Sew…It’s That Time Again…Diva’s Big BBQ in NYC


Since last year’s 3rd Annual BBQ was a hit, we’re doing it again!

This year’s Menu includes:

  • Filet Mignon Skewers (BBQ and Teriyaki)
  • Mussels and Clams in White Wine
  • Italian Cocktail and Ring Sausage
  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
  • Sirloin Cheeseburgers
  • Hot Dogs
  • Roasted Peppers with Capers
  • Variety of Chilled Salads


Entertainment: for All Ages:

  • Magician and Card Shark
  • Pirate Ship Amusement Ride
  • Giant Moon Bounce
  • Face Painting, Balloons and Temporary Tattoos
  • Child Entertainer
  • Babysitters

And of course…Lots of Booze!

Just 20 minutes from Manhattan, so if you’d like to come and/or need directions, my phone number, etc., send me an email at  Hope to see you there!  Bring your family!  I guarantee it will be a party to remember!

Okay, here’s where I need your help:


Remember these?  I had bought them last year in hopes of using them for little favors for the BBQ.  I have 240 of them…LOL!  So, tell me…what can I put inside as a reminder of the party?  Don’t say M & Ms or Almonds…remember, it’s going to be hot outside, so it needs to hold up to the heat.


Here’s my ideas so far:

  • Old-Fashion Candy Necklaces 
  • Deck of Cards
  • Swedish Candy Fishies
  • Margarita Mix
  • Colored Chalk
  • Candy Buttons

Got any clever ideas for these little pink boxes?  First 10 suggestions will get the winning favor mailed to them after the BBQ (just remind me…LOL)!

On the subject of sewing, check this out…


Threads’ Industry Insider Techniques CD

Well, time to get back to work (I have 17 tote bags to machine applique/embroider…)




  1. How big are the boxes?

  2. Oh, and I so wish I lived on that side of the country right now. I’d be there in a heartbeat!

  3. pshaw little miss…I live in CA and have gone EVERY YEAR! You KNOW we’re so there Lisa!!! (((((hugs)))))

    and I’ll have to look for something for the boxes…they need a theme though 😉

  4. I think they should be filled with tiny bottles of vodka.

  5. the boxes are 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and 7/8″ high.

    I wish some of you lived closer! But heck, what about a road trip? Better yet, have Myrinda pick you up on her way…LOL!

    With friendship,

  6. What about a magnet of some sort that says….

    “I survived the DIVA’S 2008 BBQ!”

    You could print them in color with the date…cut them out…laminate…glue on a magnet…VOILE’ !!!

    Y’all have fun…and I love your site!!!
    Mama Lisa

  7. Thought I hit submit…but may be I didn’t…will try again…

    HOW about a magnet for the fridge that says…..

    “I survived the DIVA’S 2008 BBQ!”

    Print on card stock…cut out…laminate…glue on a magnet…VOILE’!!!

    Love your site,
    Mama Lisa

  8. You know we will be there! Four in tow…there better be lots of babysitters for the steffe clan!

  9. I wanna go so bad!

    How about these:

    Some kind of inexpensive little statue of liberty for NY, a temperary tattoe ,or a gold coin to remember the pirate ship ride ?? I’m no good at this,lol.I love the margarita mix idea.

  10. Your post was the featured one on wordpress’s FOOD!
    I’m fresh out of ideas! for the pink box. Have a great party. Wish I was in the neighborhood tho, sounds fun

  11. Brenda Erickson says:

    I wish I could be at the party–it sounds like fun and I remember the pics from years past! Have a great time 🙂 As for the box I think you should make a variety of them……some with magic tricks, cards, candy from the candy cart, fancy chocolates, and pirate wear (bandana, eye patch). You could do 20 of each or whatever you need and then people get random boxes 🙂

  12. we are planning the trip too! How could we not…we had a ball last year! we’ll have to find a Steffe/Childs babysitter, LOL
    I think this year we may even stay over…which hotel is everyone staying at this year?
    as far as the boxes, hmmmmmm I like Heather’s idea!
    maybe a NY lottery ticket inside some pink tissue…or a raffle ticket in each box with a few pieces of assorted candy from the cart. Maybe the winning raffle ticket gets a prize. (or prizes…some of us guests could donate prizes!) Im sure whatever you decide will be perfect!

  13. I know it will be fun. Wish we could be there.

  14. How about a Thank You For Coming tag of some sort with your Downtown Joey logo and a coupon for a certain amount or percent off your first purchase on the back side?

  15. I think we’re going to try and come this year. I was green with envy last year. There are so many people I am eager to meet that I’ve talked to over the years – what fun!

    love the lottery ticket idea. Wish i could think of something creative.

  16. ok so who’s getting bombed with me in the corner? ROFL!!!!

  17. I WISH we could go! We had SO much fun at the 2nd annual bbq! But we just got back from NYC in April and are headed to Baltimore the end of July so those are our big trips this summer 😦

    I will be there in spirit! Someone have a drink for me! LOL

    Cara Fareri

  18. You could fill the box with those candies that look like rocks and pebbles. Then you could put a note on the lid or inside that says “This SWEET party ROCKS!” Have fun.

  19. Oh my gosh, I want to commmmmmme! Waaaaaaah!

  20. Dangit! Someday I will come and join Myrinda in that corner for bombed gals. But for now I will be here pouting in the corner.


  1. […] I’m not even going to go into the treats, booze and entertainment…you can read about it yourself on Lisa’s blog…hope to see you […]

  2. […] of friends, lots of people have asked for directions to the big BBQ, local hotels and other note worthy sites in NYC.  My partner in crime, Lady M™ of Fabric […]

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