Sew…I is for Internet Sewing Web Sites

Back to the Encyclopedia of ME…we’re up to letter I…


Besides all the sewing blogs listed on my sidebar, thought I’d suggest a few others.  If you haven’t check out the new web site, I suggest you do!

After the Home Sewing Association (creators of closed their doors on December 31, 2007, we thought all was lost.  But guess what? is now a part of the Sewing & Craft Alliance (SCA)! SCA provides education and creative resources to the sewing and craft enthusiast. You can visit their complete line-up of web sites at:

National Sewing Month

Trained Sewing Instructor

Sew Trendy

Sewing Events

Got Sewing


Be sure to sign-up for their monthly newsletter. (can’t get their link for the newsletter to work…sorry!)   Happy Sewing!


Oh and don’t forget to check out my FREE CANDY GIVEAWAY!




  1. Hey ……Im reading about your sunshine girl and my heart breaks for you . Those FREAKING DOCTORS and their choice of words MAKES ME FURIOUS !!!!

    ……I went thru that with Patty when she was pregnant , and this MORON of a doctor flat out said ( WITHOUT EMOTION ) …….you should terminate the pregnancy ( even though she was 5 months along ) …because either YOU OR THAT BABY IS GOING TO DIE , so you just have to tell me which one of you to save .
    OMG !!!! Im sure you can imagine the amount of doors we slammed on the way out of THAT office. Im sure also that doctor is now hard of hearing at the level of screaming my sister treated her too .

    They really just dont remember half the time that its a HUMAN in front of them ……

    I must admit Im very ignorant on transplants and what is possible or not possible and what would be the best option …..but I DO truly believe what you need , when you need it will be given to your beautiful daughter …..and for whatever reason your being made to walk thru fire for it with the dialysis looming …..I know you two will prove yourselves worthy adversarys, kick the crap out of this kidney issue , throw it to the curb , pick up your new kidney and find the lesson in all this pain …ultimately emerging stronger people with a new lease on life .

    Your daughter is in THE BEST HANDS . Both the doctors and yours . She has a warrior for a mother who will stop at nothing to ensure everything is being done for her …so stay strong !

    And you know you dont ever need AN INVITATION to come swimming . Friends can just show up …no invite needed !


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