Sew Fun…BBQ 2008

Yesterday was the big BBQ in NYC (aka Diva-Q).  At 1pm, we had torrential rains and were getting quite nervous trying to figure out how in the world we were going to fit 175 people in our house.

But by 3pm when the party started, the sun was shining!  Talk about luck!  We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather.






























Thank you to all my friends which made this the BBQ ever!!!




  1. How brave you are!

  2. I was trying to resist seeing the pictures being so upset I couldnt make it ……but of course I couldnt . NOw I feel worse .:(
    But the pics are gorgeous , and it looks like you had an amazing time .

    Next year !


  3. I recognize most of you, but I need names for the rest.

    And what did you do, Lisa, to require a fire truck?

  4. oh my! i am so sad I was not there – how fun! You are truly an amazing woman to pull this off in addition to everything else happening in your life! glad the skies cleared & you had fun!!

  5. It looks like it was a wonderful party! You inspire us out in here in the middle of nowhere to have our own!

  6. I am going to have to clear my calendar for next year’s bash. It looks like a total blast! You sure know how to throw a party, my friend!

  7. So many familiar faces!! I’m glad you all had a blast and so sorry I missed it! Dangit!

  8. Diva-The bbq looks like it was a total success. And, by the beautiful pictures, I’d say the weather gods smiled brightly upon the day! Wooohoooo! Did I somehow miss you in all of these pictures? have a rest now lady–you deserve it. ~~eva

  9. Oh, here is piccie info!

    1) custombowcristy-Cristy , ME (annabanana*boutique- Eileen) and castle*of*couture – Heather

    2) 4my2princesse’s – Stacey’s Baby M’s cute feet/legs!

    3) sweetgirlboutique Myrinda’s Baby Z eating a cream donut w/ Daddy

    4) Ziggy the Magician

    5) Christy’s Miss J. Lynn standing. Other kids – Miss Sarah and Alex are in there.

    5) Miss J. Lynn

    6) mygirlKristi’s daughter, Heidi’s Miss L; my Anna

    7) Karen’s Miss K; Jacq’s Miss A; my Anna
    8) Kandy (maddykate), Robin(nanabobana), Debbie (littlenoel)(Wisteria Lane gals)

    9) Another of sweetgirlboutique’s Miss Z and Daddy. NOte she has pigtails – totally jealous of her HAIR!

    10) 4my2princesses’s family – in outfits from HOllysmama. Even DAvid had Ebay Boutique on!

    11) Hollysmama Beth, Carla, and Karen (my girl Kristi)

    12) Heather’s Miss S. Who turned FOUR on Saturday

    13) emersonmom Carrie’s Miss A.

    14) My Anna getting her face painted

    15) Carrie’s Miss M. w/ her candy bag

    16) Miss Alyson

    17) castleofcouture – Heather’s Master P.

    18) Diana’s little girl ( can never get the right id – for*my*impr..something??)

    19) HotFixSuzy’s bag, because I found it amusing.

    20) SweetGirlBoutique’s – PA

    12) emersonsmom MIss A – with a pixie stick as tall as her

    13) Mygirlkristi’s daughter with the infamous pixie sticks

    14) Winnipoo’s miss M.

    15) myprincesslexie’s newest addition…Baby B

    16) emersonsmom newest addition – Baby J.

    17) The Diva herself – running out with filet mignon to feed the local firemen.

    18) Sunshine Girl and her gaggle of friends!

    19) 4my2princesses’s DH – David, and MIss Diva yanking at his shorts! LOL

  10. I’ll be getting a slideshow together this week for Lisa, and get her the linky! There are more piccies, but they needed editted – the photographer was enjoying drinks and let the camera do all the work. 🙂


  11. Castle*Of*couture says:


    Those pictures are GREAT – even if Eileen were to get smashed drunk, I don’t think she could take a “BAD” picture!!! LOL

    Just wanted to say THANKS AGAIN for everything this weekend. Sorry about not getting back over to your house yesterday, we ended up in China Town with Eileen. 🙂

    You are an incredible person with a HUGE HEART, I (not my children) will EVER forget this weekend. It was Skylar’s BEST BIRTHDAY yet… LOL

    Heather =)

  12. Castle*Of*couture says:

    I meant, that me AND MY CHILDREN!!

    (Think I need another cup of coffee). Sorry.


  13. Looks like you all had a great time. Glad the weather held up 🙂

  14. What a perfect day, Lisa! Only you would think of feeding the firemen. 🙂

  15. Lisa is the BEST hostess & is So wonderful! The party was amazing & was a great way to meet so many wonderful people I have “known” from eBay. Thank you Lisa for everything! You are a gorgeous woman & I’m so happy I finally got to meet you!

    Oh, and thanks for the ride in the “Diva-Cedes”.

    Beth & Karla

  16. A great day isn’t complete unless you are coordination with your family…thanks for sharing I so enjoyed the looking at the mega cute kids.

  17. Thanks AGAIN, Lisa!! You rock. I just spent forever reading old posts on your blog – addiction! LOL

    Christa (bella.christa on ebay)

  18. Oh Gosh…those pictures are GREAT!!!! Your sunshine girl, Marielle…is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  19. Looks like it was another great time at Lisa’s! I can’t believe how big the kids are all getting – time flies!

  20. thanks Eileen for naming everyone! And your pics are great, even if you were a little tipsy…LOL!

    I am already missing everyone! Can’t wait until next year!

    It was a LOT of work, but so worth it!

    With friendship,

  21. Ooooh, looks like another amazing party, Lisa! I hope to be able to attend one of these in the near future. Hope you got my response to your sweet email the other day. Just checking cause my emails sometimes end up in people’s spam folders! 🙂

    Take care!



  1. […] It’s that time again…BBQ Time!!!  And you’re invited!  Every year we pick a new theme…you know, because theme parties are more fun.  We’ve done zebras, flamingos and a bunch of other things/colors. […]

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