It is all Surreal while Preparing to Launch a Children’s Clothing Line

Friends and strangers have come out in droves.  Every since I appeared on CNBC’s Donny Deutsch’s The Big Idea show, wonderful things have been happening for me both professionally and personally.

Dozen of complete strangers how come forward to be tested to see if they could be a kidney donor to Marielle and save her life.  I am humbled and also reminded the world is a good place.

Our blogging community is something else.  Eileen, Patty, Daria, Lady M™ and many other friends in the sewing community have posted on their blogs.  Thanks girls!  And to think, we almost got a kidney from Patty.


Got my booth assignment for ENK Children’s ClubDowntown Joey will make it’s Debut at Booth #7902.  At first I got nervous when I learned my booth was in the 7,000 range.  But to my absolute amazement…it’s right at the first entrance, second booth!!!


And that’s only the first section.  There are 4 or 5 other sections after that!!!  OMG…I think I’m going to faint!  This is AWESOME!  I’ll surely get a lot of traffic as I’m right near the main door!  I am BEYOND EXCITED!!!

Ran into Manhattan yesterday morning to pick-up my salesman’s samples which will be used at the trade show.  They can out terrific.  It’s amazing to see my designs come to fruition…two years in the making!

This morning we’re off to the children’s hospital in Philadelphia.  They are going to FINALLY begin mixing my sister’s and Marielle’s blood and also will do some tissue matching.  Not sure how soon we’ll get the results back.  I surely hope they match!!!  Ok everyone…keep your fingers crossed!

After that, we’re stopping at Carrie’s (aka emersonsmom) to drop off the samples for photos!  Yeah Carrie!  She once again came to my rescue…I know she will do Downtown Joey just right.  She’s got a gift with that camera of hers.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  Yes, her skills ROCK, but she is truly a friend through thick and thin…my inner circle.  I am blessed!

With friendship,





  1. Lisa – it’s so great to hear all these wonderful things falling into place for you! You really really deserve it. And I have faith that your daughter is going to get the miracle she deserves too.

    You are an incredible inspiration. Keep your spirit up!!

  2. LIsa, I just knew that you would have many good things happen afer appearing on the show. I just know that you will find a kidney for the beautiful Marielle and that your clothing line will soon be a huge success! 🙂

    We are all so proud of you and cheering you on. You are an amazing woman with a ton of inner strength and you inspire me more than you know.

    I’m so glad you had a little time to post here to update us on everything.


  3. Oh Lisa, I am so happy for your for ALL the good things happening for you. Looks like all your ducks are in a row and you are a true star!
    Wish I was in NY in Oct to see you live in action at Booth 7902!!


  4. Isn’t it amazing how just putting it out there really does make it an opportunity? I’m so glad things are falling into place. I hope that all goes well in Philly. xo, Fran

  5. I am so excited for the debut! I wish I could be there to help – you know I would if I could.

    Carrie will make sure the photos are amazing and that Downtown Joey is shown to it’s best. She will do a great job I’m sure.

    Saying a prayer that all goes well today in Philly and that the results are positive.


  6. Sending well wishes and prayers that all goes well today.

  7. fingers crossed for your dd and professional endeavor. goodness, you’ve got a lot on your plate these days. 🙂 may it all be successful

  8. And if I weren’t so old and diabetic to boot, I’d be testing from Louisiana for her…..
    SO THRILLED with you about the booth placement. You could not ask for a better showing.
    With the hipness of your line (I’ve always been amazed by your talent), everyone will soon be wishing they had a little boy. I couldn’t believe it when you said you wern’t a clothing designer, you are a business woman! You are BOTH!! Your line is unique and will do so well once it’s out there!

  9. OH YAY, LISA! So wonderful to hear everything coming together for Downtown Joey and for your beautiful Sunshine Girl!!!!

    Anxious to see the awesome photos from your line and very anxiously awaiting to hear that all comes back fine for Marielle and your sister to proceed…I have faith!!!

    **MUA** and (((BIG, BIG HUGS)))


  10. Oh, Lisa, I so wish I could help in some way. Her story breaks my heart. But I just have a feeling this story will have a very happy ending. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout-out! I am cheering for you and Downtown Joey. Can’t wait to see the pictures! 🙂

    All the best,


  11. Wow Lisa! such great things have come of this. I’m still keeping your family in my prayers!

  12. It’s happening! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. 🙂

  13. Go Lisa! I am glad to hear that things are coming together for you, for your new clothes line, and most especially for your daughter. I will continue to pray that the Lord do a great and miraculous thing in her life. Be sure to remind yourself to enjoy the blessings.

  14. Dear Lisa
    Congratulations on your new business and on getting such a great booth at ENK. My distribution company, Bebe Sol LLC, will be there too (Booth 9543, all the way in the back, though), and I was wondering if you will have a chance to stroll around a bit and review other lines, as you’ve done in the past.
    Thanks and good luck,

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