Even More Photos of the New Downtown Joey Boys’ Clothing Line


Carrie did an awesome job of capturing “the look” of Downtown Joey.  Model, Ryan, played the part just perfect!



djImage14 djImage22





Came across this in a window while strolling the streets of Manhattan’s Garment District…


The entire dress is made completely out of ribbons!  How clever!

Back to work I go…I need to finish line sheets, orders forms, posters, web site, etc.  Thankfully some of my wonderful friends are pitching in to help me prepare for the upcoming ENK Children’s Club trade show!




  1. LIsa, I just love this clothing line for boys! 😀 I just can’t wait to see these clothes in stores all over the place! 😀

  2. Hi Lisa….
    LOVE how you put together the colours for DownTown Joey. (oops, am i repeating myself? LOL You are a girl after my own colour palate!).Of course Model Ryan sure knows how to pull things off! He has that little bit of bad boy, good boy, cool dude, with it dude, all around look! Love how Carrie has tied the background with the DownTown Joey theme…Both of you have a great eye for colour and balance, and working everything together! keep it going!
    Lady, you are on a roll…wish we lived closer, I would love to help you out! But it looks like you are doing great…with lots of help! You are truly blessed!

    Your friend in sewing,

  3. Those photos are great, they really do capture the look perfectly.

  4. Great pictures! They really turned out nice! It helped that you had a handsome model to work with!

  5. that dress is ribbon yummy!

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