Downtown Joey Boys’ Clothing Line SNEAK PEEK and Living Donor Kidney Donor Update


Carrie of EMA Photography surprised me tonight with a sneak peek of the pictures she took of my new boys’ clothing line…so I just had to share it!  No, this is not Joey.  But boy, he’s perfect!  Too stinkin’ cute!  More photos to come…stay tuned!

Good news…both Marielle and my sister from North Carolina have done their blood tests…so now we are just waiting to see if they match.  Everyone, keep your fingers crossed!

Been busy working on my costing sheets so I can establish my wholesale prices…not fun.  I have a meeting with another possible sewing contractor on Friday morning.  I think this is “the one”…LOL!

With friendship,





  1. Oh my word! Amazing! Spectacular! Can’t wait to see more!!

  2. wow wow wow!!!! But I expect nothing but greatness anyway 😉 looks so great my friend!

  3. WOW!! I am loving the aqua color 🙂 The pictures are gorgeous (who would expect anythine else from Carrie ;-)). Way to go Lisa, SO happy for you!

  4. I am on my knees! God is contol! and He can do some amazing things. Can’t He?

    THe pictures look fantastic!

  5. Great! Hope one of these ladies is a match. BTW, what is the 1st step to identify if you are a potential donor?

  6. OMG you did it ! You put a boy in pink and made him the coolest kid in the class !

    Im going to have to pick up a few of these for my nephew !
    Put me on the list please !


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