Sew…B is for BUSY Designing a BOYS’ Clothing Line

On with the good old Encyclopedia of ME…based on the book, Encyclopedia of An Ordinary Life, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Feel free to join in and post a link!


Well actually, I’ve been procrastinating a bit.  Having zero confidence in my drawing skills, I’ve put off the final thing I need to send to my pattern maker…my design sketches.


I wish I was a whiz at Photo Shop so I could easily do my designs and add the different fabric swatches.  But I can barely figure out Paint Shop Pro, so I’m left with my Crayola Twistables Colored Pencils (I like them so much better than regular colored pencils).  I used the child croquis from Frances Harder’s Forms for Profit.  Actually, I bought her Business Startup Package which included the forms and 2 books:  Fashion for Profit and Costing for Profit.


The frustrating thing about hand sketching with colored pencils is you can’t really erase your mistakes well.  See, after drawing a zillion little skulls with crossbones (yes, that’s what those little Xs and Os are…whatever), I realized I didn’t add a front pocket on the shirt…ugh, ugh, ugh.  Do over.


And I drew several pants only to realize there will be no pants in my Spring/Summer line, just board shorts.


However, I did figure out a little trick.  I printed out swatches of my fabrics, sketched the garment on tracing paper and then put the swatch behind the tracing paper…so clever, right?

Stop by for tips on drawing children.  Or better yet, hire a talented illustrator like Danielle of Final Fashion.


Speaking of designing, check out Creativity for Kids’ Fashion Studio.  And if you’re a gamer, you might like My Fashion Studio:



I’ve been browsing the net to find the perfect Boy’s Shoes for my upcoming Photo Shoot.  Look what I found:


You can’t see the design well in black, but look at the gray version:


Get them here.  Although the colors won’t work for this season, I definitely will be using them for the second season (Fall/Winter 2009).  Same with these:


These Me in Mind Infant Shoes are just too stinkin’ cute, too!

Most importantly, B is for BACK TO WORK!

With friendship,




  1. Thanks for the shout out! The sketches look fine, your patternmaker will appreciate the attention to detail.

    I like to work everything out in pencil and review the line before I start inking and colouring. Also for prints, try a “loose” rendering – just enough to get the idea across.

  2. Lisa, I knew immediately that they were skull & crossbones on the shirt.

    PS. I’ve almost completed my sewing room organization challenge. Do I get points just for finishing, even though I am about 2 years late. I’ll share pictures later, I’m sure you’d be impressed, Shane and I did it in one weekend!!

    Hugs to you and Marielle.


  3. Lisa,

    I too didn’t know they weren’t x/o’s until you pointed that out. LOL And I think the sketches look great – there is even movement in them I think. Of course, I have no clue about all this – I’m just enjoying the entire process.

    And those sneaks..OMG I love them – I love the NYC skyline – they are brilliantly perfect for you. now you need to add pants with some kind of detail at the bottom so you can incorporate a closeup of that shoe into your shoot. ROFL

  4. Here’s a trick that I used to do when making presentation boards of my designs before I started using Photoshop. Take your fabric swatches to kinko’s and get a color copy of them at a smaller scale (perhaps 25% or 30%). Then draw the flat of your garment on crisp white typing paper. You can use a mechanical pencil to draw seam lines etc. and then trace over the lines with a black pen. When the ink is dry you can erase any pencil marks with a gummed eraser.

    Now you can approach the next step in one of two ways. The first way is to cut out each of the bodies and glue onto a piece of black construction paper. Then photocopy on acetate (the type that’s used for overhead projectors). Place this over your color copies of your fabric and glue.

    The second way involves more cutting. Skip the black background and just photocopy onto the acetate. Then you cut out each of the silhouettes and layer over the color copies, glue and then cut it out again.

    Yes, all rather time consuming, but it’s an old-fashioned way of getting a similar look to the Photoshop method. 🙂

  5. Duh, I reread your post and realized that you already are doing a similar trick using tracing paper. Okay, minus two points from me for reading too quickly. Happy weekend!

  6. LOVE the shoes!!!

    that’s all I have, since we just spent like 20 min talking about this 😉

    I’ll see you in a couple of weeks!!!

  7. The shoes are perfect! It’s like they’ve been stalking your blog or something. Loving the sketches, too.

  8. Love the trick you shared about the tracing paper!

    I see you are coming out to visit Myrinda. I live about 30 minutes away from here now. She and I emailed about meeting up. I’d love to meet you when you come out!

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