Sew Sweet

My Sunshine Girl 


We’re back from the hospital…but for how long is anyone’s guess.  Marielle was hospitalized due to high blood pressure which we’ve now gotten under control.  The Sunshine Girl is resting after getting a second hole in her ears pierced…teens, ugh!  Now does this look like a teen who’s desperately waiting for a kidney transplant?  Looks can be deceiving.


She received a surprise from Lady M™…a zebra (Marielle’s favorite) which Princess Aurora™ named Sunny (after Marielle, The Sunshine Girl).  And I got a DOTS snack container!  A big HUG to the Dixon Girls!


And the Winner is…


Linda of Ribbon Rock Star through a link from The Girl Indie Blog!  She wins the Diva BBQ Candy Stash!  Way to go!

More Swapping

Mary (aka 2*Sweet*Boys) received the LEAF SWAP I sent her last week.  Here’s what she posted:

Oh my goodness…I got the most wonderful, HEAVIEST box from Lisa!  Thank you thank you Lisa…you amaze me!

Everything was in this cheetah print box…which could not BE more perfect for me!!! I have many plans for this box ;)

Instead of bubbles or peanuts for packaging…Lisa used CANDY! Yes…my kids are in HEAVEN!

Gavin picking out his first handful…

L is for Liquid Lunch…a yummy Merlot

E is for Extra Shoe…this is the cutest thing! Already have a place for it!

A is for All Kinds of Notepads…These are PERFECT! I LOVE them!!!

F is for Fabulous Frames…the most gorgeous red silk frame and Lisa remembered that I collect silver antique looking frames…LOVE them!

Lisa, my friend, thank you so much for everything! How you are able to do so much and stay so strong, I do not know. You truly amaze me!
Much love!


Did I mention Mary has a shoe fetish?  Yes, it’s true.  And yes, the glass slipper soap dispenser is tacky…that was the intent.  But for some reason, Mary loves it (that or she’s just being nice).

That’s Like Asking Michelangelo to Paint My Bedroom

Mr. Diva™ purchased 3 new pairs of jeans and had me pin up the hem last week.  Well, yesterday he found the jeans sitting in the front seat of my car (oh crap!).  Anyway, he asked why he’s spent over $20,000 on sewing equipment and his jeans are being sent out to the tailor.  So guess what I’m doing today and tomorrow?  Ugh!  Let’s hope I don’t screw them up!  Or worse…damage my precious sewing machines and/or sergers, KWIM?

HGTV Design Star and I Didn’t Know It

Months ago, I posted my daughter’s Pink Parisian Bathroom on HGTV’s Rate My Space web site.  Little did I know it was featured in April.  Guess that’s why I got over 28,000 hits!  LOL!  Thanks HGTV!  My Sewing Room only got 21,000 hits…oh well!




  1. Awwww! That Myrinda is just awesomely sweet.

  2. The “Sunshine” girl is too darn beautiful! Lock her up in her room for the next 10 years! hee hee

    Love those pics!
    WOW, look at the loot of goodies you got.

  3. awww glad you girls like your treats! sending lots of love your way!!!

  4. What a beautiful daughter! You have such wonderful friends. What a blessing!

  5. OMG…could that child be any more GORGEOUS?????

    That was very sweet of Myrinda!!!

  6. pretty, pretty girl. hope she gets healthy real soon.

  7. I’m so glad that your daughter is out of the hospital. She is a beautiful girl! We’re all hoping that she can return to good health soon.

  8. Marielle is just gorgeous!!!!! I want to get 2nd holes in my ears also, but I want someone to go with me. LOL! I tried to talk Granddaughter Emily into it, but she is too scared.

    I’m glad the Sunshine Girl is home! That is a step in the right direction.

    Hang in there Lisa…she is going to be fine. I can just feel it. :):):)

  9. You have such a beautiful daughter! I would give anything for hair like hers!!!

  10. She is really beautiful , so glad she is doing better 🙂

  11. I can certainly see why you call her your Sunshine Girl. She had a beautiful smile and she just glows!

  12. oops sorry the typo should read She HAS a beautiful smile.
    can you correct it thanks

  13. You are absolutely right, you would never guess Marielle is anything but a happy healthy teen. I can see why you call her your Sunshine Girl. I know the in and out of the hospital is hard on everyone. I will be keepint my fingers crossed in hope that she gets her new kidney real soon. Keep us up to date. All the prayers from all us well wishers can’t hurt!

  14. It certainly is obvious why you call her your sunshine girl, what a smile – it could light up the world.

  15. Hi – I just found your blog and am so in awe of you! You certainly have a lot going on and are seemingly doing/handling it all so well. I will be checking back frequently for updates on 1)Your beatuiful daughter. 2)Your fashion design venture (my goal as well… you’re ahead of me though! 😉 ). THANKS!

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