Sew…I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends


Heather aka little*e*designs managed to brighten my day big time!  We are both members of a Ladies’ Night In book club (we rarely read any books, cause swapping is so much more fun) and I was the lucky recipient of Heather’s goodies.  Yippee!!!


Heather thought of everything…look it’s me, Mr. Diva, The Sunshine Girl and my Little Jedi!  Except my family must have been hallucinating in this portrait, KWIM?  That or I was having a bad dream.

So, Heather spelled out the word LEAF using my favorite colors (for my sewing room)–pink and black.  She’s just so clever!


Pretty silk flowers and ribbon!


This is my absolute favorite.  I just love dress forms!


She even sent me a handmade polka dot apron.  I love me some polka dots!


Love my cool new luggage tag and even Diva tickets!


What a pretty pincushion!  It has a dress form charm hanging from it!  But check out my tiara pin!!!

Heather, you are the BOMB!!!  All these goodies have lifted my spirits more than you’ll ever know.  Thank you for being such a special friend.

Now everyone, if you need hair goodies, go check out her web site!

With friendship,





  1. Awww, what sweetness! Love everything!

  2. I LOVE that dress form!!!!! Good Job, Heather!!!!!

  3. Hey Lisa, I hope all is well with you!!

    I don’t usually participate in these blog promotions, but I received this “award” today and wanted to use it as an opportunity to recommend other great blogs to my readers (including TDD)! You can do the same, but please do not feel obligated…just wanting to pass along the recognition! You can stop by at to check it out.

  4. Oh yes! I bought Heather’s clippies during the MUD auctions and I agree – they are the awesomest!
    My husband thought I was insane for buying someone else’s clippies when I make them myself but truly, she finds the coolest little appliques and combines them in the best ways – I wish I had her eye!

  5. oooh I’m jealous! deliciousness!!!

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