Sew…D is for



Today I ventured up to the West Side of Manhattan, just a mere 18 miles from my home.  First I noticed this SUV on Staten Island with vinyl signage for  And yes, I checked out their website, because I was just too damn curious as to what in the world a bottle buddy was.  It was great advertising.    Now, if I was to get one, would I get The Domestic Diva with my blog URL or  Think Mr. Diva™ would mind if I slapped something like that on the new Beamer?


Anyway, there was plenty of traffic as usual.  It is sad to look to the left (off the Gowanus Expressway) and see all the buildings which were once occupied by sewing factories are for the most part, empty shells now.  The thriving garment industry in Brooklyn has mostly gone offshore.  Sad.

So, I made it to the Fabric Sourcing meeting.  And it really wasn’t good at all.  Certainly not worth $50 parking, tolls and gas.  Definitely not.  There was one lady in the audience who asked 5 or 6 questions without coming up for air.  It took me everything not to tell her to BREATHE…LOL

After the little seminar, I did a little sourcing of my own in the fabric district and found the zippers I was looking for.  I guess the day wasn’t a complete waste.


On the way back to the parking garage, I noticed this awesome window at Lord & Taylor’s on 5th Avenue.  Seems they hired Tats Cru (aka The Mural Kings) to do the background.  Think I could afford to have them do my background for my booth at the upcoming ENK Children’s Club trade show?  Oh, how I wish.  This was one of several windows with NYC skylines…each one truly awesome.


Off to enjoy my air conditioning!  Oh and I forgot to mention…when I arrived home today, I checked on my Koi fish and there standing on the side of the pond was a Great White Heron or Great Egret.  I scared the huge bird away, but I know he’ll be back wanting lunch my fish.  Oh no!!!  Hopefully my fish are bright enough to seek cover under the floating water lilies and other pond plants.

With friendship,





  1. Lisa,

    Check out movie props. You can probably buy a NYC skyline on a muslin canvas for about $150. I remember seeing some when I was looking for backdrops for a stunt kids shoot. I found them searching movie backdrops/props.

  2. Lisa,
    You may be able to buy the backdrops from L&T after they change the windows. Sometimes they keep them if they think there is a future use, but occaisionally the window display collateral is sold.

  3. oh Lisa…the birds are considered good luck in some countries! I’m sure he’s just waiting for a few treats from the BBQ 😉

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