend at ENK shows for the past couple of years.

    NY sales showrooms and the ENK show don’t have the buyer reach like they did just a couple years ago. ENK used to pull at least half the buyers from across the country, but now it’s 80% NY/NJ. Heck, the local 80% will go to a NY showroom. That only leaves 20% of the buyers on the trade show floor to address.

    The large buyers will work the show, but usually always go to the showroom to finalize orders. In my humble opinion, if you can be in a NY showroom, the loss sales risk is about 5% of volume if you don’t do the show.

    We’ve been doing 3-4 NY shows every year for the last fifteen years (first Larkin, then Advanstar and we were one of 25 lines at the inaugural ENK Children’s Club) at a cost of $10K to $15K per show. I can’t believe where I’m going with this, but we’ll probably skip the January ENK show for the first time ever in fifteen years.

    My rational is the NY showroom should handle the NY/NJ 80%. The Boston and Philly reps should handle most of the loss 20% and I can use frequent flyer miles to buy airplane tickets to visit the large buyers.

    I’m sorry for hijacking your blog with this comment, I probably should have done my own post.

    Doing trade shows is the BEST and ONLY way for the owners of new companies to develop relationships with retail buyers. In this business it’s all about relationships.

    If I could offer three pieces of advise that will make you ultra successful. 1) Deliver a product that fits well 2) Deliver a product that looks better than your sales samples and 3) Deliver one day before your stated start ship date. We have number one and two down pretty good at Corky, but number 3 is the hardest goal of all to meet!

    Good luck,

  17. That looks great, Lisa! Well done!

    Praying for Marielle and all of you.

  18. You really did a great job, Lisa. Your booth looks terrific and the clothes too… I’m loving your little pants and raglan tees expecially!


  1. […] was going to buy the same huge skyscraper backdrop that I used for my Downtown Joey tradeshow display, but remembered what a pain in the arse it was to put together.  Not to mention it was $99 a […]

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