I is for Insanely Busy

I’ve been busy preparing my past season samples to send to the ENK Children’s Club Selection Committee.  ENK requests designers/manufacturers send them 4 to 6 clothing samples to determine if you’re a good fit for their show.  I’d imagine not everyone gets into the show.  However, I’m confident that I’ll be accepted to show my line (or be devastated if I didn’t make the cut).  It’s been 2 years in the making.  But it’s done (after an hour trying to figure out DHL online using Mr. Diva’s account as his secretary was out sick).


My fit samples (based on my first patterns) arrived this week and I am jumping up and down like I hit the lottery!  Seriously.  This whole clothing line is finally feeling real REAL.  I’ve heard many times that your fit samples are never right the first time, but honestly they are “on the money.”  The only thing that needs to be changed is a pocket one of the woven shirts and add an inch to the hemline of my raglan t-shirt.  Once these changes are made, they’ll be ready to sent to the  pattern grader/marker.


Here’s a link which might be helpful to those needed a pattern maker:

How to Select and Work with a Patternmaker

Now normally, you wouldn’t have your patterns graded until after sales.  You’d grade your patterns based on the sizes sold just prior to production (in my case, that would be AFTER the trade show).  However, my sample size is 4T and yet my models are size 6.  So in order to ensure a great fit for photos, I’ll have them graded one size up (I’m not doing a size 5).

I’ve also been working with my graphic designer to come up with at least 16 different t-shirt graphics.  Hours and hours have been spent preparing my preliminary line sheets and merchandising documents.  I’ve had to come up with ideas for 16 different t-shirts and now Ingrid will design them as she rocks when it comes to graphics.  Most of them with have text (funny sayings such as “It seemed like a good idea at the time”).  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  Some will be vinyl while others will be applique and embroidery.


My Downtown Joey jeans snaps arrived from China/Hong Kong on Saturday morning.  They are perfect!  I can’t wait to attach them to my samples!


This afternoon I attended my buddy, Diana’s, Bridal Shower at the Staten Island Hilton .  She’s my friend who owns the Bagel Store…you know the one who made the Caramel Apples for the BBQ?  Being that I have several embroidery machines, I always try to give a gift I can monogram or embellish.  So anyway, I sat down in my sewing room last night and was about to start designing her monogram until I realized I had a little problem.  See, her fiance’s name is Anthony, her name starts with a “D” and their married name starts with a “D.”  See the problem?  A.D.D.  I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  No matter how I do it, it still spells A.D.D.  So I reluctantly gave her the gift without embroidery.  I’ll ask her what she thinks.


Diana is crazy about pasta.  So for her Wishing Well, I gave her some pastel colored bow-tie pasta and of course, one of my magic wands.  You never know when you’ll need a magic wand especially when you get married.


My E-bay friends (The Social Graces and friends of the Boutique Designers’ Board) surprised me with a box full of handmade sugar cookies!  There were Diva, Mr. Diva, Marielle, Joey, NYC and E-Bay cookies!  How sweet!  My friends are the best!


Off to get a big glass of milk to go with my cookies!




  1. Lisa, traditionally and with machine embroidery especially since that is the traditional sense of monogramming, the wife’s first initial comes first, then last name, then husband’s. Anthony and Diana with a last name that begins with a “D” would be DDA. I checked this out with many monogramming links and the majority of all of them suggests this. Just FYI, I love the way you wrapped the gift in a basket! Pamie G.

  2. I mean that embroidery (not machine) is the traditional sense of embroidery. Sorry! Here are some good links…of course today, tradition has flown out the window but in this case, it helps!



    There are some that call “modern” with the way you had it but traditional is DDA! Have a great evening!

  3. This is so nice and beautiful gifts for the wedding!

  4. Thanks Pamie!!! I guess I was following the regular personal monogram where you put an individual’s first name initial, then their last name inital larger, and finally their middle name initial on the right. You rock!

    Thanks Celia!

    With friendship,

  5. Lisa, I think you are a very good friend to be so concerned about the embroidery on the gift. That is so sweet of you!

    It’s wonderful that you got such a nice surprise of special cookies to help brighten your day.

    I am so excited about your boy’s clothing line! I just can’t wait to see the finished product! 🙂

  6. I do think the “when in doubt, do nothing” rule is always best and you rocked with that! I love your blog!!

  7. Love the little sneak peeks of your pieces. Very cool! And that gorgeous basket … *sigh* You are an amazing friend. Totally not surprising that you’d get a basket of yummy cookies from people who love you. 🙂

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