Sew…H is for Hanging On By a Thread

Hanging On By a Thread


Just approved the production of my custom metal snap closures for the boys’ jeans.  Like it?  It’s actually a bit darker in person as the flash photography lightened it.  I’m pretty happy with them!  They should arrive from Hong Kong within the next 4 weeks.


I still need to decide which lighted key chains I’m going to be using.  Also need to order matte silver long-pronged snaps for my dress shirts.

My pattern maker received my sketches, fabric and assorted notions.  She told me I could expect them back by August 18th.  Yes, I’m cutting it close.  Very close.  My pattern maker is doing 6 different patterns.  I adore my pattern maker and have full confidence in her ability.

Once I approve my fit samples she makes, I’ll have to have a sample maker  make my salesman’s samples.  Oh wait…first I need to find a sample maker.  I do have a few contacts in NYC to check out.  Better call them next week and see if they can work within my timeframe.  I need to figure out how many salesman’s samples I need.  I have 3 models sized 6 months, 5 years and 6 years for my photos.  I’ll also need several size 5 years for my 7 mannequins and another 2 for my size 12 month mannequins.  These salesman’s samples will be used to take orders at the upcoming trade show.  Guess I had better book the trade show booth, right?  But I still haven’t send in my older samples for approval by the trade show.  I’ll do that after the BBQ when I can think straight.  Let’s hope I can get a decent location at the trade show.  Keeping fingers crossed.


I also need to have several graphics created for my knit t-shirts.  I’m thinking a NYC skyline or something like that.  Oh and then, I’ll need to find a screen printer…easy enough.  At least, I hope!

Honestly, I am frazzled.  Too much going on within a short time period.  My big BBQ is less than a week away and I have tons of things to do, buy, plan, etc.  We’re expecting between 130 – 150 people.  Oh my.  Like the logo my e-Bay friends made below?  LOL!


But most importantly, my daughter’s kidneys are in very bad shape.  We just got home last night from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia after a 5 day stay and she is now officially listed for a new kidney.  It could come the day of the BBQ at any time.  Really.  Thank you for all your continued support and prayers.

I feel like a million things are coming at me at once and I just want to hide.  Seriously.

I just finished cleaning up dinner–Mr. Diva™ had the bright idea to invite 9 of my daughter’s friends over for Shrimp Scampi and Shrimp Marinara.  My kitchen is trashed.  And to make matters worse, my son invited a few of the neighbor kids over to play video games.  Lovely.  I can’t wait till they go home!


Unfortunately, I’m now only counting 13 of the 19 koi fish in my pond.  I found the top two pictured fish on the right cut in half.  Apparently, the great white Heron bird can back for a snack while I was away.  I was most upset about my prized 12 inch butterfly koi fish who had the most unique markings…red behind the gills.  This just sucks!  Oh and one of the two blue koi are missing, too!


Tomorrow morning I’m embroidering some tote bags which are due the first week of August.  But first I’ll need to clear off all the new fabric so I have some room to work on my cutting table tonight…LOL!

With friendship,





  1. Brenda Erickson says:

    Love the snap! Congrats on the clothing line and it sounds as if things are coming along great! Sorry to hear about the fish 😦 Girl you are crazy trying to do so much with yout BBQ coming up!

  2. Lisa – I’m concerned about you. I’m afraid you’ve put too much on your plate. I’m sure you can handle it all, but you might crash and burn, girl.

    I hope you’ll ask your friend for help. Even if it’s little things. Let others help YOU out for a change.

    Please don’t feel that you have to be on your game all the time for everything. Sometimes it’s ok to not be 100% for everyone.

    Please take care of yourself.

  3. the buttons looks fantastic!!
    I can’t wait to see the finished garments!

    my thought are with your daughter and your family
    I hope everything goes well for you all xxx

  4. LISA !

    OMG I actually came here to shoot you an email and let you know I dont think I can make it to BBQ …..something I cannot cancel has been thrown my way …..but OH MY GOD LISA ….let me come over PLEASE and help you in the days before .



    Im really upset to read all this , and Im going to be even more so if you dont let me help you !

  5. Lynn (47cats) says:

    Lisa, if I lived closer I would be over to do your running for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Our Sunshine Gal will get her kidney soon…I feel it in my bones. 🙂

    I think that button is way too cool. Can I have one for my button collection. Yep, I LOVE buttons. 🙂

    Try to relax dear friend. And I’m truly sorry about your fishies.

  6. Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry about your fish, but I’m praying for good news soon for your daughter! Don’t get to busy that you don’t take time to relax & take care of yourself, I’d hate to see you get sick from the stress.

  7. I love the snaps for your clothing line! They are quite unique and I think they will look great on the clothes. I am so excited for you and I can’t wait until you get this boy’s clothing line launched.

    More important than your wonderful clothing line is your beautiful daughter and her health issues. I hope she gets that new kidney soon. Bless your heart, you have way too much on your plate! Please, please take care of yourself (as best you can) during this time because you are very important, too. 🙂

  8. Man girl you are stretching yourself thin (yet again). You know I’m not too far if you need anything.

  9. Sending good wishes/thoughts for your daughter. And you. And something I’ve heard about to help your fish maybe- I know some people use garden netting over the pond, but others don’t like the way it looks or don’t want to risk the bird to get tangled up, so they switched to stringing fishing line every few inches across the pond. maybe it might work to just do part of the pond (create a “safe house”) ??? I wish I had an idea for your daughter. Take a break and care for yourself.

  10. love the snaps!! they are just fab… in a boy kinda way!!

    make sure you get some you time in there!

    and you can use light weight netting over the pond, we had squirrels feasting on our fish last summer and this is what we have learned, to cover our ponds with net!

    good luck!

  11. Hey Lisa-so glad to hear sunshine girl is home again! I hope she is resting up and send her big hugs from me!!!

    We will be in at the crack of dawn Friday, let me know if I can help!!!

    And sit down for 5 minutes! PLEASE!!!!

    Oh, I got your call, took care of it, need to call you back 🙂

  12. I’m glad M is home and I hope a kidney is soon headed to her. Thinking of all of you!

  13. Hi Lisa,

    I am so glad to hear Marielle is better. Thanks for the update. I tried calling you a couple times, but noone answered. Please give her big hugs from us!

    I love the snaps…too cute!! Good luck with everything you have going on. I honestly don’t know how you do it. But you always are superwoman! Do take care of yourself though and please, do let people help you!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could be there to help…


  14. hi i love your sewing room organization,I have a thank God very succesful sewing bussiness only I do need organization help !and so far I love the light pink theme.

  15. I just found your website, You are amazing! I had my first kidney transplant in ’03 I will keep you and your daughter in my prayers! All the best, If you need anything let me know.

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