Sew…My Clothing Line and Success Emergency on CNBC Donny Deutsch’s THE BIG IDEA

Click HERE for Video of ME on The Big Idea




  1. That was So amazing to see you on The Big Idea. I was so touched by the focus they placed on Marielle and needing a kidney donor. What kind people at the show!

    You looked wonderful, sounded amazing, and as always were the picture of strength and positivity. I was so proud of you Lisa and proud to be your friend!

    As for the advice you received on the show, I hope that you’ll be able to connect with an amazing manufacturer with a big heart. Everything is in place for you to succeed, all you need is competitive pricing for your line, and that means decent manufacturing prices so you can compete. I know it will happen! Like Donny said, you have the “Fire” in your eyes.

    I hope stations across the country will pick up your story, and you can get the word out about the huge need for kidney donations.You have the ability to touch people Lisa, you have already made a huge difference.

  2. BTW – is so so obvious that Donny totally adored you! Who can blame the man?!! We’ve all known it for years – you’re Da’Bomb!

  3. Loved it! I know they had a lot more tape than what they showed, but I really like how it all was editted together, and I’m really feeling the positive vibe there Lisa. I’m sure good things are going to happen. Hoping Charles hooks you up an dyou find the manufacturer you need…be agile, be will happen. Rooting for you.


  4. You Rocked Lisa!
    What an awesome interview, keeping my fingers crossed that someone saw it that can help Marielle.



  5. I loved seeing you on the show, Lisa! I, too, was glad to see so much focus on putting the word out for a new kidney for your daughter.

    Good things are going to happen now–I just know it! 🙂

  6. Wow Lisa, it brought me to tears – what a woman and mother of strength – I am praying for you and Marielle. Thank you for being so willing to share so much of yourself.

    Deb – little noel

  7. Lisa, it was absolutely amazing to get to see your story on TV. Marielle is even more beautiful than your pictures show and you are just as much a spitfire as I expected. (Although I had no idea you were blond, I guess because Marielle has such dark hair!)

    I am hoping that the Next Big Thing you need comes through as a result of your appearance on the show because you deserve great things!

  8. Lisa,

    I’ve been reading your blog for some time in preparation to launch my own girl’s line. I’m glad they featured you in hopes of helping you with the business issue but more importantly I pray that you will have a donor for your daughter very soon. As you said, everything that is supposed to happen will and I hope that donor is out there and on their way. Bless you and your daughter, I wish you both the best.


  9. Wow, what an incredible interview. You are an amazing woman Lisa. Fingers crossed that this will have helped on every front.

  10. What a wonderfully positive segment. I hope it brings good things for you and your daughter! I don’t know how you had the time to initiate that, but it shows how much energy and dedication you have. I’m sure your line will be a success with that behind it.

  11. My dear sweet friend…you did an excellent job on the show. The appeal was very touching. My prayers are with you and I’m sending very, very powerful positive vibes your way. Lynn

  12. Oh Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my gosh, still wiping tears, that show was NOT what I was expecting!
    Like Daria said – I was just amazed at how they focused on Marielle (she is SO beautiful!) Donny seems like an absolute angel!
    Oh, praying now that this is the start of miraculous things coming your way!
    I hope the next update I get in my inbox is the announcment you’re coming back to Philly for the transplant!!

  13. Lisa, this was so inspiring! I’m so glad you were able to upload the video – I hope you can share with us what transpires in the aftermath. Thinking of you and Marielle…

  14. I love that color yellow.

    You know me well enough to understand what I’ll say next but bless his heart, DD thought he was going to save you. And maybe he will. Friends don’t hurt. But, I was struck by how he doesn’t know you like we do. You’re the one who always picks us up when we’re down, cheer us on when we face set backs…you’re not a victim. You’re our hero. I do wish he’d known how far along you are but the angle was Marielle and that’s okay. You thought finding fabric was hard, it’s harder sourcing a kidney!

  15. That was so fabulous! Your yellow shirt was so sunny and you looked and sounded perfect! I can’t wait to hear what comes your way because of this amazing opportunity!!

  16. I just watched. Amazing. Wow!
    Good luck to you!! Blessings to Marielle!!

  17. What do I say? I have the best friends in the world…seriously.

    All of you have lifted my spirits more than you will ever know. I am truly blessed by the outpouring of support and love.

    Thank you seems to fall short. I am truly blessed.

    With friendship,

  18. The interview was wonderful, the clothes are spectacular, and your daughter is simply beautiful. I have enjoyed reading your blog and wish you success with the clothing line. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Marielle.

  19. I just watched the show, and I’m still wiping tears away.

    You and Marielle are such an inspiration. She’s a beautiful girl and it’s easy to see she has your spirit and determination. My thoughts and prayers and with you both.

  20. WOW!!! seems like there is an echo in this Blog! The Tears, the Cheers, the Wows LOL
    I too have tears streaming down my face….your determination, your daughter’s determination. I as a mom can totally relate to the fight you are going through with your daughter’s life, and the ‘fight’ you have to get this line up and going. I know just what you have to do for yourself and your family. You keep that fire in your eyes and in your heart, YOU GO GIRL!!
    The other day when you mentioned you only had Black and White to wear and they were not show options, I thought, why doesn’t she wear yellow (happend to be my most favorite colour) but Yellow is a very warm and inviting colour! Good Choice.
    Only good things will come out of this. Danny seemed determined to help you and your daughter.
    Good luck and you are never far from my thoughts Lisa.

  21. Way To Go Lisa…. I’ve watched the show a few times over (we have it recorded) and the kids were jumping up and down saying, “That’s Miss Lisa, hey there’s Joey, and Marielle – I’ve BEEN in that house before!”

    It was amazing watching their eyes POP with excitement for you. You are their new “TV STAR”.

    From the bottom of my heart I pray for a kidney from Marielle and that your DTJ Line takes off like a wildfire. You are 99% there sweetie!!!!!!!!!

    ****LOTS OF HUGS*****,
    Heather =)

  22. WOW I have tears…. The interview was wonderful and you looked so beautiful. I know your gonna be a big success! It was so nice catching up today! Luv ya girl!



    Im speechless …and so FREAKING AMAZED by the beautiful one ………I never heard her speak before , every time I got near her at the BBQ she was surrounded by guys trying to get her attention .

    SHES BEYOND AMAZING . So well spoken and articulate…and WAYYYY beyond her years .

    ( shes SO your daughter ! )

    You know who I was reminded of ……that model Petra Nemcova did a special one time after surviving the tsunami in 2004 …….it was called AMAZING GRACE ……and Marielle has the same Amazing Grace and way about her . Quiet gorgeous strength …….to see it in one so young is really incredible .

    I have so many prayers and wishes for you , but I really want to go watch the show again and absorb it all . You and the beautiful one are a real lesson in Courage and Strength ……in the bond between mothers and daughters ……and so many more things I cant sum up right now .

    Hugs to you ,

  24. wonderful video! I hope & pray a kidney is found soon for miss sunshine..what a beauty!! Praying for ya and Downtown Joey will happen in the right time..Take care & hugs!!!!

  25. GOD BLESS YOU AND MARIELLE! What a beautiful piece on DonnyD. I see huge success for your future sweet Lisa. Your lovely daughter is in my prayers. You too. Hugs, Eva

  26. I was finally able to download this on my computer and watch it. Great segment! I join everyone above in saying how great you did, how poised and lovely your daughter was, and how great things must surely be around the corner for both of you.

    Will be thinking of you here in MN.

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