Sew Interrupted

Guess what?  My daugther is back in the hospital in Philadelphia since Tuesday in the wee hours of the morning.  She continues to have trouble with high blood pressure.  Now she’s having lots of pain in her kidneys, so they’re giving her pain medication to make it bearable.

In spite of this, I continue to move ahead with my Downtown Joey launch.  My pattern maker is adding a modication for me and I’ve just received word that I was approved show at the upcoming ENK Children’s Show.  Been in touch with my friend, Rita, at Earnshaw’s Children’s magazine and she’s putting together an ad package for me.  Photos are due by September 15 to make the printing deadline…looks like I might have to use last year’s pictures as my salesman’s samples probably won’t be ready by them.

Tried unsuccessfully today to order twill tape and extra cotton knit fabric…guess I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

In the morning, I plan to order the items I need for the upcoming tradeshow such as backdrops, accessories, etc.

Sorry, no pictures with this post.  I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.  Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

With friendship,




  1. Thanks for the update, Lisa. I’m thinking of y’all.

  2. hugs to you Lisa xxx
    I hope your daughter can be back home with you soon xxx

  3. LIsa, I’m so sorry that your daughter is back in the hospital. Bless both of your hearts!

    You are an amazing woman and I know that you must have tons of inner strength to continue to go through such tough times.

    I’m thinking of you and your daughter every day.

  4. Lisa – I don’t begin to understand the “why’s” in this, but I just keep praying that your sunshine girl would get the help she needs.

    How are her spirits? How’s Mr Diva and the Jedi doing with all this?

    Keep the faith, hon. You have lots of prayer warriors behind you.

  5. My prayers are with her and you. I hope the dr’s can come up wiht a diagnosis and plan to restore her health completely!

  6. My prayers are with you and your family!

  7. Oh you are in my thoughts and prayers. I would strongly suggest NOT doing the advertisemnent though – how can you prove the cost for the ad? I could probably push you in some directions to get PR. It is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting out. You would possibly do better doing give-a-ways online. I have done ads and they never generated any sales, and I am an established brand. Just a thought – if you do go ahead with it – best of luck!

  8. Hope your daughter is feeling better. I keep my fingers crossed she will get a new kidney soon and check almost everyday.
    I love the boys clothing line. You have such fun ideas, I think you have a ton of courage and spunk to take it on. Keep us informed, you are quite an inspiration!

  9. Lisa…..Keep your chin up (all hairs plucked of course)
    My prayers are with you Girlfriend….with you, Mr. Diva, your son and ESPECIALLY your sunshine girl.
    I admire your strength! Keep doing what you need to do for you, to keep your sanity. Your daughter is in the best of hands. My sister came through 2 kidney transplants and I know your daughter will come back stronger after all is said and done.
    Here’s looking at YOU Girlfriend…
    London, Ontario, Canada

  10. Oh, I am sorry she is back in the hospital. Will definately be thinking about her and you AND FAMILY!

  11. Hey…Call me back will ya 😉 Hope everything is ok!

  12. Lisa; big hugs and prayers for you and Marielle. And I must say, I admire your ability to keep-a-going, which of course is the right thing to do but oh so hard.

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